View Full Version : Why are BA pilots called Nigel?

Ropey Pilot
6th Nov 2005, 09:28
Is there a specific reason or did someone simply decide that they represented a 'type' which looked like they should be called Nigel?

(In much the same way as Army Officers are often referred to a 'Ruperts')

6th Nov 2005, 09:38
And what exactly is wrong with the name Nigel? If it was good enough for Mum to give it to me, it should be good enough for you. Do you want to step outside?
Signed. Nigel Fothergill de Montfort (ex BA pilot)

6th Nov 2005, 09:41
RP -
1) Don't mess with Rainboe - he's a big fella

2) They are actually known as 'Nigel' AND 'Rodney'

6th Nov 2005, 09:50
Thank you Nigel! Some people! Tchk!

6th Nov 2005, 09:50
First = Nigel, No?

Maple 01
6th Nov 2005, 10:05
Are female BA pilots called Nigella?

Of course, dammed fillies were only alowed onto the flightdeck to serve the coffee in BOAC - and rightly so!


6th Nov 2005, 10:50
Nigella conveys a different image to Nigel:-
Nigel Lawson.
Nigella Lawson.


6th Nov 2005, 11:38
Wasn't it the talented cartoonist and pilot called Figment? Somewhere I have a copy of 'Nightstop With Nigel' a very funny book of cartoons about Big Airways people.

6th Nov 2005, 11:53
Yes it was figment - AKA John Reed, fantastic guy! I have a couple of his sketchings from nightstops at home.

6th Nov 2005, 11:56
I remember being at the holding point in a BAC1-11 at LGW in 1979 waiting for a Trident to land, my colleague turned to me and said, "Here comes Adrian, Nigel and Tarquin" - it's been around for a long time!

(On second thoughts it was more likely a L1011 TriStar!):O