View Full Version : I think I've just found the world's ugliest car

4th Nov 2005, 18:31
...and it's called the Ssangyong Rodius. Go on, Google it and see what I mean. But be warned it is pure vile filth.

I never thought I'd find a car that made a Multipla look good.

1) Who designs this stuff?
2) Who buys such grot
3) I truly am open to suggestions as to something worse!

Perhaps one of you genius people can post a piccie of said car-wreck.

4th Nov 2005, 18:37
The front looks like most other ugly cars around ........ but the back...........:yuk: :yuk:

(I hate the Multipla too!)

4th Nov 2005, 18:37
Least you could do is post pics.......



Standard Noise
4th Nov 2005, 18:38
Flippin'eck, who ate all the pies!?

4th Nov 2005, 18:39
Nice one Uno Mundo :ok:

4th Nov 2005, 18:39

Evening Star
4th Nov 2005, 18:39
Support for your opinion from PistonHeads (http://www.pistonheads.com/news/default.asp?storyId=12107).

If Martin Clunes were a car this is how it would look

Have yet to see one on the road ... think I would rather not do so.

Please somebody, who buys this abomination?:yuk:

4th Nov 2005, 18:40
This car could still pull it off tho, however, that fekkin Multipla is the nastiest looking vehicle, i have ever seen, well except for what it would look like after ive "modified" the piece of crap.:cool:

4th Nov 2005, 18:44
Rodius? Odious!

4th Nov 2005, 18:46
What I particularly like is the way they are so embarrassed that they've even mutilated the image on their own web page to hide the ugliness:

Gotta love the web address too: http://www.syukcars.co.uk

syukcars ? Well, they got it almost right !

4th Nov 2005, 18:47
- I feckin' knew it, it rang a bell and I googled it: "It would be easy to describe the SsangYong Rodius as hideous and indeed some people have. In defence of the Rodius' designer Ken Greenley, former head of the automotive design course at the Royal College of Art in London it is difficult to design an MPV which can accommodate nine people as the Rodius does in other markets."

There's a 4WD Ssanyong Rexton on sale here at the minute which is vaguely less puke-inducing than the Rodius, but it has to win the prize for the worst hubcap design of all time. Bar none.

Those Korean's taste is all in their ar*e, hey?

4th Nov 2005, 18:49
Now that red mobile.....hehe, shaggin waggin if i ever did see one, no one pimped that ride, it IS the pimps ride

4th Nov 2005, 18:55
> shaggin waggin if i ever did see one,

Ever TRIED it in a Lotus Seven?
Mate called their sprog Morgan, long before such namings were popular with Becks.

4th Nov 2005, 19:02

4th Nov 2005, 19:02
In a thread like this it is compulsary to mention the Pontiac Aztek:


:yuk: :yuk: :yuk: :yuk: :yuk: :yuk: :yuk: :yuk:
who the hell? and WHY?!??!?

4th Nov 2005, 19:03
1 word......bloody yanks

Spotting Bad Guys
4th Nov 2005, 19:05
No, this one is worse.....



4th Nov 2005, 19:10
Was that necessary SBG???:yuk: :yuk: :yuk: :yuk: :{

4th Nov 2005, 19:12
>the Pontiac Aztek

I recognize those cars (several). How did they get them to fit together like that?

4th Nov 2005, 19:14
No way Pedro - the Rodius beats it hands down. At least the Multipla is unoffensive from the back - it just looks like a van. Just check out the hind quarters of the SsangYong!

Mind you, the Aztec's giving some real competition. I drove some other putrid looking Yank Tank last year as well. A Pontiac Grand Prix, I think it was called. Horrid thing.

4th Nov 2005, 19:16
Until the Fiat Multipla graced itself on our roads, I always thought THIS was the ugliest car!




4th Nov 2005, 19:18

Lon More
4th Nov 2005, 20:11
The Chinese rip-off of the old Vauxhall Frontera - slammed by the ADAC as the world's most dangerous car - would have run it a close second until a revised version was introduced;


4th Nov 2005, 20:21
G-CPTN. Can I have that Plymouth Roadrunner in the background please beep beep.

And whats that noddy car that was all the rage in California last year.

