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9th Nov 2005, 15:34
Reading something else in the paper today about our British pride being eroded by others. PC has gone mad.

In these days of changing attitudes and priorities,politians and others in positions of influence would do well to remember that a country which ignores its past does so at the peril of its future.

9th Nov 2005, 15:36
Welcome to Jet Blast, airpilot.........welcome to Jet Blast :ok:

(You'll see ;) )

9th Nov 2005, 15:36
All started with the change from English to British...

9th Nov 2005, 15:38
What can you mean Jerricho?:rolleyes: :E

9th Nov 2005, 15:49
Britain ? It'll soon be West Pakistan !

9th Nov 2005, 16:04
I blame the speed cameras.

Krystal n chips
9th Nov 2005, 16:08
Well you would Jerricho-----but as most people can see these large yellow painted objects clearly--that sort of negates that argument then ;) ---but you could have a point concerning bathrooms of course ! :hmm: :D

9th Nov 2005, 16:22
but you could have a point concerning bathrooms of course !

I've just printed this page off. Krystal seeing my point of view..........my god. The sky is falling. The sky is falling.


Krystal n chips
9th Nov 2005, 16:36
This is a thread about political correctness Jerricho--so I was !see also my post on super heroes--then you'll understand more :ooh:

Anyway, that said ------back to normal then ! ;) :E

As for the topic in question, how long have we got to discuss it this time round ?---even with my pragmatic approach, it's rapidly becoming an excuse for those with little or no common sense to impose their perceptions on those of us who can think for ourselves--which is where I get "slightly annoyed!"

tony draper
9th Nov 2005, 16:39
Bah!!bring back the rope and the lash say I, feckin uppity peasents they need their arses kicked otherwise they forget their place.

9th Nov 2005, 17:07
"I blame the speed cameras."

In a politically correct thread, they are

safety scameras, sorry, cameras.