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tony draper
4th Nov 2005, 23:24
The tolling of church bells on a sunday, one did not attend of course, but one liked that sound, the clip clop of the icecream mans horse and cart, and his whistle, he did not need a 350 watt amlifier playing the third man theme to attract us urchins.
The sound of steam trains clattering along the Team Valley,the mournfull hoot of ships sirens blowing on the Tyne.
I misses em.

4th Nov 2005, 23:40
........... SILENCE .......

4th Nov 2005, 23:52
the sound of my dearly departed grandmothers voice:(

4th Nov 2005, 23:58
Cicadas...in the summer....dont get many cicadas in my part of the jungle.:(

Never had ice cream man growing up in Kiwi. :{
I dont think refrigeration had been introduced.

5th Nov 2005, 00:09
Church Bells......the only one in my locale is St Annes in Droylsden [E. Manchester]...and that is a "dong dong dong etc". I would rather hear a Carillion. But we ain't got the so called "expertise" these days...more's the pity
Other sounds....the Skylark......on the Dawn or a Summers Day
The first "Dada" from your "firstborn"

5th Nov 2005, 00:51
Airliners without hushkits

fly babe
5th Nov 2005, 01:02
Tuneful whistling. Any whistling come to that :\

5th Nov 2005, 01:37
Santa's purring.

Alpha dispersal - a month of QRA in the summer, with Larks singing, bees humming and crickets chirping. Broken only by the occasional...

...howl of a Vulcan taking off at full chat.

or four Merlins overhead, in perfect synch.

The incessant crackle of small arms fire at Bisley.

Apart from these, nearly all my other favourite sounds still surround me.

5th Nov 2005, 01:48
The wonderfully seductive voice of my old (young at the time) French teacher

The sound of a Norton Commando going for it (my current bike is great but no modern bike sounds as good)

My Zippo lighter, no excuse to open and close it since stopping smoking

The singing in a church in a village in Tanzania one Christmas Day

5th Nov 2005, 01:52
the sound of my dearly departed grandmothers voice

I actually hid a recorder and taped my grandmother talking to me when I knew she was dying of cancer. She saw the machine after awhile and began to cry. She knew what I was doing. It's been 8 years now, and I still haven't had the guts to listen to it....

On a lighter note, I miss sitting in the middle of 45 trombones in the 300-piece Auburn Marching Band during an inside practice. 75 trumpets arrayed behind me. Made your very innards jump and whirl.

5th Nov 2005, 03:14
I would rather hear a Carillion. But we ain't got the so called "expertise" these days...more's the pity ....
as an old Campanologist, I agree.... but there's not much worse than bad ringers.
Maybe I'll have time to get back to it when I retire?

Mac the Knife
5th Nov 2005, 05:01
The clac---clac-clac-clac---zing of my Dad's old manual typewriter.

I use one myself for updating patient cardfiles (my writing is not very readable) and several people have commented on the nostalgic sound.

5th Nov 2005, 07:21
I agree with Speedpig. Silence will do for me. People are so LOUD.

Farmer 1
5th Nov 2005, 07:34
Shut down in a jungle clearing, thirty miles from the nearest town of any size, two hundred miles from the nearest other helicopter.

I reached up and pressed the starter.

"Crack! Crack! Crack!" You cannot imagine how much I missed that sound.

5th Nov 2005, 08:04
"I love you, Daddy". . . :D . . . and the soft breath of my ex as she slept. . .

Oh, yeah, sporadic small arms "pop-pop-pop" during Night Defence Ex. S/thing otherworldly in the heightened senses of night patrol.

Buster Hyman
5th Nov 2005, 08:28
If I was gay, I'd miss the sound of farting.:ouch:

5th Nov 2005, 10:47
I'm with Speedpig.

*&^%$#@ underexercised, bored, yapping little canine belonging to equally *&^%$#@ underexercised, boring, negligent, loudmouthed, sourfaced, unhappy neighbours yapping ALL THE *&^%$#@ TIME.

Callow, pizza-faced halfwits wearing backwards base-ball caps doing "circle work" in crappy hotted-up cars in nearby new streets.

Doof Doof in the same cars.

I go to the nearby botanic gardens, or camping - blue sky, flowers, a bit of nature, birds if I could hear them, but for the friggin' ghetto blaster, chainsaw, leaf blower, lawn mower, generator, you name it.

I miss the sounds of silence.


