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6th Nov 2005, 21:10
Evening (morning) all. Easy one this week.


1...Question posted on Monday, scran time. Answers whenever I feel like it.

2...2 points for each lyrics question, one for the artist and one for the song title. SOTW/TOTW and trivia questions are normally worth a point apiece, but some questions may ask for additional information, worth extra points.

3...The clue in the lyrics section is either the first line of the song or the chorus, unless otherwise noted.

4...Most of the time, the judge's decision is final.

5...During the first 24 hours only one post per player, containing as many answers as you like, will be allowed. Additional posts will be ignored and edited posts will be disqualified.

6...After 24 hours there are no restrictions on posts (free for all).


1...Others have touched me, soft in the night
Someone Like You/Emmylou Harris - Richo

2...I been telling my dreams to the scarecrow
Born To Fly/Sara Evans - planepcycho

3...Well the night's begun and you want some fun
Shout It Out Loud/KISS - Richo

4...I came to town to search for gold
The Hanging Tree/Marty Robbins - planepsycho

5...I will never love you
We'll SingIn The Sunshine/Dolly Parton - planepsycho
Point for original artist anyone?
Gale Garnett - planepsycho

6...When you're young and so in love as we
Town Without Pity/Stray Cats - planepsycho
Point for original artist anyone?
Gene Pitney - planepsycho

7...Debbie just hit the wall
1985/Bowling For Soup - planepsycho

8...Too many broken hearts have fallen down the river
The Things We Do For Love/10cc - Richo

9...There's a fog upon LA
Blue Jay Way/The Beatles - planepsycho

10..From the bar to the bedroom I'm swimming in neon
Back On The Borderline/Midnight Oil - planepsycho

11..Babe, if we can't solve any problems
Every Time You Go Away/Hall & Oates - planepsycho

12..Des nuits d'amour a ne plus en finir
La Vie En Rose - planepsycho
Edith Piaf - SSK
(Would not have accepted any other artist) ;)

13..They were funky China men from funky China town
Kung Fu Fighting/Carl Douglas - Richo

14..I can think of younger days when living for my life
How Can You Mend A Broken Heart/Al Green - planepsycho
Barry Gigg - planepsycho

15..Riding along on a carousel, trying to catch up to you
On A Carousel/The Hollies - planepsycho

16..I walked forty-seven miles of barbed wire
Who Do You Love/Geroge Thorogood - Richo
Point for Rusty for knowing Ronnie Hawkins did this.
I was actually looking for Bo Diddley

17..(Spoken) During the North African campaign
A Deck Of Cards/Wink Martindale - SSK
Point for original artist anyone?
T. Texas Tyler

18..I know you're home
I Want To Come over/Melissa Etheridge - Farrell

19..Just yesterday morning they let me know you were gone
Fire And rain/James Taylor - planepsycho

20..I could never see what fate had meant for me
Fallin' In Love - planepsycho
Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds - Farrell
(Ya missed one name pp) ;)

21..She's got a smile that it seems to me
Sweet Child O' Mine/Guns N' Roses - Richo

22..As I was walking a ribbon of highway
This Land Is Your Land/Woody Guthrie - SSK

23..Man walks along the railroad track
The Ghost Of Tom Joad/Renegades - planepsycho
Bruce Springsteen - reynolds

24..You're so hot, teasing me
Does Your Mother Know/ABBA - planepsycho

25..Well I've been waiting, waiting here so long
Invisible Touch/Genesis - planepsycho

26..You really should accept that this time he's gone for good
Smile A Little Smile For Me/The FlyingMachine - Farrell

27..She was born in November 1963
Run Baby Run/Sheryl Crow - Richo

28..We've been through some things together
Long May You Run/Neil Young - planepsycho

29..Traffic in the city turns my head around
Commotion/CCR - Richo

30..Baby oh baby, tell the man at the ticket stand
Break My Mind/Linda Rondstadt - planepsycho
(pp, I was looking for Linda's group The Flying Burrito Brothers, but close enough).

The following 12 questions are based on the lyrics from the song "Hurricane" as recorded by Bob Dylan, on the album "Desire."

