View Full Version : "To receive this offer, you must attend and complete a sales presentation"

9th Nov 2005, 15:30
We got a letter today from Elkhorn Resorts containing a "Getaway Certificate" which basically tell us.....

"WOW!! For $99 you can take advantage of this unbelievable offer at our Resort for 2 nights. This offer would normally cost $645, but take advantage of this Getaway certificate (and attend our fun and informative 90 minute sales presentation) and it's yours for $99"

Now, I'm a huge believer in if it looks too good to be true, it probably is. But the letter they have sent us is very specific regarding the what, where and alike. I'm betting it's some sort of time share something or other.

Scamorama or has anyone actually gone to one of these things?

9th Nov 2005, 15:38
$99 appears expensive try the Vegas ones for freebie you have to attend a 2 hour sales deal hope you are good at saying no

9th Nov 2005, 15:47
yeah - done the Vegas thing - just tell them that your thinking about become Jehova's Witnesses - they just get your tickets without too much trouble then.

Darth Nigel
9th Nov 2005, 15:52
It's not quite a scam, but it is a very intense two hour sales presentation.

If it is like the one we went to a few years ago (not for Elkhorn but somewhere in Florida), you get a decent room and service...but you are barraged with opportunities to tour the property on your first day, and the "sales presentation" was very insistent.

We all got split into groups, so there were about a dozen at each table, and the sales-droid made a pitch. There were a couple of people at the table who I swear were shills for the resort, and were eager to buy. About half-way through, me and Mrs Darth (not necessarily in that order) decided that this was not something we wanted, but we had to sit through the remaining hour else we paid full-price for the stay!

Sales-droid kept making increasingly low and aggressive offers "40% off but only if everyone at the table buys it." So now you have the punters at the table (some of whom were interested) getting agitated with those of us who were not interested. Lots of guilt-ridden appeals, "You're costing these other people thousands of dollars" and "well, you can cancel any time for minimal cost" (hint, check the legal contract very carefully for new definitions of "minimal cost") and other very-pressure/very-focussed stuff.

All legal, but can be unpleasant.

9th Nov 2005, 16:00
Thanks guys.

The flyer/invitation states attendance of the sales meeting "of about 90 minutes" as a condition, so I'm guessing it may go a little over the 90 mins.

I am very good at saying no (and so is Mrs J ;) ).

Any other stories?

9th Nov 2005, 16:12
You've hit the nail on the head, Jerricho, when you say "if it's too good to be true". Plus, we all know that the $99 will escalate to a number resembling $645 by the time administration fees etc have been added.

We had a phone call asking us to attend a presentation, get some free food and then be able to take advantage of "a fantastic opportunity". We booked the date and didn't show and got a follow up call asking why we weren't there, to which I replied "not interested". The silence at the other end was deafening. Mostly because they slammed the phone call before I could finish the word interested.

Don't do it.

Krystal n chips
9th Nov 2005, 16:19
If you choose your event carefully, be it in the UK or Spain you can get to er, pig out quite well ! :E The easy bit comes at the end actually when the pressure is building on you and you ask about a discount for ( choose any terminal condition here ) and / or do a credible impression of a village idiot--which, before others say so, I can do quite well at times when needs be. :E

9th Nov 2005, 16:34
I've just been having a little trawl through the internet, and found a couple of interesting sitest regarding these "Travel Clubs" and how what appears to be a simple $99 cost easily becomes 2 or 3 times the cost, just like you say CWL. I think I'll just have to steer clear of it.

I think I'll spend the money on Mrs J's Christmas present. Chicks like whisky, don't they ;)

African Tech Rep
9th Nov 2005, 16:57
We got one the other day – it was REALLY clear that husband and wife must BOTH attend (under SA law both signatures are required to make it binding) – and My Favourite bit – “Bring your Credit Cards and Chequebook for Special On The Spot Prizes”.

A few days later they phoned conversation went :-
“no thanks – not interested”
“why not”
“don’t want to but anything right now – need the money for important things”
“oh – but we’re not selling you anything – we just want your opinion on the resort”
“why do I need my Credit cards and Chequebook then ?”
“so we can give you prizes”
“can I have my prizes sent to me”
“no – you have to come”
“OK – I’ll come”
“great we’ll look forward to seeing Mr & Mrs ATR on Saturday”
“No only Mr – Mrs can’t make it”
“Oh – it has to be both of you”
“If you decide to buy both have to sign”
“But you said you’re not selling anything”
“Ah but if you really wanted to buy we would let you”.