5th Nov 2005, 11:41
A Hunter going as fast as it can about 6 inches off the runway followed by a Venom doing the same thing and sitting about 50 yards from the edge of the runway.

After that, you can't hear any sounds!!

5th Nov 2005, 12:01
The sound of incoming in South Armagh over 30 years ago. Rather, I don't miss it ('cos I hear it most every night), it misses me. And there is nothing like that to make you appreciate being here, today!

After that, the sound of my grandaughter breathing as she sleeps. (One has to be very, very, very close to hear it. At the moment I'm 3-odd K miles away).

5th Nov 2005, 12:03
There's a few nostalgic ones in there, especially the aviation ones (Vulcans and low-pass high-speed runs by Hunters and Lightnings).
(Been to Bruntingthorpe for a ground-run day, but it was the sudden-ness of the passes that excited, and the embracing intensity of the Olympi. Can't even hear Concorde these days. We STILL get the occasional visit from the BBMF Lancaster - and I have the type on my flight-sim - great with headphones and full volume.)

>The clac---clac-clac-clac---zing of my Dad's old manual typewriter.
>I use one myself for updating patient cardfiles (my writing is not very readable) and several people have commented on the nostalgic sound.

It should be possible to install a software reproduction of the sounds (like programming an electronic organ) so that each key-press clacked and 'carriage-returns' dinged.

Romeo Charlie
5th Nov 2005, 13:10
Definately the sounds of Vulcans on their low-level training flights over N Devon during the '70's. I remember my Mum used to rush out and clap her hands over my ears when the went over - she got most upset when I kept knocking them away!

5th Nov 2005, 13:20
Bread of Heaven ringing around the Arms Park.

The seductively voiced (but criminally ugly) talkdown controller at a previous station.

5th Nov 2005, 14:58
The sound of Stalybridge Corporation's steam roller from the early 50's.

Jeff Duke breaking the sound barrier........Yes I'm that old!

5th Nov 2005, 15:01
The sound of an F111 screaming up the coastline near Noosa/Point Lookout on their way up to Tin Can Bay.

Krystal n chips
5th Nov 2005, 16:47
On the aviation front, and in no particular order, Vulcan getting airborne " in a hurry"--Lightning--anytime --plus Hunter, Bucc and the incomparable F-4 ( UK version) going "balls out". :ok: And the good old Shack !!!

The other was the sight, sound, smell and sensation when I used to stand at the level crossing at Congleton Station as a kid waiting for "The Mancunian" and "The Comet"-once the premier service from Manchester-Euston to go through---haven't a clue as to the speed, only that they were "travelling" so to speak and you could always hear and feel their approach--and passing !:ok:

I also miss the conversations with my paternal Grandmother.

5th Nov 2005, 16:56
Sitting on the grass by the threshold, the slightly rough, feathery mutter of a DC-3 as it floats down, the dual thump squeak of tyres fifty feet away.

5th Nov 2005, 18:49
Going with Grandad to hear the Union Castle liner sounding off Jamestown. Whooooo-oooh!

Listening to Grandad get his pipe going. Puh, puh, puh,,,,,

My Grandma knitting. tikki tikki ticki-tak, tickity-tik tik-tak,,,,

Rain on a corrugated roof. (It was turfed for winter). pock, pack,brmmmmm

Wind in the telegraph wires on Telegraph Hill. meeeeee

The vacuum windscreen wipers on Dad's old Ford - pich, poch,,,

Mum singing to bring the cattle in,,,

Dad working the sawmill Dzheeeeeyeeeeeeyiiiih

To name but a few sounds stilled by time.

Paris Dakar
5th Nov 2005, 19:02
Ships sounding their horns three times (a request for Swing Bridge to open) on the Tyne.

Standing in Kielder Forest in the early 80s listening to distant rally cars getting closer - twin 45 Webers (trumpets - no air boxes) and single-box large bore exhausts.

5th Nov 2005, 19:24
Sonic bangs.
Last heard Summer of '95 half way across Biscay (La Coruna to Falmouth), WTF was that. Thought the Frenchies had something firing at us trying to get our attention or something....

C130 Techie
5th Nov 2005, 19:33
The simple Ring Ring of the old style telephone.