1...What was The Hurricane's real name?
Rubin Carter - Richo

2...Where did Patty Valentine enter from?
The upper hall - planepsycho

3...What did she see?
The bartender in a pool of blood - planepsycho
Bonus point, what did she cry out?
"My God, they've killed them all" - planepsycho

4...How many dead bodies were there?
Two dead, one out cold - Rusty
(Trick question)

5...Who was moving around mysteriously?
Bello - planepsycho

6...What did he say he was only doing?
Robbing the register - planepsycho

7...Who called the cops?
Patty Valentine - planepsycho

8...Name the partner of the subject in question T4?
Arthur Dexter Bradley - planepsycho

9...What colour car did the two men jump into?
White - planepsycho
Bonus point, what state was the car's license plates not from?
New Jersey - G-DESK

10..What did the wounded man say?
"He ain't the guy" - planepsycho

11..Where was the Hurricane fighting for his name?
South America - planepsycho

12..Point each, what are all the criminals in their coats and and ties free to do?
Drink martinis and watch the sun rise - planepsycho


1...Which Australian band was named after a play by Harold Pinter?
Birthday Party - Aotw

2...Point each, you can do these six things to Elvis, but don't step on his footwear.
Knock me down, step on my face, slander my name, burn my house, steal my car, drink my booze - Richo

3...In lyrics question 27, who died on the day she was born?
Aldous Huxley - oojamaflip

4...Which heavy metal band thought of changing it's name because of some deadly letters that had been delivered in the United States?
Anthrax - pseudonymn
Bonus point, what did they consider changing it to?
Basketful Of Puppies - Richo

5...Who was the song in lyrics question 11 written about?
Axl Rose's wife.

6...Who is William Bailey better known as?
Axl Rose - Richo

7...Point each, name the first three solo albums released by John Lennon after the Beatles split.
Unfinished Music #1 (Two Virgins) - Rushy
Unfinished Music #2 (Life with Lions) - Rushy
The Wedding Album. The album cover featured a frontal nude pic of the happy couple.
Bonus point, according to most critics they were not commecial successes because of this.
"Because of the screechings and caterwailings of Yoko Ono" - Aotw.

8...Name the original title of the song "Midnight Train To Georgia" by GK&TP.
Midnight Train To Houston - planepsycho
Bonus point, which R&B singer recorded the song under it's original title?
Cissy Houston (Whitney's mom).

9...Who was Burle Icle Ivanhoe better known as?
Burl Ives - reynolds

10..In lyrics question 16, what does the singer have as a necktie?
A drover snake (a cobra snake) - Rusty

11..Name the LA street where George Harrison was living when he wrote the song "Blue Jay Way?"
Blue Jay Way - Rushy

12..Name the Pretenders' song that is about Akron, OH.
My City Was Gone

13..What was Elvis' last North American #1 hit?
Suspicious Minds - planepsycho

14..Which Simon & Garfunkel song is about an English town famous for it's medieval gatherings?
Scarborough Fair - reynolds

15..Name the Sting music video that features his wife Trudie Tyler, and the actress Melanie Griffith.
All This Time.
Bonus point, what roles do they play in the video?
They played French maids.

16..How old was Elvis Costello when he wrote the song "45?"
45 - Richo

17..Who was Virginia Patterson Hensley better known as?
Patsy Cline - reynolds

18..Point each, name the missing palyer and group:
Saul Hudson, Duff McKagan, Izzy Stradlin, Steve Adler....
William Bailey (Axl Rose)/Guns N' Roses - Richo

19..Which David Bowie song is a sequel to his hit "Major Tom?"
Ashes To Ashes - Aotw

20..Which company cancelled it's contract with Madonna after she released the video "Like A Prayer?"
Pepsi Cola.

21..Who is Roy Harper, from the Led Zep song "Hat's Off To (Roy) Harper?"
An eccentric English folk singer - reynolds

22..Which song contains the line "It's six foot, seven foot, eight foot bunch?"
The Banana BoatSong (Day-O) - reynolds

23..Who has a barrow in the market place?
Desmond - reynolds

24..The last line in the song "Touch Me" by The Doors is "Stronger than dirt." This line is taken from an advertisement for which commercial cleanser?
Ajax - planepsycho

25..In which Beatles' song did Ringo Starr play an anvil?
Maxwell's Silver hammer - reynolds

26..What music video, by the Rolling Stones, shows them as giants stomping through New York City?
Love Is Strong - reynolds

27..This band tooks it's name from a blind piano tuner from Spartansburg, NC, who had lost his key ring.
The Marshall Tucker Band.