Funny, I managed to find a link by typing honda box into google!

4th Nov 2005, 20:40
You people are being unfair to the Pontiac Aztec. While the front is bad, I think the rear puts it ahead (behind?) most of the others mentioned here.


4th Nov 2005, 20:44
If Daewoo were buying obsolete designs, brushing them up and marketing the result then SsasongYong must be buying up bits of obsolete desings, pasting them together and marketing the result. :yuk:

Is the designers name Frankenstein?

4th Nov 2005, 20:47
Is it that it's just over designed, I wonder?

4th Nov 2005, 20:52
What about the mirth mobile?


4th Nov 2005, 20:56
Is that a Pacer? Doesn't it have a rear window that wraps around on one side (obviously the side facing the camera) but not on the other?

Noah Zark.
4th Nov 2005, 20:57
I sometimes picture the managerial meeting where all the vacuum skulls sit, trying to impress each other (in the style of The King's New Clothes) with their opinion on the latest avante-garde pile of $hit, until someone jumps up and exclaims "It's a masterpiece! Make it! Make it!".
What a pretentious shower of plonkers. It would serve them right if one of their hideous designs took their company down, instead of having the backbone to state the obvious.

4th Nov 2005, 21:17
An old Lada or Skoda does it for me


4th Nov 2005, 21:31
Oh dear...



4th Nov 2005, 21:48
Whirls, or anyone who knows for that matter, what is that thing? It's ugly for sure, but I can't help thinking it's verging having an element of retro charm in some way too.
Maybe i just need my taste testing though. :rolleyes:

4th Nov 2005, 21:53
I believe that's a Renault Dauphine - early 60s. There was a hopped up model - Gordini? - that was a popular racer.

4th Nov 2005, 21:57

It's a Renault 8 and when I was a little Whirlygig, a friend's parents had one and I was embarrassed to be seen in it!

Maybe it does have some retro kitsch and maybe one day we'll think the same of the Multipla!



Kaptin M
4th Nov 2005, 21:58
This "box on wheels" goes by the name of Cube (by Nissan), and that describes it aptly.


and the rrr's end is worse..


4th Nov 2005, 21:58
I believe that's a Renault DaupineIt's a Renault indeed, but it's an R8 (the Dauphine's successor)

This is a Dauphine :

There was a hopped up model - Gordini? - that was a popular racer. Quite right :


4th Nov 2005, 22:03
Sorry for thread hijack, But I had to post piccies of the most gorgeous car you will ever lay your eyes on....

The Aston Martin DBR9....


4th Nov 2005, 22:05
The Ho Chi Ox-Ford


4th Nov 2005, 22:07
The Pacer was symmetric - rear window wrapped around on both sides.

4th Nov 2005, 22:09
The Renault R5 is the only car I know that wasn't symmetric - wheelbase wasn't the same on the two sides, IIRCYRC, same for the R4, R6 and R16

4th Nov 2005, 22:13
The Aston-Martin is indeed a fine car (just ask Jeremy Clarkson) but you try getting that thing over a speed bump (sleeping policeman) or up a ferry ramp.

4th Nov 2005, 22:14
1970 Plymouth Superbird. It's so ugly and I wannit.....


4th Nov 2005, 22:34
Ah yes. Thanks Whirls. That'd be a '66 Renault 8 then. Spotted the badge and no. plate now. ;)

Bre, am I losing the plot here. Who were you quoting? The post's gone right? Anyway, are you sure the asymmetric wheelbase thing wasn't just the result of Renualts build quality during that era? :hmm:

4th Nov 2005, 22:34
Capt.KAOS --

I used to own a 1970 Road Runner (426 hemi, not the 440 "six pack"). Sweet car. I could never get excited about the looks of the Super Bird though. You were right to include it in this thread...