5th Nov 2005, 19:34
Krystal n Chips mention of steam loco's reminds me of the sound of the A4's (Mallard etc) whistle... more of a chime, that set it apart from others except maybe the Brittania class

5th Nov 2005, 19:41
That comforting drone of a Vanguard passing overhead in the middle of the night as I slept, stirring me just briefly and lightly from sleep.

The mudflaps of a trolley bus against the tarmac as it passed by my grandparents house.

The noise of a 1922 stock underground train pulling away from a station.

5th Nov 2005, 19:51
The sound of my somewhat tempremental 280 bhp renault 5 gt turbo,when it worked it it used to shake the street.Got in the village newsletter for that one,huge bang and 6 foot flames on every gearchange. Having to grow up sucks!:{

Aviation wise:- Vulcan...nuff said:ok:

5th Nov 2005, 20:22
What, no chuffing steam trains?

(unless I've missed it)

henry crun
5th Nov 2005, 20:33
IB4138: "Jeff Duke breaking the sound barrier".

Did he really do that on his motorbike ? :)

5th Nov 2005, 20:47
steam trains?
Me Gramps was a conductor...miss the steam engines, the whistle and him.

Also miss the sound of my '72 Satellite, one of my first cars, doing the quarter mile. For some reason, being based in ex-commieville they can't understand that...lumpy cam and a Holley...sweet smell of ....victory. Gives me a woody:)

Maple 01
5th Nov 2005, 20:54
Concorde flying over Windsor - you got so used to the noise of jets flying into LHR you didn't look up except when SHE went over with the destinctive rumble of four RR Olympus on climbout. Then the world stood still for a few moments until this object of beauty and power passed by - and now it's gone forever:(,

What the hell happened? The future seemed so bright.....

5th Nov 2005, 20:56

You mean the sound of all the car alarms going off, whilst T4 was being refurbed, when one of em took off!:D

5th Nov 2005, 21:07

Yess, rain on a corrugated roof! Just as good to lull you to sleep as ship's engine thumping steadily away, but more to be missed.

Another: the quiet "RUFF" of a dog that knows precisely it's you on the sidewalk, before you open the gate.

5th Nov 2005, 21:21
>twin 45 Webers (trumpets - no air boxes)

You should try sitting just behind them in a Lotus Seven! There's a metallic quality to the sound of the vapourisation of the fuel, even at low revs (before the bellow from the side-mounted straight-through exhaust deafens you). At full chat the wind-roar rushing past your head 'quietens' the overall volume. It's the few seconds after pressing the throttle that produces the 'slurp' that I remember (and miss . . .)

Shaggy Sheep Driver
5th Nov 2005, 21:37
Still plenty of real church bells in Cheshire. Try Gawesworth on a Sunday morning. :ok:

Loose-couples goods trains stopping and starting - the ricocheting of buffers as the coupling chains go taught and rebound wagon against wagon in a 50 wagon-long train.

As for silence, I was in the Sahara a few weeks back - total and absolute silence like I've never heard before.

I miss piston engined airliners - those radials sounding soooo relaxed (the early jets like 707 and Caravelle were beautiful - but just noisy!). The Vulcan take-off howl was something else, though, as was its chest-pounding sound - felt rather than heard - in a full power climb.

The staccato bark of a Castle climbing one of the south Devon banks.

And skylarks! Every airfield had them, and as they get built on (like Hatfield) that evocative sound gets ever more rare.


Irish Steve
5th Nov 2005, 22:24
Sitting on the grass by the threshold, the slightly rough, feathery mutter of a DC-3 as it floats down, the dual thump squeak of tyres fifty feet away.

I don't miss it as I have it, a video that has exactly that, (Air Atlantique) in the early evening on a nice summer day, doing the last pleasure flight of the day after Concorde had earlier made it's first supersonic Bay of Biscay flight out of Exeter, 1989 I think.

I had the luck to be about less than 100 Ft from the PAPI's at the western end of the runway. Concorde took off towards us, so we felt it rather than hearing it, then for the landing, the very light wind had gone easterly, so I got the whole of the approach from about 8 miles as it came towards us.

A little later, we had an easterly departure, a very wide circuit, a low approach and go around, followed by a clearance to join controlled airspace at BRIDPO level FL240, which he made no problem :O

That video is priceless :O

GWR king class Steam locomotives passing through Exeter at speed.

GWR 14xx class (steam again) with 2 trailer coaches going up the Exe Valley line to Dulverton.