Oh – Jerricho – we went to one once and won a holiday at a game farm – sat down and worked out the full cost – told Mrs Not Going – Mrs upset so booked at same game farm independently for same weekend as they’d offered – saved myself a fair bit of money

Chicks love whisky - as long as it's the Good stuff

9th Nov 2005, 16:59
Thanks Tech Rep. :ok:

This letter is starting to smell more and more like sh*t.

No wait, that's the dog.

brain fade
10th Nov 2005, 13:41
I've done one of these in Orlando. Worst thing was not really being able to give them as short a version of 'Fu*k off' as was really called for as you might not get the tickets. Gradually escalating versions of 'we're not interested' eventually got through but they weren't taking many hints.
American salesmanship is not shy but if you are either impecunious or strong willed you will survive.

Upside was taking the kids to see an expensive (?) horse show 'The Arabian Knights' in the evening for free and they loved it!:ok:

10th Nov 2005, 15:19
I've just had a chat about it with some guys at work, and one said he had heard about these jokers. Hyper-pushy salesmen, the phone in the room rang off the hook trying to get them to come and tour "all the wonderful ammenities that could be yours for a low price".

The clincher was when he told me at the story goes the actual " about 90 minute" sales lecture goes "about an hour longer" as it gets dragged out with interruptions and alike.........and because you agreed to attend it as part of the "conditions", if you get up and leave they will bill you the full price of the accommodation because you broke the contract.


Darth Nigel
10th Nov 2005, 16:11
So you'll be sending the MIL then...

10th Nov 2005, 18:52
Been a few round here where they build a "sample suite" in a local industrial estate, sell the time share and then go broke before they even build the thing. Now that is adding injury to insult.

Went to Vegas weekend before last (well, we were there Monday.)

Nice room at the Luxor $69 US with bonus package. Had dinner in the Buffet, pretty good actually (But Paris is even better) Nice bottle of wine. Went to Imax (Fighter Pilot, kitsch plot,excellent flying.) At check out they bonussed our bonus and we ended up with a bill for $21. inc tips etc. $89 the lot.

Did the same at the Venetian last year for my Birthday. Very, very nice and the best Burger I have had anywhere, ever, at the Grand Lux Cafe. Worth going to Vegas just for that.

Check hotel prices and book on line. Amazing value.

10th Nov 2005, 19:08
Don't think that SA law is the reason they need the missus to attend as well, at least not in the UK :rolleyes:

No, they insist on the missus attending as well as they feel they have a far better chance of flogging a ridiculous amount of timeshare to a weak and feeble woman.

Last time they tried it, all I had to do was attend the two hour presentation in, erm, East Kilbride and that luxury Florida holiday was mine. "No problem, just turn up on Saturday and you'll get your holiday".

"Fine", says I, "I'll be there".

The following week the same chap rang back : "Where were you?" he asked.

"Sorry, couldn't make it" I replied.

"How about this coming Saturday?"


A week later the phone goes: "Mr Balix, you missed the appointment again".

"Yeah, and you can stick the timeshare up your arse" I said, as politely as I could.

"Whose selling timeshare, it's not me" said a rather hurt sounding chap on the other end of the phone.

"Well, your not giving me a Florida holiday out of the goodness of your heart, are you? Good day..."

Wankers. :*

10th Nov 2005, 20:00
Got roped into a 'free lunch for like-minded businessman' offer in the Midlands many years ago. As we walked in Mrs Zoom said to the receptionist 'I'm not interested in any timeshare' before recep could open her gob. We got our free lunch OK.... we were led past the glorious dining room to a portakabin at the back by the bins where we ate with the other NFIs. We all quite enjoyed it, really.

10th Nov 2005, 20:28
Had one in Carnforth..did the chat...said NRFI, got a "holiday"....14 nights....their choice of resort, and their choice of departure airport....all at 14 days notice. :rolleyes:
Got a follow up phone call to ask what we thought.... guess what I said...