4th Nov 2005, 22:43
SyllogismCheck Who were you quoting? The post's gone right? I was quoting Mr Seacue who apparently edited his post in the meantime. Anyway, are you sure the asymmetric wheelbase thing wasn't just the result of Renualts build quality during that era?Yes I am, I had a couple of R4s and the asymmetry was quite reproducible, which was not the case for other features like windshield watertightness for instance :ugh: :ugh:

4th Nov 2005, 22:51
Any idea what the the purpose was? I can think of one to do with enhanced ride due to decreased pitching over transverse bumps, but I'm sure you'd need a big difference, which I'm sure wasn't present, to make it work to a worthwhile degree. :confused:

What about which ever one it was (I'm barely old enough to remember) that had the 'umbrella' handbrake that stuck out of the dash which tended to just keep on coming, all the way out. :oh:

4th Nov 2005, 22:54
Back on target again,
some guy tried to improve the SsangYong-Rodius

check this out :


4th Nov 2005, 23:02
SC Any idea what the the purpose was?
It allowed to place the rear torsion bars transversally, side by side
R16 torsion bars :

4th Nov 2005, 23:06
Some cars are just designed to be driven by the clinically depressed or those with serious personality disorders !

4th Nov 2005, 23:15
Thanks for that, and there you go, you really do learn something new every day.

Sensible enough in some ways but utterly mad in others. I like it.
I think I'd have adjusted the trailing arm length on one side by the difference between their roots and altered one of the torsion bar rates to allow for the different leverage though. Moving the wheel back a few inches and and calling it a job done just seems so, erm, fantastically French maybe.
I can almost imagine the design team scribling on their drawing boards one Friday afternoon when suddenly one pipes up, " Ah ha! C'est bon?" and summoning the others who gather round, look and respond "Oui, c'est bon." and them all heading off to the bar. :ok:

Onan the Clumsy
4th Nov 2005, 23:26
but if differeent length arms twisted through the same angle they would rise by different amounts.

4th Nov 2005, 23:32
I'm a bit drunk so can't be certain I'm not missing something here, but you're kidding right Onan?

The bumps are moving the suspension.... which is independent. No problem. Right? :confused:

Ok, the arc would be different leading to uneven wheelbase change for a given symmetrical travel... but fractional. ;)

BTW Onan, thanks for that. I just spent a few minutes turning my laptop screen round and round looking at Bre's picture to try and spot my mistake. :=
Just the one more drink for me I think.

5th Nov 2005, 00:02
Yes, twas I.

M. Bre was really quick in catching the bit about R5 asymmetry which I removed after seeing the Nissan Cube photo.


5th Nov 2005, 00:20
I think I know what Onan's getting at - different radii, same centres of rotation means different arcs of rotation. I suspect that the centres were offset allowing the same length radii.

Anyway, as a Renault R4 owner, I can say that there is a more subtle problem with these cars. The gearbox/diff is mounted longitudinally at the front of the longitutudinally mounted engine and, lacking any intermediate bearing on the longer one, the driveshafts are of unequal lengths. The driveshafts form the upper link of the front suspension, so any relative movement up or down between the body and the wheels gives the two front wheels different cambers. In other words, huge torque steer (well, huge for 810cc's of raw power). Even without the refinement of torque steering, the car handles like an oversailed yacht in a gale thanks to the incredible body roll allowed by the torsion bar suspension.

This isn 't really the dreaded thread creep - some people think these little cars are ugly.


5th Nov 2005, 13:06
Perhaps the R5's geometry was thus so that the torsion bars were interchangable. That way Jean-Pierre couldn't install a wrong one after a long liquid lunch.

5th Nov 2005, 13:17
The R4 and R5 torsion bars (for the rear suspension) are transverse - and full-width, therefore they either had to mounted above and below or side-by-side. The latter was chosen, so the wheelbase difference 'followed'. I suppose they could have offset the front wheels by the same amount, but the R4 wasn't that sort of car.
Ugly? Well not pretty, but FUNCTIONAL.
We had TWO (not at the same time). Brilliant concept (and execution). YEARS ahead of the MPV competition. I could go on (and on). The R5 spoiled the concept with STYLING. In these days of 'global warming' the R4 would be a worthwhile vehicle (apart from the appalling handling in cross-winds and dreadful demisting in wet weather, and . . .

>I had a couple of R4s and the asymmetry was quite reproducible, which was not the case for other features like windshield watertightness for instance

I borrowed the official Renault Workshop Manual, and under Bodywork there were hundreds (well at least tens) of water-leaks listed, together with solutions as to WHERE the water was getting in and how to resolve it. I suppose years of production had resulted in a mass of evidential experience.