The Meldon quarry ballast train being assisted from Exeter St Davids to Exeter Central by 3 more steam locomotives, making 4 in total, and on a wet day that was a sight and sound to behold.

A pair of CAACU target towing mosquitoes with engines turning and burning passing the school at low level at 09:05 most mornings, and making it impossible for the teachers to speak for a few moments.

Spantax Constellations departing Exeter at night, a sound and sight not to be forgotten.

Various RAF aircraft at air displays making their own special brand of vibration.

The howl of a pair of German Starfighters going over the school at 100 Ft and about M0.80, and me the only one in the room that knew they were coming :E :E

The sound of a couple of 160 Hp engine in the cruise at 160 Kts in a PA39.

5th Nov 2005, 22:46
Firing out a full drum of a M-61 Vulcan (one has to start a long way out!).

5th Nov 2005, 22:48
The real question should be "What smells do you miss" as that is a much more powerfull trigger.

6th Nov 2005, 00:18
The whine of 4 Olympus as the Vulcan trundles past. Had that for a good few years in one of the front offices of No 1 hangar at Scampton - probably why I'm high tone deaf now!

On a more personal note.....a foggy winters day, mist eddying through the leafless trees and the steady patter patter of the dripping moisture off the bare branches and then.......the cockle, cockle of a pheasant. Not a lot of that in this part of Western Australia. However, end of December I get a whole month in the UK!!

6th Nov 2005, 00:25
The tinkle of bottles on a milkfloat as it hums by.

And rolling thunder of course.

6th Nov 2005, 10:33

Foghorns at midnight New Years Day from the ships in Southampton docks

The only time I've heard absolute silence was on a hilltop in Italy
until a thicket of skoolkids turned up:{

6th Nov 2005, 10:50
Saw a Mosquito once at North Weald in the mid 90's. Still have the (not very good) photos. The sound was incredible - like a fine orchestra, yet with the enough power for you to feel the vibrations in your chest.

Also, the blast and whine of the Avpin starter bringing the single Avon to life. Poetry.

The diff whine of a Morris Minor pulling away. (not in the same league obviously).

Lon More
6th Nov 2005, 11:05
A pair of CAACU target towing mosquitoes with engines turning and burning
Not literally burning I hope,

Saw 633 squadron on the box yesterday. Special effects have come a long way since then. But enjoyed the sounds. I believe a long-retired controller from Scottish, Bunny ?, was one of the pilots

Irish Steve
6th Nov 2005, 14:56
Not literally burning I hope,

Not usually, though I seem to recall there was the occasional anxious moment, many years later, I heard that the reason they were still so low as they went past the school was that the performance on one was not stellar, so they kept the climb rate down and the speed up to avoid embarassment if one of the donk's went on strike.:O

Somehow, the sight and sound of the pair of mossies was always a lot more stirring, and to someone who even at that early age was "moved" by aircraft, it made for severe difficulty concentrating on boring things like geography or french!

What made it worse was that almost the entire wall of the school ( 3 stories) on that side was glass, FREEZING in the winter, the old galvanised frame type with a single pane of glass and gaps around the ones that opened that you could see through, so the view to the airport, which was only just over a mile away, was magnificent :O

It wasn't quite as much fun when they replaced the Mossies with Vampires and Meteors, though they too are a rare enough sound these days. A long time later, they too were replaced, with Canberra's, and that's another story:O

6th Nov 2005, 15:28
Strangely I miss sonic booms, but then I don't live in Ghaza.:mad:

8th Nov 2005, 00:03
The whine of 4 Olympus as the Vulcan trundles pastThe words "Olympus" and "whine" do not belong together in the same sentence, especially one that includes the word "Vulcan"... :hmm:

I must assume that your hearing was defective before you were posted to Scampton, Sir. The Olympus is certainly responsible for my own defective hearing - and it didn't do my kidneys much good either. :ooh:

8th Nov 2005, 00:13
I miss the sound of:

Tug boats on the Mersey on new years eve.

Shaping machines that use Whitworth quick return motion.

Dunlop Green Flash crushing a white dog turd.

Darth Nigel
8th Nov 2005, 01:31
Steam trains, steam engines, steam whistles... the sound and the smell and the feel of it.

The sound of the electric milk float in the early morning.

And once in my life I heard (and saw) an SR-71 Blackbird take off and pass over my head. Felt like I was in a Gerry Anderson cartoon.

