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6th Nov 2005, 10:52
Hi folks,

This is getting beyond a joke. If you are considering getting an O2 mobile phone contract then I seriously advise against it.

Yesterday I called to pay off my outstanding balance only to be told my credit card was not being accpeted. They tried again but again it was declined. On checking with my bank I discovered that the money has in fact been taken! TWICE! On calling back O2 I'm patronisingly told not to worry and that these transactions will both be cancelled. Obviously I still want one to go through but could they understand this? No.

This morning a restriction is in place and I have just called back to get the matter resolved and this is how the conversation went:

O2: 'ello?

Me: Hello?

O2: Can I help?

Me: Yeah, I have been cut off - why?

O2: Gimme ya details.

Me: Such as?

O2: Err, ya phone numba yeah?

Me: 123456 789012

O2: Name?

Me: Mr. VFE

O2: We'll call ya back yeah?

Me: Pardon?

O2: We call ya back yeah?

Me: You said that twice yesterday and it didn't happen, do you think it's likely to happen again today?

O2: Yeah man, I make sure of it yeah?

Line goes dead.

Good ole customer service eh?

Do not go with O2. This is the next in an ongoing series of problems I have experienced with this company and I have yet to hear anyone say a good word about them either. To leave the contract will cost me 'X' amount of monthly installments up front to leave..... if I could only get through to someone with a basic command of English and an IQ of more than 3.


6th Nov 2005, 11:02
Been with them 10 years in total, can't say i've suffered with them. They have made a couple of errors but in 10 years thats not bad. Have to say though the conversation sounds like someone dismissive who couldnt give a to$$. I have always been dealt with professionally on the phone, and the problems i had were resolved to my advantage on both occasions.
Call them back, ask to speak to a supervisor as you have concerns about how youve been handled.

6th Nov 2005, 12:09
I was with them when they were Cellnet.

A horrible experience - took money they weren't entitled to, and the coverage was dire where I needed it most.

6th Nov 2005, 12:47
God help O2 people, both customers and staff, now that Telefonica have bought them.

They are the absolute bottom of the pits!

More power to Vodaphone...unfortunately!

6th Nov 2005, 13:30
Was about to cancel my O2 online contract and go with another O2 contract (this weekend infact!)... maybe i'll think differently.

Back to Voda I suppose... :(

Massey Man
6th Nov 2005, 13:35
im getting on well with O2 on PAYG at the moment.

They keep giving me free credit and things for no apparent reason, so im not complaining :D

6th Nov 2005, 13:37
I have been with 02 for yonks. Last contract renewal, (I have line advance) they took what was due twice by direct debit, ok they did put it back when I griped. I now pay by credit card so they can't touch my bank account, at least I get to see what I owe before I pay. Other than that I have found them ok.

6th Nov 2005, 13:43
Back to Voda I suppose...

Should that have read Vodka?

6th Nov 2005, 14:37
I now pay by credit card so they can't touch my bank account, at least I get to see what I owe before I pay.
You and me both mate and still they manage to **** it up!


Curious Pax
7th Nov 2005, 07:52
Used to have an O2 contract, but now use their PAYG - changeover was fine. However a couple of years back when still on the contract I needed to change the bank details that they collected the monthly bill from. They screwed something up somewhere along the line, and it took a monthly phone calls for 6 months before they finally sorted it out and collected what they were owed. They never seemed bothered that I had 6 months use before they got paid for it!

Hanse Cronje
7th Nov 2005, 08:18
Never had a problem with 02 in the last 3 years, even works out in Iraq. Now Vodafone on the other hand were the absolute pits, innability to connect due to network been too busy for most of the time, large phone bills when i had not used the phone for a month due to being away. Then to cap it all cancelling my contract, cancelled it still carried on charging me the fee then started threatening legal action despite having returned the sim card...unbelieveable!

Unfortunately they are all as bad as each other......

Farmer 1
7th Nov 2005, 08:45
Unfortunately they are all as bad as each other...... Never a truer word, Hanse (phrase, actually).

If there was one company which was not as bad as all the rest, all the rest would go out of business pdq. Either that or decide to pull their socks up and start delivering the goods.

But that has not happened - QED.

We all have our stories, and I'm sure we've all said "Never again," from time to time. Then we try another company, and find they are just the same, if not worse. Top of my hate list at the moment are Philips and Toshiba.

"Never again." Oh, sorry, I've already said that.

Standard Noise
7th Nov 2005, 20:28
Blimey, I must be the chosen one, I've been with O2/Cellnet/blahblahblah for twelve years now, and I've never had a major barney with them. Oh, and each year in March, I get a shiny new phone fer nowt! Marvellous.

7th Nov 2005, 22:21
I think it's random. You can be lucky or unlucky with any of them.

I started out, yonks ago, with Voda. Service was OK-ish but the price was high and they weren't negotiating. I was about to switch, when the firm gave me a Cellnet phone anyway. That was fine, but coverage was spotty in the places I went, so I bought a One2One PAYG as backup - still got it!

I finally succumbed and switched back to a Voda monthly contract a year or so ago, and have been delighted. I got a good "deal" (low cost, no free phones). The coverage is excellent - it works everywhere I go except elder daughter's place.

They've got the bill wrong several times in the past few months, but they sort it quickly when I phone. They have been consistently polite, helpful and capable. I've never been held in a queue, and there's always a human being to speak to within seconds.

And calling them on the "customer service" number is free.

8th Nov 2005, 00:23
Was with Voda for a few years, and then for some reasom I can't recall right now (Hic !) I changed to O2. After a year I decided they were crap (poor coverage, mainly) and that I was heading back to Voda.

When I called O2 to cancel the contract they offered me a new phone + bluetooth tit in the ear job, 500 minutes + 200 texts per month. All for 20 per month.

Despite a couple of teething troubles with the bills its been well worth it. Unless the service deteriorates considerably, I can see me staying with O2.