5th Nov 2005, 13:24
A contender must be the Toyota Scion...


But the winner must surely be the Honda Fuya-Jo, but thankfully this is still only a "concept car" so may not be eligible...


5th Nov 2005, 13:27
>A contender must be the Toyota Scion...

Ah! a revamped Renault 4. :ok:

6th Nov 2005, 00:03
I visited a friend in Spain about 5 years ago. His car was an R4 in perfect condition. Spotless.

The R4 strikes me as "honest", while this new generation of box-like cars look like they're trying hard to be ugly.

6th Nov 2005, 00:19
this new generation of box-like cars look like they're trying hard to be ugly There's no trying needed !!
They have succeeded !

6th Nov 2005, 09:51
We Aussies discovered the world's ugliest car back in the 1970s. We actually built it. It was the Leyland P76...a sort of mobile axe-head on four wheels. A crock. A bletcherous kludge of an automobile. A tribute to Leyland stubbornness over intuition. A triumph of salesmanship over form and function.

The Leyland P76 is not only the ugliest car ever designed, it is also the most dysfunctional. Next to a P76, even a Trabant has style!

Sorry, I don't have a piccy...you'e not missing anything though! :)

henry crun
6th Nov 2005, 10:10
criticalmass: There is one parked on a vacant lot a few doors from me.
It has been there a long time and the long grass is gradually obscuring it.

Hopefully it will not be too long before it is hidden from view.

6th Nov 2005, 10:40
How many stories is that Honda in stagger's pic?

criticalmass: a bletcherous kludge of an automobile? :D One of the best phrases I've ever read on Pprune! Is it copyrighted? :ok:

The much maligned P76 with the 3.5 V8 is destined to live with the Edsel in the annals of automotive infamy, but it really wasn't that bad. Sure it was ugliness personified, but by the standards of the time (remember we're talking HQ Holden here) it was quiet, smooth, refined and handled far better than its opposition; not that that was saying much.

And no, I never owned one. Now the Chrysler Centura; there was a REAL woofer! It had fleas in a big way! And no, I didn't own one of them either!

6th Nov 2005, 10:44

6th Nov 2005, 11:20
Just to return to a previous post, the AMC Pacer was assymetric in that it had differently sized doors left and right, therefore different rear side windows, but not an assymetric rear window.
I seem to remember that the reason given was because it made the rear more accesible from the pavement (sidewalk) side of this two-door car, which had the larger door, when Mom was taking the brats to school! Or something like that. Not too stupid really but it was ugly.

Flap Sup
6th Nov 2005, 12:03

The blue truck in your picture is the cab of a GAZ 66. Mind you, the donkey is probably more powerful than the engine it replaced - a 4.0 litre V8 Gasoline engine with 75hp, lowcompressed, able to run on octane 76!!

Top speed for the GAZ66 (with engine, not donkey) is approx 60 km/h - in no wind conditions.


6th Nov 2005, 12:04
Good grief, G-CPTN, I'd forgotten just how ugly it really was! :yuk:

Lon More
6th Nov 2005, 12:09
The P76 coupe wouldn't have been too bad. It didn't share many panels with the saloon.Never made it though.

Honda Fuya-Jo, but thankfully this is still only a "concept car"
Proof that drugs are bad for you. And that Volvo designers are on them too

6th Nov 2005, 12:15
Looks positively Jensen Interceptor-ish compared to the four door. :uhoh:

6th Nov 2005, 12:16
Clearly my standards are awfully low, but your P76 looks more pedestrian, ordinary than outright ugly. Looks rather close to a copy of some US Plymouths of the day.

How come that's the worst-looking car Australia could produce when you had geniuses who could design the Transavia PL-12?


Oops, thread drift????

6th Nov 2005, 12:29
Aww, come on, Seacue, the Airtruk is cute!!

