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6th Nov 2005, 05:03
I don't know if anyone has posted about this before.
It's described as a Korean vid, but it's actually Japanese.
It is a pop video about the JAL 747 crash that I think happened about 20 years ago now, where it lost a large portion of its tail.

It's just that, I'm not sure how to take this video.
It's sad, and it's strange and it has a lot of reproduced cabin and cockpit footage....

As I said earlier - I don't really know how to take it - have a look and maybe you'll see what I mean.

Here's the link:

Mods, if this is crossing the line, I'm sure you'll delete it.

6th Nov 2005, 05:49
Thanks for posting that, Farrell. I hadn't seen that before.

Without knowing how to read or speak Japanese, one must let the visuals tell the story, which appears to be the human drama of two young newlyweds whose happiness was cut short, along with views of a few of the other among the 520 who perished in that 1985 crash.

Though perhaps somewhat melodramatic in the bit where the lad is struck by a car coincident with the time of impact, and suffering from unrealistic Hollywood-like movie effects (smoke pouring from the tail, etc.), the parts showing the anguish of the pax prior to the crash may well have been faithful to history. If I recall correctly, JAL 123 circled for quite some time after decompression before meeting its untimely end.

The characters portrayed may well have been based on real crash victims, and from one what does know about Japanese society (not unlike most others in this respect) it would have been very poor form to make such a video in any way disrespectful of those who died and their families. I assume the closing sequence shows a memorial to them and the piece is meant as a tribute (timed with the 20th anniversary?). If all that is the case, one would say it was not badly done.

Not to drift too far, but I recall this crash was included in the stage play "Charlie Victor Romeo" which was done on Broadway a few years back. The play featured reenactments of the CVR tapes from a number of air crashes. I didn't see it myself, but did see some clips of excerpts and once found the script online. While airline crashes -- like any disaster -- are sometimes poorly handled by the media, it is possible for some artistic works to capture the human side of things without being demeaning or sensationalistic.

VC10 Rib22
6th Nov 2005, 06:34
It was a very sad accident, the people on board knew they were going to die and many wrote goodbye notes to their families. The crew did their best, but they knew the game was up when a high ridge appeared in front of them that they weren't going to clear. I believe it clipped that one before impacting the one behind. I can't imagine how I would feel to be on that flightdeck and watch the last few minutes of my life wind down.

I don't know the Japanese culture well enough to say whether or not it is in bad taste. Whilst I can't see us Westerners making a video about Lockerbie anytime soon I can't rule it out - we've made movies about the Titanic and countless other disasters.

VC10 Rib22


Kaptin M
6th Nov 2005, 07:59
The annual annniversary of that crash co-incides with Japanese National television broadcasting the same documentary of it, several times in the week leading up to the actual date.

There were a few survivors, surprisingly enough.

Time Bandit
6th Nov 2005, 16:25
This pop video is not particularly a wrong'n IMHO. I suppose it would be like a western band doing something similar say with the WTC attacks - and as long as it's done with a bit of decency I don't think there's cause for alarm.

I've been looking online about JAL123, what a sad and bizzare episode.


"There was some confusion about who would handle the rescue in the immediate aftermath of the crash. A US Air Force helicopter was the first to the crash site, some 20 minutes after impact, but its crew were told to return to Yokota Air Base because the Japan Self-Defense Forces (JSDF) were going to handle the rescue. They didn't arrive until the following morning. It is not known whether any survivors of the crash died in this interval. The off-duty flight attendant who survived the crash recounted from her hospital bed that she recalled bright lights and the sound of helicopter rotors shortly after she awoke amid the wreckage, but that nothing further was seen or heard until the JSDF arrived the next day."

...and even more bizzare...

"Several higher- and lower-ranking employees of Japan Airlines committed suicide in the aftermath. Some of these people had absolutely no connection to the disaster, but they could not bear the shame that fell on the entire company. The Boeing engineer who had failed to properly repair the rear bulkhead in 1978 also committed suicide."

