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Cyclic Hotline
4th Nov 2005, 23:30
I can't believe this!

Red Green says goodbye to Possum Lodge

Last Updated Fri, 04 Nov 2005 16:04:06 EST
CBC Arts

Don your plaid and get out the duct tape! The final Red Green Show will be taped before a live audience in Toronto on Saturday.

The sold-out show marks the end of 15 years of Canadian TV history; it's the last instalment of the final season of the show, which airs Friday nights on CBC TV.

Red Green (Steve Smith, right) and his nephew Harold (Patrick McKenna)
Comedian Steve Smith originally created the Red Green character for a CHCH series out of Hamilton, Ont., Smith and Smith. It starred Smith and his wife, Morag.

The show, about the handyman with the philosophy "If the women don't find you handsome, they should at least find you handy" moved from one network to another before finding a home on CBC.

It attracts about one million viewers a week and is taped at Harbourside studios in Toronto before a live audience where fans often wear plaid shirts and carry a roll of duct tape to fit in with the Possum Lodge atmosphere. A fan club boasts about 100,000 members.

The show created a host of memorable characters, including his straight-man nephew Harold, played by Patrick McKenna, and the light-fingered Mike Hamar, played by Wayne Robson.

Red Green's greatest legacies may be the thousands of uses he has found for duct tape, and the Possum Lodge Man's Prayer: "I'm a man...But I can change...If I have to...I guess."

Smith says that after 300 episodes and 9,500 pages of script, he's not going to miss being Red Green.

"I won't miss him, not even slightly," he said in an interview with the Hamilton Spectator. "It's been so great, honestly. It's all positive memories for me, and if I felt sad, it would be kind of like I'm greedy, that I wanted more of that. I don't think there is more. I don't think there could be more and I sure don't need more or expect more."

Smith, a resident of Hamilton, plans to continue writing and running S&S Productions, which produced the Red Green Show.

He is a script consultant on the upcoming CTV comedy Jeff, Ltd. and plans to get more involved in the S&S animated program, Sons of Butcher for the Comedy Network.

Smith revealed that the final episode will give fans a video glimpse into what the future holds for the characters who hung around Possum Lodge with Red.

"It will be a kind of where-are-they-now thing where we fast forward 10 years ahead," Smith says. "I really want the fans to feel satisfied and know what happened to the characters and that everybody's OK and the lodge still exists somewhere. It's just not on TV anymore."

The final show will air in March.

5th Nov 2005, 00:57
Oh No! Where's the duct tape for the tear ducts... :{

5th Nov 2005, 01:52
Shane....errrr...Red, come back Red. :{

5th Nov 2005, 02:56
Video proof that Canadians have 96% of the DNA of Alabamians....

Cyclic Hotline
5th Nov 2005, 16:11
Huck, that is the property of The Trailer Park Boys (http://www.trailerparkboys.com/main.html), one of the funniest shows that I have ever watched. Might be a bit hard to find it on TV in your neck of the woods, but maybe on Satellite?

5th Nov 2005, 20:33
i remember watching the red green show off and on on one of the small local tv stations here many years ago

5th Nov 2005, 22:04
First Bob and Doug, now this.....what a shame.

Actually, I thought the answer to the question in the title was Kermit in a blender, but that's just frozen head humor, eh?

5th Nov 2005, 22:17
Silly question at this time of year!...the answer is Christmas!:ugh:

Cyclic Hotline
5th Nov 2005, 22:22
I was watching last night and heard perhaps the most perfect excuse ever - and it can be used for anything, indefinitely.

When you have aggravated your wife/partner/significant other/whatever, just tell them that whatever you did it was because you're stupid.

What woman could argue with that!;)

Sound advice there!

An example of a Red Green monologue for those who have never seen this show.

Why Mature Men Don\'t Ask for Directions When We\'re Lost

Okay it all comes down to pride. We\'re out there driving around in our own vehicle, burning gas, wearing sunglasses, looking good. People who see us driving by would never guess that we have no idea where we are. And we don\'t want to tell them. Men don\'t enjoy the concept of going up to total strangers and saying "You may not know this but I\'m a moron." In contrast the woman we\'re traveling with is often very anxious to share this knowledge with the world. It somehow eases her burden. To women, getting lost on a trip is a blameless act of nature - to men it\'s a personal failure. He knew where he was when he left home - he doesn\'t know where he is now. Somewhere along the line he crossed the line from the world he knows into the world he doesn\'t know. To a man this is how he felt when he got married or had kids. If he admits he\'s lost in the car, he\'ll have to admit that he\'s lost everywhere and that\'s way too much to ask. So just bite your tongue and circle the block a few more times. Men aren\'t lost, they just go the long way.