28..This group had a #1 hit in the UK titled "Deeply Dippy." Who were they?
Right said Fred - reynolds
Bonus point, name their only #1 North American hit.
I'm Too Sexy - reynolds

29..Frank Beard is the only member of this band not to wear a beard.
ZZ Top - Richo

30..Point each for the song that contained the line "Gee that old LaSalle ran great" and who sang it.
Those Were The Days/Carrol O'Conner & Jean Stapelton (Archie & Edith Bunker)
Bonus point, what was a LaSalle?
An automobile built by General Motors. (Sorry pp, it was the Cadillac Division).

6th Nov 2005, 21:53
Mornin Piggy..

Great quiz!.

1. Someone like You - Emmylou Harris
3. Shout it out Loud - Presidents of the USA
8. Things we do for love - 10CC
13. Kung Fu Fighting - Carl Douglas (although i prefer Ash's version)
16. Who do you love - George Thorogood
21. Sweet Child of Mine - Guns N Roses
27. Run baby Run - Sheryl Crow
29. Commotion - CCR


1. Ruben Carter

2. Knock me down, step in my face, slander my name all over the place, burn my house, steal my car, drink my liquor from an old fruitjar.
6. W Axl Rose
18. Axl Rose - Guns N Roses
20. Sony?
29. ZZ Top?



6th Nov 2005, 22:22

1. someone like you-don williams/emmylou harris
2.born to fly-sara evans
3.shout it out loud-kiss
4.the hanging tree-marty robbins
5.we'll sing in the sunshine-dolly parton
6.town without pity-stray cats
71985-bowlong for soup
8. things we do for love-10cc
9.blue jay way-beatles
10. back on the borderline-midnight oil
11. everytime you go away-hall and oates
12. la vie en rose
13. kung fu fighting-carl douglas
14.how can you mend a broken heart-al green
15.on a carousel-hollies
16.who do you love-george thoroughgood
19. fire and rain-james taylor
20.fallin' in love-joe frank and reynolds
21sweet child of mine-guns and roses
23.ghost of tom joad-renegades
24.does your mother know-abba
25.invisible touch-genesis
27.paradise-sheryl crow
28 long may you run-neil young
29. commotion- creedence clearwater revival
30. break my mind-linda ronstandt


1 rubin carter
2 upper hall
3. bartender in a pool of blood "my god they killed them all"
5. bello
6. robbing the register
7. patti
8. arthur dexter bradley
9. white/out-of-state
10. "Wha'd you bring him in here for? He ain't the guy!"
11.south america
12. drink martinis and watch the sun rise

Mr Chips
6th Nov 2005, 23:00
Pigboat - you and me need ourselves a discussion about the word "easy"

(Triv 29 - ZZ Top)

6th Nov 2005, 23:03
T9 Burl Ives
T14 Scarborough fair
T17 Patsy Cline
T21 eccentric English folk/rock singer-songwriter
T22 Banana Boat Song?
T23 Desmond
T25 Maxwell's Silver Hammer
T26 Love Is Strong?
T28 Right Said Fred - "I'm Too Sexy"?

Arm out the window
7th Nov 2005, 01:31

8 The things we do for love - 10cc

19 Fire and Rain - James Taylor

21 Sweet child o' mine - Guns'n'Roses


6 Robbing the register

7 Bradley

12 Drink martinis, and watch the sun rise


1. The birthday party

2 Knock him down, step on his face, slander his name all over the place, do anything you want to do!, drink his liquor from an old fruit jar

7 Not successful because of Yoko Ono's input?

9 Burl Ives

16 44?

18 Axl Rose, Guns'n Roses

19 Ashes to ashes

22 The banana boat song

23 Desmond

25 Maxwell's Silver Hammer

29 ZZ Top

7th Nov 2005, 02:23
even if i was first i woulda scored four.


Solid Rust Twotter
7th Nov 2005, 02:44

Have to get up earlier to catch those Dylan numbers.