Should have been members of the JSDF committing Harikari by looks of things for their appauling delay in getting up the mountain. What took the USAF 20 min took the JSDF a day!

Speaking of survivors-

Seem to remember that after the Lockerbie crash there were some still alive - an Air Stewardess found with pulse in the nose section (which we all remember as the standard file photo for the Lockerbie Disaster) and the odd person found in outlying fields with only broken limbs, but having died of exposure during the night. Very sad :(

7th Nov 2005, 14:28
It is actually a Korean language video. The street signs etc are in Japanese but the music is in Korean.

Spuds McKenzie
7th Nov 2005, 14:36
From airdisaster.com:

http://www.airdisaster.com/special/special-jal123.shtml (JAL123)

7th Nov 2005, 19:13
The clip has had an astonishing resonance for me.

My mother and father were proceeding back from Bruxelles in a Sabena flight to the Congo. My father a Sabena pilot had just completed upgrade training for a new type was with her as a passenger.
There was an engine fire over the Med and the aircraft diverted to Casablanca. The aircraft crashed into a hanger on landing, it is reported in the book East African: An Airline Story that he remained on board to assist with the evacuation. Both were killed.

I have never ever had this particular event so powerfully brought back to me as just now these many many years later and a full career in aviation myself both in the airline EAA he was formerly with and as a pilot.

Sleep Deprivation Chamber
8th Nov 2005, 14:19
Actually, a seven year old girl survived the crash, and guess what? She went on to become an FA for JAL. True story. ;)

And today JAL announced that all employees will take a 10% pay cut :ugh: (subject to union agreement which seems to be forthcoming) next year and possibly beyond as the company went well into the red in H1 2005, which is being blamed on a case of too much conservatism in fuel hedging (75% for JAL vs 90%+ for ANA) and the string of unfortunate "incidents." Travel agents being interviewed on TV now say that customers are asking for "anything but JAL.

8th Nov 2005, 15:04
As long as the pilots are not doing the hedging on fuel. What incidents?

Sleep Deprivation Chamber
8th Nov 2005, 16:08
Nah--the hedging was the company buying fuel futures in the hope of saving money should oil rise above the hedge price--it did--but more than they expected.

As for incedents, here is a list of what I could find--too many sources to list them all.

Most were minor, others simply more worrysome than others. For most of the traveling public here, a list like this is all they need to stay away in droves, which is happening now.

January, 2005 a JAL plane started takeoff roll without clearance at New Chitose.

February, 2005, a JAL cargo plane used a passenger plane main-gear for more than eight years.

March, 2005 JAL plane enters the wrong runway at ICN after misinterpreting controller instructions.

March, 2005 JAL plane loses an aluminum wing panel on a flight to Narita Airport from Brisbane, Australia.

March 2005 Rubber seal found missing from a JAL plane on a plane from Jakarta to NRT.

June 2005, both front tires came off JAL plane on landing at Haneda.

July 2005, JAL plane leaves Haneda with malfunctioning air pressure regulator, makes an emergency landing at Tokushima when oxygen masks deploy.

July 25, fire and smoke indicators on JAL 747 inbound to Narita. Plane lands in Manila; no traces of fire or smoke.

August 2005, fiberglass panel falls from JAL 777 when landing at NRT inbound from Singapore.

August 2005 (anniversary of the 747 crash), JALways DC-10 engine bursts into flames, turned around and returned to Fukuoka, spewing more than 600 hot fragments across the city.

October, 2005 Flight JL1870 (Kagoshima-Haneda) had abnormality in the hydraulic system of the plane's left engine; shut down engine and declared emergency?\landed at Itami..

October, 2005 Engines strikes boarding bridge at Haneda coming into the block.

8th Nov 2005, 17:29
It certainly could be worrying to a public being fed that lot, and all in the last year.