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5th Nov 2005, 14:02
I'm gutted that no one's showing the match over here, but I'll be glued to the BBC commentary on my laptop.

Should be a cracking game if last year's is anything to go on. Come on Wales!


Stoney X
5th Nov 2005, 17:52
A sadly one sided result. Well done the All Blacks.

5th Nov 2005, 19:48
I wonder if anyone will come close against them? I hope the gap isn't opening up between the hemispheres again.

Well done the All Blacks (as much as it pains me to say it!).

5th Nov 2005, 22:47
Ireland are usually level with the All Blacks at the start of each game, and only ever beaten by them at the final whistle.

5th Nov 2005, 22:57
Far be for me to gloat....but......:cool: :ok: :E :8 Wales were just outclassed by an AB team operating at about 65%

5th Nov 2005, 22:59
Well done to the French....
*sigh*. Carn Wallabies...!

(Still, the 'Roos did well at League)

5th Nov 2005, 23:49
If it wasn't for that spear tackle (again!) Wales would have thrashed them!

5th Nov 2005, 23:50
Interesting to see that there are still players that even in the age of every single movement being covered by tv cameras, still think that punching a man on the ground is a good idea.

6th Nov 2005, 00:07
Dan "the man" Carter.....what a brilliant player.

Wales were woeful, the All Blacks were awesome

6th Nov 2005, 04:35
If it wasn't for that spear tackle (again!) Wales

Hohohoho (festive greeting). The silly Australian was leaning over the ruck too far, and Tony Woodcock just stood up ... silly Cockbain tackled himself..... (well, he is Australian......):bored:

I see England are now poaching NZ players.....:ok:

6th Nov 2005, 07:02
NZ LD, good point. Too many players play into the hands of the citing commission for no real reason.

6th Nov 2005, 14:34
Well played by the AB's... would have liked to have seen a full strength Welsh side go up against them.

God help England... :(

Nick Riviera
7th Nov 2005, 12:41

Well there are plenty of kiwis to poach. They can't get into the All Blacks side because of the amount of Samoans poached by the kiwis!

Solid Rust Twotter
7th Nov 2005, 13:35
Well, the new legislation to transform sport in South Africa will mean a large number of SA rugby and cricket players will become available to foreign teams.:(

Any takers?

henry crun
7th Nov 2005, 21:35
Nick Riviera: How many players in the present All Black squad were born in Samoa ?

Of those, how long would they ( in your opinion ) have had to reside in New Zealand to not be considered poached ?

7th Nov 2005, 22:04
Reported in the meeja:

Samoan-born Tana Umaga - actually Wainuiomata, just outside Wellington...:=
Samoan Rico Gear - better tell his whanau - iwi Ngati Porou...

Nick Riviera
8th Nov 2005, 12:57
henry crun

Wind your neck in, mate. It was a good natured reply to reynold's ribbing concerning England poaching Kiwis. But since you ask:

Born in Samoa - Isaia Toeava, Rodney So'oialo, Malili Muliaina

And for good measure:

Born in Tonga - Sioni Lauaki, Saimone Taumoepeau

Born in Fiji - Sitiveni Sivivatu, Joe Rokocoko

As for residency, I believe that as long as they pass IRB residency rules then they are qualified, just the same as any 'foreigners' who play for England or any other country. Happy now?

henry crun
8th Nov 2005, 20:22
Nick Riviera: If you read some of the rugby message boards that I do you would know of a lot of people in your part of the world who are convinced that anyone in the AB's who isn't white, has been poached from another SP nation.

I am pleased to hear that you at least, are not one of them.

Without a smilie it is difficult to interpret the intent of your remark.

8th Nov 2005, 20:54
Nick - you forgot Jerry Collins (Tana's cousin) - but he did used to go to my daughter's secondary school in NZ.......:D

henry crun
8th Nov 2005, 21:04
He also forgot Masoe. :)

Nick Riviera
9th Nov 2005, 11:10
Damn it all, another B- for me!!! Must strive to do better.

Trust me, we also get plenty of flak from our antipodean cousins about poaching players, there are idiots on both sides.

Must learn to insert smilies.:O

9th Nov 2005, 11:33
Seems like a lot of people who complain about the AB's 'poaching' pacific island players forget, or aren't aware of, the fact that NZ has a fairly significant PI population. Would an all white All Black team keep them happy? So what if they were born in Tonga, Fiji, or Samoa? They grew up in NZ and have played their rugby there, why shouldn't they be eligible?:hmm:

9th Nov 2005, 11:35
beware ... Wales ... beware ... the Boks are on their way ... :E

9th Nov 2005, 11:39
Not seen Handspring Guy around for a bit.
Wonder why??:D :D

Maybe as I've said before that if the two front row Jones's were replaced with someone with ability and fitness,Wales wouldn't give away as many penalties and would win a few more rucks and mauls.
Jason Leonard would still give either of them a run for their money.:ok:

9th Nov 2005, 19:23
I'm personally a fan of the Hair Bear bunch, I think they're pretty reasonable scrummagers and can be quite mobile around the park. Of course Gethin Jenkins is 1st pick and the only really world class player of the trio.

I think Saturday's performance was more to do with the sheer class of the NZ front row.

11th Nov 2005, 22:09
Not a convincing performance at all. Despite his drop goal, I don't think Robinson is international material yet. Shame, his club performances have been top class this season.