View Full Version : Is it just me, or is work no fun anymore?

Buster Hyman
5th Nov 2005, 08:13
It used to amaze me that I actually got paid for doing what I did. Working in the airlines, even on check in was a great day. It just got better & better, the industry was a respected entity & people were envious of the places I'd been & the work I did.

I know it can all depend on your colleagues & I've been lucky to have come through my working life with some great people but, these days, it's all doom & gloom.

I try to get a smile or wind some people up for a laugh but all you get is a wry titter & back to the drudgery. Very few people I speak to are actually enjoying what they do. Don't get me wrong, the workplace whinge is institutionalised everywhere, but it's not like it used to be. You'd whinge about something & get on with it. Now, it's whinge city everywhere.

I spoke to a female colleague about this & she had an interesting angle on it. She actually blamed the rise of the female boss! She's sick to death of them. She thinks they have this "mean" streak that enarmours them against perceived inequality in the leadership of industry. I guess that's quite a fair assumption when you look at the figures, but their battle affects the immediate area, collateral damage if you will.

I wouldn't go so far as to blame all of this on the female boss, far from it. There are many factors that I think are contributing to this. Here in sunny Oz, they are about to re-do all the IR laws. Whether they're good or bad for the country, the general consensus is "impending doom"!

But is it a wider issue? Lots of tension around the world in general. Could an anticipated "clash" be driving people's optimism to an all time low?

Perhaps I just think too much...:(

5th Nov 2005, 08:28
I wouldn't go so far as to blame women for that. :p

Maybe women management. Who's that old luv on the Qantas board? Maggie Jackson??

Anyway what are you doing posting anything aviation-related around here???

Buster Hyman
5th Nov 2005, 08:32
Bugger! I thought this was Freight Dogs!:p

Onan the Clumsy
5th Nov 2005, 12:30
The questionAnyway what are you doing posting anything aviation-related around here???

The answerPerhaps I just drink too much...:(


btw if it was supposed to be fun they'd call it 'play'

6th Nov 2005, 03:51
I enjoy work when I'm left to get on with it - unfortunately we have a management that likes to manage by slogan, and thinks we should all enjoy the "Amway" type experience. Team building exercises that become neo-cult training sessions.... give me a break. Well, I for one will not be touching the Kool-Aid....

6th Nov 2005, 05:14
How true, reynoldsno1 - with every outfit being managed by IFEs (Instant F*****g Experts) waving Mickey Mouse degrees.

6th Nov 2005, 07:16
Female bosses are to blame for the fact that working in aviation is not as fun as it used to be?

The things I read here on PPRuNe never cease to amaze me. :rolleyes:

Nothing to do with Osama Bin Laden right?
Nothing to do with the LoCos having invaded our industry, driving down prices and consequently standards, wages and conditions?
Insanely invasive American imposed window dressing supposed security measures have no influence of course.
Nope must be those pesky female bosses.

The fact that the industry suffered from overcapacity long before Sept 11th is of course irrelevant. (and of course all the airline managers who were at the helm of creating that overcapacity were female right?) Massive restructuring has nowt to do with the current state of discontent?

The changeover in management from aviation addicts with a passion for it all to people (females one and all of course, we all know Airline Beancounters are predominantly female) who come from any industry at all and who approach it like they were working for Toy's R Us, has not had an impact right?
The fact that obeisance due the stockholder and the yearly management bonus is so much more important than the service to those incidental bothersome passengers is of course entirely irrelevant to our working climate as well.

Buster I reckon your female colleague is talking a humonguous amount of sh!t ( if she exists and is not a vehicle for your own opinion) but that's just me.

And I'm a female boss, the root of all evil, so my take on civil aviation is obviously flawed. ;)

6th Nov 2005, 07:27

In reply to your original question, "Is it me, or is work no fun any more?".........

ABSO F***ING LUTELY!!! :mad: :mad: :mad:

I and my coleagues around me seemed to lose the motivation around six years ago when it seemed we were taken over by money-driven dictators:mad: :yuk:

Rant over. I thank you.

6th Nov 2005, 07:39
Well said Flappy :ok:

I've been involved in the Air Traffic game no where near as long as some of the more distinguished types out there ( who loves ya Binos ;) ), but long enough to have seen changes in the industry that make me shake my head.

The three Air Traffic Service groups I have worked for all readily quote the mantra "safe, orderly and expeditious service" to the customers............and readily shaft the worker bees sitting at the consoles and in towers providing this service. The people making the decisions, not a clue.

I'll share a story of somebody who paid us a little visit here the other day from Head Office in Ottawa. The gentleman casually stood behind our Terminal Unit for a couple of minutes humming and arring to himself, taking the occasional close look at the various information screens we have available with the weather, nav aid monitors and alike. Being the curious person I am (and wanting to know who the hell he was) I turned to him and asked did he need some help (he had a visitors security badge on).

"Those nav aid monitors you have there on that screen........do you need all of them?"

I tried to hide my sarcasam "Ummmm, yeah. Why?"

"Well, I'm here from Ottawa and we think you don't need them all. Especially those two". And he pointed at two of the monitors.

The guy sitting next to me told him "You do realise those monitor the beacons that are used in our published missed approach procedures. Of course we need them".

Mr Ottawa wasn't phased "Well, you don't really need them all the time do you. Like, you're not using them right at this second. You don't really need them up there on that display, do you?".

"Sorry mate, I don't think you understand. Those monitor the beacons in our published missed approach procedures. If something performs a missed approach, and especially if he goes no-com, I think we would need to know if the beacons are actually working. Otherwise, who knows what he's gonna do"

After 5 minutes of this, Mr Ottawa learnt quite a bit about how navigation aids worked, and how some pilots do actually need them to fly their little airplanes, and if they aren't working, it's a good idea that somebody knows about it............not quite in that many words or that politely considering he kept up his little "Ottawa thinks you don't need them and would like to turn them off".

Bah. What do I know.

Buster Hyman
6th Nov 2005, 07:54
flaps She does, indeed, exist & referring to her as a car that my mind drives is not helpful.

As I've already stated, I don't subscribe to this point of view but it does explain some changes in the workplace. When I first started, lewd jokes, innuendo, black humour, racist humour and liberal amounts of pornography were well entrenched in most offices I worked in. Obviously, I didn't shed a tear when these were removed from the workplace but it did translate into a polar shift in attitudes. If those were the necessary ingredients to a happy workplace, then were probably better off now.

Your points about OBL, LCC's etc are well taken, however these are relatively new events in the industry. For me, this rot set in around the early 90's. All the buzz words and team building rubbish that was imported from Scandinavia or some place.

I've always thought that in a service industry, if you provide a good service, the profits will follow. Artificially creating a mindset that is foreign to your workforce is fraught with danger.

6th Nov 2005, 10:25
The fun we have now is different from, say, 20 years ago. Too many people on the planet, and the dieing out of a sense of humour i.e. taking it all far too seriously.
Cost-cutting reduces staff morale, management which resents its workforce.....

Oh for the good old days:{

6th Nov 2005, 20:40
And I'm a female boss, the root of all evil, so my take on civil aviation is obviously flawed.

But one that doesn't know how to use an apostrophe

Toy's R Us

Runs and hides...........

6th Nov 2005, 21:45
Goodness me. A criticism from someone who starts a sentence with a preposition, fails to finish it with a full stop and who uses "that" instead of "who".

:rolleyes: ;) :p

6th Nov 2005, 21:51
Yep work ain't as much fun as it were twenty years ago.

I blame the French female managers.

Or maybe we are all just becoming boring humourless middle aged gits like our parents did at the same age.

Welcome to the club, Buster:{