5. We'll sing in the sunshine - Trini Lopez

16. Who do you love? - The Band/Ronnie Hawkins


Got 'em all but too late.:{


10. Drover snake

19. Ziggy Stardust

7th Nov 2005, 07:53
Trivia 4.

Not too sure, but I think they were going to change it to Cinderella??? :confused:

7th Nov 2005, 10:28
Triv 11 - I think it was actually Blue Jay Way

Triv 7 - Bit rusrty on these ones so wild guesses.

Life with the Lions
Unfinished Music
John Lennon/Yoko Ono

7th Nov 2005, 10:39
L17 - Deck of Cards - Wink Martindale
Also a spoof version by Mike Harding - 'One card took out his privates and spread them out on the bench in front of him'.
L22 - This Land is your Land - Woody Guthrie and a host of others

T11 - I thought Blue Jay Way *was* the street he was living on

7th Nov 2005, 10:49
Darn, gotta get up early to catch the good Dylan questions. Think one was missed though:
Bonus to SOTW 9: licence plates were not from New Jersey

Don't know anything else :{

7th Nov 2005, 21:36
Initial revised scores

planepsycho 44
Richo 28
reynolds 11
Farrell 5
Aotw 3
Rusty 3
Rushy 2
pseudonymn 1

pp, you sure you ain't a petite blonde lady who wears a NW uniform to work? :p ;) :D

Still a few lyrics and a bunch of trivia questions open folks.

8th Nov 2005, 00:11
Awwwww - too late to make a reasonable go of it!

Here's the lyrics remainder anyway:

18. Melissa Etheridge I Want To Come Over
20. Hamilton, Joe Frank and Reynolds...................this was not an easy quiz!!
26. Smile A Little Smile For Me The Flying Machine

8th Nov 2005, 00:29
L16 -also done by The Doors & Juicy Lucy before GT
L23 Bruce Springsteen?

Arm out the window
8th Nov 2005, 02:44
You'd better take one off me, Pigboat, it was Twotter that knew about the Drover Snake.

Thanks for a good quiz again!

8th Nov 2005, 03:33
Scores revised.
Arm, yer a gentleman. I had a memory lapse there, and figured drover snake sounded kinda Australian. :D

Solid Rust Twotter
8th Nov 2005, 05:13

4. Three bodies lying there did Patty see... Except that one survived long enough to look up through his one dying eye and inform the cops "He ain't the guy...".

So, two dead bodies.

8th Nov 2005, 08:41
If there's a spare point going for L5 - was it Petula Clark?

Ditto L12 must be Edith Piaf

8th Nov 2005, 09:12
L5 Gale Garnett
L6 Gene Pitney
L14 Barry Gibb?

T8 Gladys Knight and the Pips
T13 Suspicious Minds (I'm from Tennessee, kick me me if I don't know this)

8th Nov 2005, 09:33
Oh dear how sad am I - rembered this one in bed last night.

Triv 7 - Two Virgins

OK, go on why on earth would I think of two virgins whilst in bed:E

8th Nov 2005, 18:40
T3 Aldous Huxley

8th Nov 2005, 19:51
Newest scores:

planepsycho 49
Richo 30
reynolds 11
Farrell 5
Rusty 4
Aotw 3
Rushy 3
pseudonymn 1
oojamaflip 1

Hey Rushy, you gonna tell why you were thinking of the two virgins?
:E :D

8th Nov 2005, 20:02
T8 Midnight Train to Houston/Jim Weatherly

8th Nov 2005, 21:39
Couple more Piggy...

4. It was something like Basket Full of Kittens, or Puppies or small and cute furry woodland creatures, i think...

16. Was he 45?



9th Nov 2005, 01:50
Three more correct answers. Scores updated accordingly.

Anybody know how old Costello was when he married Diana Krall??

9th Nov 2005, 02:00
T24. Ajax
T30...La Salle is a BUICK automobile

I'm through now, no more replies from me Mr Pigboat! lol

10th Nov 2005, 01:37
That's it for this week folks. See ya on Sunday (Monday for you upsidedowners).

Final scores

planepsycho 50
Richo 30
reynolds 11
Farrell 5
Rusty 4
Aotw 3
Rushy 3
pseudonymn 1
oojamaflip 1