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Krystal n chips
8th Nov 2005, 16:15
There has been the odd thread and debate on this site concerning the topic of motoring and the motorist has there not ?

So last night, when I was flicking across Channels and saw bits of Fifth Gear, I wondered why there are no programmes dedicated to the topic as a whole . OK, so there is this one with V B-H doing her "dominatrix of the road" bit, and Tiff wotsisname having an orgasm every time he takes a corner--but really, they only seem to be driving cars that 95% of us will never touch anyway or indeed afford--the whole show just seems like a series of personal junkets for the presenters. Likewise with Top Gear--again, just a "lot of fun for the boys" type show.

So why, given the extent that motoring affects our lives, is there no show which embraces every aspect of driving, not just the expensive and "toys for boys" brigade. Why not one that could also educate the public as well ?

Any thoughts at all ?

8th Nov 2005, 16:27
Probably because nobody would watch it. Would a football fan used to watching Man U want to watch Barton-under-Needwood Rovers??

8th Nov 2005, 16:37

Is it my imagination but every time that presenter wears a seat belt - I think of the Divide and Conquer algorithm.

Divide the problem into two smaller subproblems and solve each of them recursively


Capn Notarious
8th Nov 2005, 16:56
Perhaps they should all get some experiance with Ambulance
& Fire personnel. Then some hours with undertakers.
It may not affect the carnage on our roads carnage how ironic.
Reality television. Perhaps the sounds of screaming bereaved relatives should be played.........

Krystal n chips
8th Nov 2005, 16:58
UL730 --Well that explains my problems then ! Statistical analysis--no probs ----anything involving algorithms and algebra---forget it ! ;) :E

Captian Notarious We think alike here, so no chance of it ever happening of course. Which is a shame because if more people were educated and undertood more about motoring and cars / vehicles in general----how many for example really know how to tow any form of trailer, how many about the difference between driving a commercial vehicle and one purely for leisure and how many understand the skills required to drive an HGV safely--and the problems these drivers have to overcome as result of others ineptitude or sheer lack of appreciation for them, then maybe, just maybe, we may see a more disciplined approach to UK driving.
How many people would like to know more about rallying for example ?-- or indeed any other variant of motor sport that seems to remain an elitist closed book to the majority of the public. The list is endless of course.

simon brown
8th Nov 2005, 17:12
Yes these programs do have the exotic cars paraded and raced around circuits, but Fifth gear , last series did some very interesting crash tests , such as driving a smart into a concrete barrier at 70 and a head on impact between a 5 series and a 760 Volvo which was interesting to say the least.

Cars in some respects are very boring such as top speeds, 0-60 times and other such statistics.

At least these programs in their latest incarnations try to be entertaining.

I'd sooner watch Top Gear now, rather than listen to William Wollard spouting statistics, in short staccato burst in to his shoes, whilst extolling the virtues of a Morris Ital

8th Nov 2005, 17:30
Top Gear even brought in the presenters mothers in order to test some cars as they felt they could not give a verdict that would be helpful to those who would use said autos.