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Krystal n chips
8th Nov 2005, 11:25
Er. well no, not quite --before I get innundated with offers that I couldn't refuse from the fair sex that is, I thought I'd better quantify a minor detail--notably that I have "won" some hitherto unknown lottery based in Switzerland and South Africa no less :confused: --but I have to keep this confidential of course and to contact a Mr Smith John--appointed agent it seems :uhoh: to er, obtain the US $30m that I have won--seemingly there are another 199 lucky winners as well ! :rolleyes:

You have to give these :mad: marks out of 10 for trying, but I wonder if the message ever really gets through to them that the little scam is well know, not very subtle and they can shove it up the orifice of choice !

I just wonder though, how many fall for this scam and why the senders can't be stopped per se ?.

PS if I ever do win the lottery, I will be delighted to ensure my flight to somewhere warm routes via Winnipeg--just for the pleasure of knowing Jerricho has been working on my behalf of course ;) :E

8th Nov 2005, 11:32
I'm a struggling mother with four kids under three. I would normally think begging was beneath me but I am compelled out of sheer desperation to ask for your assistance. I can't begin to tell you how miserable life is for me and my children in the height of (delete three) summer/winter/spring/autumn. You are clearly a sympathetic man of extreme intelligence and I know you will spot a fellow traveller. You will find nasty people who just want to rip you off and will make up stories, but I know you will find my story more convincing than those humbugs. I am a computer programmer but my children mean more to me than the opportunity to earn a lot of money with my skills.

Do you know Reese Witherspoon, Natalie Portman, Keira Knightley? I look like all of them but with bigger tits. I can make you extremely happy.

Please PM me for further details, you will not be sorry.

Krystal n chips
8th Nov 2005, 11:58
Bino's-----yep, that's a pretty accurate assessment of me :ok:

As for your personal circumstances------my heart bleeds ! :E ever thought of being a croc take - away loser ! ;) :E

8th Nov 2005, 13:03
I'm a struggling mother with four kids under three.

Proof at last.

I knew Binos couldn't possibly be male.

8th Nov 2005, 13:18
>I'm a struggling mother with four kids under three.

You didn't struggle hard enough . . .

8th Nov 2005, 14:28
You are clearly a sympathetic man of extreme intelligence

Ok, you have my attention. I'm listening.............

(you forgot to mention shallow ;) )

8th Nov 2005, 18:00
I'm rich at last !!! Er. well,no not quite

If you wish to get rich quick - my I suggest that you contact the number below to learn all my tips on getting rich - quick.

0900 425 300


Smallprint ....Not regulated by FSA. Calls charged at an astronomical rate and are directly proportional to the caller's stupidity

8th Nov 2005, 20:46
Are you sure this lottery is based in Switzerland?

I am just asking because we do have some of the highest regualtions found for any games involving real money and therere this lottery must be legally registered. If it is not I would like to take the freedom to contact this Mr. Smith John for some financial plan of mine involving the filling up of my account against the emptying of his for me making sure his personal safety is not endangered and the respective authorities are also not informed .

9th Nov 2005, 09:27
But then this fraudster in Wales convicted yesterday of scamming 7-10 Million was apparently offering returns of up to 20% per month "with no risk to youir capital".

Don't think I'd have been tempted .... but many were, mostly oldies losing life savings.

If it sounds too good to be true ... it probably is!!

9th Nov 2005, 09:33
aparently this has worked on more than 1 occasion, when you get that email from our very rich friends in Africa looking to hide numerous millions of their inheritance from their greedy governments, reply as if you have been sucked in, when it comes time to get bank details tell them first you need $50 to set up a new account for their money...... most times they will go away, but aparently it has worked a few times,

the fcukwit scammers have actually sent $50 to their scammees!

9th Nov 2005, 09:39
Pleased to see that the Nigerian government is at last taking the Nigerian Scam seriously and pledging to do something about it.......like demanding their slice of the income and a fleet of Mercedes, probably.

Ultra, don't get involved at all. It is actually a lot cleverer than it looks and others have thought the same as you and come badly adrift.

9th Nov 2005, 10:18
Here's one that apparently really did work.

Guy posted on a website,


Thats all. No scheme. No request for bank details. Just send money. Way I heard it lots of people did send him a dollar bill although I couldn't tell you how many.

Might try it myself one day.


10th Nov 2005, 04:27
When they assure you that there is "no risk to your capital" what they actually mean is that they don't intend to do any physical damage to London/Canberra/Paris/Berlin etc etc etc.