View Full Version : In The Dark

8th Nov 2005, 03:14
Bloody Nora, just suffered the pain of a five hour power cut, and in deepest rural Essex too !

Talk about taking leccy for granted, no heating, no TV, no hot water, no access to the fridge freezer or to PpRuNe.

Had to actually have conversation with the missus, what an effort !

Then wandered down to the boozer (which just happened to be on a different circuit), ordered a pint and the lights went out !

Its all against you sometimes.

8th Nov 2005, 04:13
You know what I hate most about power cuts - you've got to reset every bloody clock in the house. Fair pain in the date it is.

H :(

8th Nov 2005, 04:33
you dont use battery powered clocks? four out of five clocks at home are battery powered, and the one that runs off the mains was custom built by a grand uncle :)

8th Nov 2005, 04:37
We have emergency lights in every room, but then power cuts aren't exactly newsworthy in our neck of the woods. Meanwhile, the Eid al Fitri decorations around our garden are the traditional oil powered variety.