Lon More
6th Nov 2005, 12:32
How come nobody's nominated the DeLorean yet? An ugly Lotus Esprit made out of stainless steel

The ultimate chav-mobile - The Renault ARGOS


6th Nov 2005, 17:35
We had a DeLorean running around Ikeja, Nigeria (a suburb of Lagos) for a while. It was ugly to start with and then afterwards it had accumulated lots and lots of greasy hand-prints so that it looked not just revolting but insanitary. If you were to be run into by it I think you would have been more at risk from infection than blunt-force trauma.

It finally disappeared, thank God. I suppose it has been transformed into large cooking surfaces for 'suya' by now.

6th Nov 2005, 18:22
That Honda is Over-The-Top Ugly. I think their should be leather straps hanging down from the roofline for the standing passengers to have something to hold...


7th Nov 2005, 08:03
Transavia's Airtruk was an attempt to produce a pure stealth agricultural aircraft by using all stock standard (and reliable) parts available from known and reputable suppliers to keep costs down - exactly the same as the Have Blue stealth prototype built later by the Skunk Works.

However, in the case of the Have Blue prototype, a useful aircraft emerged in the form of the F117. In the case of the Airtruk, some practical joker decided the prototype would be the production version, and no concession was made to aerodynamics, appearance or functionality, as the second photograph on Seacue's post shows.

I once saw one actually in the air, dropping superphosphate on some unsuspecting paddocks. It didn't look any better airborne than it does sitting on the ground. They are not a very collectible aircraft, and unlikely ever to become so, destined to live out their last days dropping fertiliser or herbicide on paddocks until they rot away from corrosion or get scrapped anyway for being uglier than a forty-five year-old newsreader on TV after she's had a fight with the lighting technician!

Getting back on-thread, the P76 was actually sold to the public before it was even made. Punters could commit to purchasing one by sending a deposit to the maker and one would be reserved on the production line - a vain attempt to create some sort of interest in the beast. No car manufacturer in this country has tried that little ploy since - one bad example was enough.

Stylishly, the P76 was aweful. The aluminium 3.5L V8 was a gem, but the remainder of the car was pretty ordinary. However, most of the other Australian vehicles of the era were also pretty ordinary, so it was in good(?) company.

Binos, my phrase isn't copyrighted and you are free to use it as often as you like. If I don't make it to the Bribash next month, have a beer for me mate!

7th Nov 2005, 08:28
Sorry but you Aussies appear to me to be playing in a different league to the Koreans and Japanese! The P76 is no competiton to the Rodius or the Honda Standing Room Only....

7th Nov 2005, 10:56
my mother had one of those Renault R8's (or maybe a R10) which looked very similar. Interesting feature was the push button automatic gearbox rather than a stick. Always breaking down it was though.

7th Nov 2005, 11:00
But you could get a 44 Gallon Drum into the boot of a P-76, what else could you want? :}

I saw one still kicking about 5 years back whilst driving home from work, looked at my mum next to me and said, "Is that what they look like?"

Please bear in mind that the P-76 was released 3 years before I was born...

7th Nov 2005, 14:28
Get your name down now....


Tx but I will continue using those " Black and White's " as we call them standing in the background.

Everytime I use one - I ceheck the milliage.

I have not driven in one with less than 200K's on the clock.

My last "B & W" taxi was one on Sat morning 0515 to the airport - a record 515 000 km !!!

Yes and they are all Korean " keep in a cool place" :ok:

7th Nov 2005, 14:48
If memory serves me correctly they did in fact make half a dozen or so P76 coupes (Force 7). I seem to remember them getting auctioned off many years ago. Probly worth a f%$^&^& fortune now.

7th Nov 2005, 15:56

Don't laugh - this is what the missus is honking 'round in at the moment. Not the most discreet motor in the world - and certainly not suitable for nose-picking drivers - but it does seem to raise a smile

7th Nov 2005, 17:34
OK...so there were 8 .. it was a while ago.
I wonder where they all are now.


7th Nov 2005, 22:58

Don't laugh - this is what the missus is honking 'round in at the moment. Not the most discreet motor in the world - and certainly not suitable for nose-picking drivers - but it does seem to raise a smile

Surely some great advertising - especially during summer with the hood down.

She should drive with a wedding vail (? spelling?) on :E

7th Nov 2005, 23:08
What's all the fuss about ugly cars? just wander down to your local Nissan dealership & have a look at some of their offerings... Primera? Micra/March?