Sailing off-shore at night, listening to the creak of the boat (a mate had a 34' wooden single-masted yacht), and hearing the ringing of the bell-buoys and all the other noises of the night.

8th Nov 2005, 04:14
Hogmonay, midnight at a long-past campground by a lake. On the dot a lone piper across the water would play a slow air. A sound that made Time stand still as the hairs on the back of the neck stood up.

9th Nov 2005, 00:38
as the hairs on the back of the neck stood upHe was playing the nation anthem, one supposes?

9th Nov 2005, 02:06
Oh...oh ...I just heard and saw a ciccada.
Only one mind making a racket.
I wonders where his mates are?:uhoh:

Ace Rimmer
9th Nov 2005, 07:54
The ting ting ting of halyards frapping on masts...

The pocka pocka swoosh of a small marine diesel at idle

Chuch bells donging across the water on a still winter Sunday...

Funny thing...a piper in the distance is rather pleasant...

The sound the the old flared -sided District Line trains made

And like everybody else...the gonad rattling song of four Olympuses (Olympi?) at full bore and burners on....made me smile everytime

9th Nov 2005, 08:19
Yes, Dr draper:
the mournfull hoot of ships sirens blowing on the Tyne.

Fog conditions. A while back my sister realised to her horror that the Anstruther foghorn was not working. She rushed to inform the authorities.

"Aye. Ye're richt, Missus. It hisnae been workin' fur the past five year".

9th Nov 2005, 08:53
the heavenly sound of the sisters singing in chapel at the convent where my grandparents lived and worked for 50 years

got caught
9th Nov 2005, 09:06
1-11's over Tatton Park

Go Smoke
9th Nov 2005, 09:32
The ting, ting, ting of halyards slapping against the mast.
The tap, tap, tap of a duck pecking along the waterline.
The cry of the oyster catchers coming across the mud at low tide.

My mum saying 'I love you'

9th Nov 2005, 10:49
A-4's hooning around at low level. Or anywhere for that matter.
Ring-dial phones (the ones that aren't push button).
The milk truck horn telling you to get your empty bottles out.
The twin carbs on my Mini sans air filters.

tony draper
9th Nov 2005, 11:11
The sing songy chant of wee girls skipping songs.childrens shouts and laughter echoing round the back streets, not interspersed with the F word.

9th Nov 2005, 14:58
Real police car sirens - eeee-awwww, eeee-awwww, eee-awwww as in The Sweeney etc.

Woooo, wooooo, woooo is c**p!

9th Nov 2005, 16:16
a piper in the distance is rather pleasant...

Yep, 20 miles is about right.

The sounds of Vulcans and Valiants doing engine runs at Finningley late into the night, not muffled.

The sound of the A4 locos on the main line, totally different whistle more like an American type thing.

Lincolns, then Varsitys and Hastings bumbling around,.

The sound of graunching when the schoolbus gearbox ate itself and we had the day off. Unfortunately, this was a one-off

9th Nov 2005, 17:40
Sounds you miss.
Uuuh! Oh God! Yess! Faster! Oh! Don't stop. Like that! Yess! Yess! Yess! Yess! Yess!



tony draper
9th Nov 2005, 19:21
Don't you just hate those noisy blokes acbus1.

9th Nov 2005, 19:30
Spoken like a true Croft acbus :ok:

tony draper
9th Nov 2005, 21:07
Indeed Mr C, first few day at home on leave yer could never sleep because of the bloody silence, yer could hear the blood swooshing through yer noggin, the only answer was for one to venture pubwards and become fuddled with ale.

9th Nov 2005, 21:11
Fortunately on weekends now and then from my porch, I still get to hear the rumble of a Wasp as an SNJ/Texan/Harvard chugs by.

9th Nov 2005, 23:46
The clank-clank-clang of shunting from the end of our street, as the nightshift assembled freight trains for tomorrow's runs.
When I joined up, Halton camp was out in the sticks surrounded by trees and I couldn't get to sleep for the silence...

Lord Beeching came and went, the freight yard is no more and Stockton station is just another Halt between Northallerton and Newcastle. Stockton, birthplace of the whole world's railway network. :(

tony draper
9th Nov 2005, 23:59
I recal seeing Stevensons Rocket neglected and rusting on the platform at Stockton Station in the sixties,although it might have been Darligton, one misremembers now.
A few years down the line from now you'll have to go to a museum to see any British engineering.

10th Nov 2005, 00:02
>Real police car sirens - eeee-awwww, eeee-awwww, eee-awwww as in The Sweeney etc.
>Woooo, wooooo, woooo is c**p!

Surely REAL (Wolseley) Police Cars were equipped with bells?


I suspect what Drapes saw at Darlington Station was Locomotion (Rocket being in the Science Museum in Kensington). A replica of Locomotion runs at Beamish Museum.

10th Nov 2005, 05:45
I sorely miss the sound back in the old days days growing up in England, hearing the sound of a horse clacking its hooves on the cobblestone street, dragging a noisy cart and a man yelling at the top of his lungs "Bring out yer dead !".......

10th Nov 2005, 11:01
barit1, you bring back memories of great times! Growing up in South Africa as a flying fanatic there were a few sounds I came to love:

Top of the list for me is the sound of a formation of SAAF harvard's overhead - usually they'd be arriving for an airshow. I presume they called the engines wasps because a formation sounds like a swarm - its a great sound. To hear a single Harvard listen to this from the Fleet Air Arm:


Next the distinctive whine of an Airbus on approach. For a long time SAA only operated Boeings and I had gotten used to aircraft making a roaring noise overhead but when they got the first few Airbus's I could tell without looking up what was flying over. I say not looking up but usually ended up running to the classroom window and looking out. Most afternoons my best friend and I would go out to the airport and literally walk the length and breadth of the perimeter fence waving to the taxiing aircraft. Damn but those were the days.

Personally I have to admit that even these days I continue to run outside or to the nearest window whenever I hear an interesting sounding aircraft overhead. In fact I think I'm going to start a thread for stories about things we've done as youngsters with a love for flying.

10th Nov 2005, 11:50
Deltics (Even at idle their bass notes could make your internal organs swap places. HSTs make a viscious scream at full chat, twice, but they are a poor substitute))
The soft, metallic click when strapping yourself into a glider
The chinking sounds of climbing gear in your harness gear loops
The scraping, screeching sound of crampons over mixed ground (If we get the bad winter we're promised, might just hear that again)

11th Nov 2005, 00:29
I recall seeing Stevensons Rocket neglected and rusting on the platform at Stockton Station in the sixties,although it might have been DarligtonDarlington... and it was "The Locomotion"

Stockton station had an original enclosed carriage displayed on the platform. The station master let me sit in it once, but only in the third class section as I only had a third class ticket.

Memories of the sound of a steamer pulling out of the station under a heavy load. Whistles, doors slamming then slowly at first and gaining speed - Huff, puff, puff, Huff, puff, puff, Huffpufpufpufpuf,,,,, Huff , puff, puff and so on? Mixed with the screech of wheel rims rubbing on the rails, it was both music and magic combined.

11th Nov 2005, 01:15
I miss the sound of singaporegirl posting on JB. :sad:

11th Nov 2005, 06:05
Don't you just hate those noisy blokes acbus1.
They're less trouble afterwards, though. ;)

henry crun
11th Nov 2005, 07:12
A couple of Derwents winding up followed by a Meteor blue note.....ahhh...magic

11th Nov 2005, 08:21
Never had $ex with one bloke called Derwent, let alone two. ;)

11th Nov 2005, 08:43
Justafew mentioned the sound of foghorns at Southampton docks at new year. Those foghorns are now the soundtrack to my new year, but I miss the, less impressive, sound of the foghorns in Sunderland. I've lived in Southampton much longer than I lived in the North, but the sounds of my childhood are my sounds.

I desperately miss the morning sounds from the village where I lived for six years in the West African rainforest. The slow crescendo of the dawn chorus, followed by the sleepy sounds as the villagers woke up and everyone gave the long convoluted morning greeting to everyone else.

We built our own house in the village and the front door had a particularly annoying squeak. When I realised that the temporary assignment that was taking us out of the village for a while was turning permanent, I lay awake playing the squeak from the door in my mental tape recorder and wept. On sleepless nights, I sometimes still hear it. Reminds me of when my kids were young (me, too, come to think of it) and life was challenging, but intenesly rewarding.

11th Nov 2005, 09:04
Sound of a heavy laden steam train trying to get grip when pulling out of a station.

A Morris 1000 de-accelarating using gears - wonderful farty sound.

As mentioned before - Lightning, Vulcan etc.

The vacuum wipers on my old Ford hissing away.