This should be good... somebody's bound to be a fan.

9th Nov 2005, 02:01


9th Nov 2005, 05:41
In my friendship ring I do not know anybody that likes an American car except the Mustang's of course / Corvette and oneor two other.

The only car that some drive is a PT Cruizer.

I say it is number 4 on the British hate list :p:p:p

I have a friend that is on his third one and she swears by them.

Any idea why you oke's are su cruel to retro ? :E

Solid Rust Twotter
9th Nov 2005, 06:09
PT Cruiser?

Pimpmobile. Wouldn't be seen dead in one, and this from someone who drives a 27 year old bakkie with dogs hanging out the back and a stick of biltong hanging from the mirror.

Those things are evidence of the triumph of ego over taste.:yuk:

9th Nov 2005, 06:27
'ware, tin! One recalls a certain dragon-type mod as being a Skoda owner.

If not, ma'am, I apologize for the insult! Don't ban me please! :{

that said, the Skoda Octavia recorded the largest %age increase in sales amongst all classes of cars in the Indian market, 900 sold this yr v/s 600 at the same time last yr

9th Nov 2005, 06:42
Old Rusted one .. PT Cruiser?

Pimpmobile. Wouldn't be seen dead in one, and this from someone who drives a 27 year old bakkie with dogs hanging out the back and a stick of biltong hanging from the mirror.

Those things are evidence of the triumph of ego over taste

I am sure you read the UK Car magazine :E

Like the Beetle, cool for 5 minutes. Now just emabarrassing

Uhmm yes that is the correct spelling :D:D:D

UK Car Mag -Dec 05 Page 173

9th Nov 2005, 06:43
900 sold in India?
Is that a day ?:confused:

surely not
9th Nov 2005, 08:48
The Honda skyscraper a couple of pages back struck me as looking similar to how I would imagine an updated Dalek from Dr Who to look.

I always thought the Ford Scorpio to have one of the ugliest rear ends of any car. Quite why they thought an executive might want to be seen in one is beyond me.

Bizarrely having disliked it intensely at first, I now like the Renault Megane with its big booty, but I think this might be down to the clever ad with the music 'I see you baby, shaking that ass'.

9th Nov 2005, 10:05
tin - out here the Octavia is a high end car. Any car with an engine above 1.6L is considered high-end. And 900 cars of Rs. 1 million each isnt bad. Only the advent of the Corolla hurt the Skoda. Now waiting for the civic. The highest selling cars here are the Maruti/Suzuki Alto & 800, Hyundai Santro and such.

The 800 has a (well...) 800 cc engine that produces an awe-inspiring 37 bhp...

Lon More
9th Nov 2005, 14:33

9th Nov 2005, 14:49
>PT Cruiser?

It was fun - for a few days. Never driven (or even sat in) one. I presume underneath it's legacy engineering? Not necessarily a bad thing. Montegos were useful hacks (apart from the appalling unreliability of the engine electronics unit). The diesel versions were CHEAP to run (several reps made fortunes from their cost-per-mile allowances). The Montego Estate was capacious too. I see the PT Cruiser as an American version of the same concept. I think the first (recently) was the Neon.
Discuss . . .

Onan the Clumsy
16th Dec 2005, 00:55
Car looks ok, but that registration plate is SiCK

16th Dec 2005, 01:05
I prefer the 'silver' version (probably called Champagne . . . )

16th Dec 2005, 07:29
Giorgetto Giugiaro used up his entire supply of vowels just writing his name so that he found himself left speechless .... No!

He came up with that sort of 'wedge of cheddar' shape that everyone has to imitate now on all sorts of not-very-high-performance cars. This has led to the side windows of cars shrinking to the point that one cannot actually see anything out of them, especially to the rear quarters.

I have a Passat Combi (station wagon, estate car, whatever) of the previous shape. It has definite wedge tendencies but not to an extreme degree, so that the windows are still reasonably sized. I just checked out the new shape and, sure enough, it suffers from Shrinking Side Window Syndrome. V. sexy-looking, if you think high-speed stability is a big styling plus for something usually used to schlepp stuff around town, even though that leaves you at serious risk of running over bicyclists coming up on the blind side in traffic.