Any proper V8 engine - not these modern namby pamby please don't pollute the environment blocks.

And strangly the sound of a garage bell when you drove onto the forecourt over that rubber thingy.

tony draper
11th Nov 2005, 09:16
The clip clop of the ragmans horse and cart in the back lane and his incomprehensable call,

" henny hole regs eh wullins"!!!

Likewise the fish wifes call (they sold Soused Herrings called "Callaharn" round the streets from a tray slung from the neck,
"Callahaaaaarn!! get yer Callahaaarn"!!!


Romeo Charlie
11th Nov 2005, 23:58


If we are going to talk about Diesel Locos then lets at least use examples of proper locomotives, not some submarine engined rubbish..................;)

How about a Class 50 at full tilt hammering through Sonning Cutting on a West of England Express, or the sound of a Class 37 struggling up County March Summit on the West Highland Line with the early morning Mossend - Fort William Speedlink service?

12th Nov 2005, 12:40
Halyards slapping on masts is a good one. Went to school which was close to a boatyard (now gone) and a boat club.
In later years though when I heard a halyard slapping it was usually followed by 'fix that [email protected] main for christs sake'.

Gunfire and bombs at night, as long as it was reasonably far away.

Pheasants rising, and pheasants going to roost by crashing into the trees.

My dog whinging.

12th Nov 2005, 16:01
One was going to post a link to the audio file recording the startup and taxi of a Spitfire. One which included all the whirls and invigorating coughs...but one could no longer find the www link. :{

Probably has something to do with copyright or summat. So that's just one less sound "of freedom" for everyone else I suppose. Nevertheless, when one feels the urge, one plays the .mp3 file saved on the HD a few years ago... :E :sad:

12th Nov 2005, 16:57
>One was going to post a link to the audio file recording the startup and taxi of a Spitfire. One which included all the whirls and invigorating coughs...but one could no longer find the www link.


12th Nov 2005, 17:00
No "coughs and spits", but it's a start G-CPTN... :ok:

12th Nov 2005, 17:11
The sound of Junior's Staintune pipe. Ahhh

Absolute magic. :ok:

12th Nov 2005, 18:30
New Year Lancashire, middle sixties. At the appointed hour every cotton mill hooter around; there were lots. All the steam engine whistles at Lostock Hall shed large and small high and low. And the deep bass notes from the ships at Preston Docks. All together all now gone.

Crisp night sat on the upstairs window ledge, legs dangling out. Thanks for waking me up Dad.

12th Nov 2005, 20:14
1) The unmitigated growl of a herd of untamed Formula 5000s stampeding along Top Straight at Brands Hatch, towards Paddock Bend (this was before all the silly re-naming of the various bits of the circuit). Sounded like real race cars, they did. Not like all the poncy whining from F1 - and I'll leave it up to you to decide whether I mean the cars or the drivers...

2) A flight of two or three TBM Avenger water bombers low and slow overhead on their way to fight a forest fire - and this was just a few years ago. Sadly all sold to museums now, I believe.

Either would suck the breath right out of yer lungs.

13th Nov 2005, 06:00
Although it has been overdone to a cliche by sound effects people, hearing a Loon in the stillness of the far frozen North is unforgettable.

Solid Rust Twotter
13th Nov 2005, 07:10
Absolute silence...:(

13th Nov 2005, 07:20
>1) The unmitigated growl of a herd of untamed Formula 5000s stampeding along Top Straight at Brands Hatch, towards Paddock Bend (this was before all the silly re-naming of the various bits of the circuit). Sounded like real race cars, they did.

AGREED! I was present at the very first F5000 race at Brands, and stood right up against the fence in the drivers' enclosure at the end of the Top Straight (right at the entrance to Paddock Hill Bend). The arrival of this melee (nobody knew how the other drivers or their cars would behave) is one of (if not THE) most exciting moments of my life. I shared it with my then girlfriend, standing beside me) and it was truly orgasmic! And this is despite being part of the circus that accompanied the likes of Graham Hill, Jackie Stewart and Jim Clark to practice and events, often standing at the edge of the track inside a corner where Jim Clark was repeatedly placing the front wheel within six inches lap after lap after lap . . .

13th Nov 2005, 12:04
Cook Islanders of any Denomination singing in church of a Sunday.

They have the voices of angels and even to an agnostic the beauty of the sound was breathtaking. Brought a tear to the eye, it did.