One of these days the stylists will amaze us with a new look. That will feature big side windows set low enough to see out of. Meanwhile, we are stuck with this fashion trend of an upward-swept towards the rear window line on practically everything. I am waiting for the first case from the States (of course) of some hapless consumer running over someone or something and suing the manufacturer for building and selling a vehicle without adequate fields of vision. If aircraft have to meet certain standards for this, why not cars?

16th Dec 2005, 08:37
Renault Vel Satis
Leyland Land Crab 1800
Dodge Ram

Send Clowns
16th Dec 2005, 11:57
Excellent to see Mercs where they belong - on a thread about ugly cars :} Have the Germans sold all their designers who can actually see into slavery at Audi? Mercs :yuk:

16th Dec 2005, 16:44
The original Hummer was fugly enough, but had a sort of brutalist class. The new slightly smaller ones are a crime against taste, probably because they are GM's "medium" sized SUV standard platform made up to look macho rather than anything to do with the original.

Flip Flop Flyer
16th Dec 2005, 17:01
Taste is, obviously, debateable. But I would hardly call this one ugly ..


Nor this one ..


And I actually think that this one is not bad looking either ..


Now, for a really fugly ucker, how about this one for size:


16th Dec 2005, 19:08
When I was a spotty yoof, and ga-ga about cars, I used to try, sometimes, to get my mother to notice, say, a Ferrari (we lived in a wealthy town in southern Connecticut, not that we were wealthy). Then she would either say, 'Oh, yes, I like the colour,' or else, 'I don't like the colour.'

'But, Mother, that's a Ferrari 365GTB!'

'Yes, well, I don't like that shade of red.'

Now, those pictures above are not bad. That sedan in silver is really nice. That must be the new Hyundai?

Send Clowns
17th Dec 2005, 00:06
Flip Flop - one of our students has one of the second (SL?). He had to take a lot of stick from his class about his taste. It is one of the ugliest monstrosities on the road! It hasn't even the redeeming feature of character, as do some other admittedly rather over-agressively designed sports cars. The Mercedes is simply ugly, brutish and garish.

The SLK is fairly unattractive, with the usual in-yer-face, 'av-it, tasteless Merc front which has no class at all just shouts "look at me, I have MONEY - who needs taste or independent thought, I've got enough MONEY to buy a Merc" not improved by the attempt at cute further back - just means it looks misbegotten, like two halves of different cars.

The third one still has a Merc front, and the dullness of the rest doesn't make up for it.

Don't get me wrong I have nothing against ugly cars, I have owned a few. However I have always paid very little for them. If someone expects to charge north of 20 grand for a car, then they should damned well make it look nice.

Oh, and has anyone told BMW that fins look naff yet?

17th Dec 2005, 02:25

How about this for a beaut ??

17th Dec 2005, 11:11
Well, that's just about the whole Merc' range written off as horrendously styled then.
Surely even those determined not to like any of them have to concede that the CLS is a good looking saloon car though?


17th Dec 2005, 11:18
Flip Flop, I am with you on this one. I have a C-class sitting on my driveway at the moment and I think it looks absolutely right, especially in the near-mandatory silver metallic paint.

It's BMW that has had a visit from the ugly fairy, surely?

17th Dec 2005, 11:31
Hey FLCH - Is that you new captains company car ?

17th Dec 2005, 11:32
Seats recline to make a full double bed.

Send Clowns
17th Dec 2005, 13:07

That just looks like a pile of something oozing!


The C class is the only one I have actually driven. Admittedly it was only a C200, and admittedly it was not actually ugly, but neither is it espeially pretty and it does still have the Merc "in-yer-face" front aspect and it was seriously underwhelming to drive. Possibly because it was automatic, but I was glad to get back into my own Rover diesel, as it was much more responsive and seemed to handle better (not claiming it was pretty mind, but it cost me very little to buy. If I pay Merc prices I expect a car to look like it has some class).

However can really agree with you on the BMW. The current fins are only the garish pink icing on the tragically-shaped cake, although to go a bit older the wedge-shaped 850 was seriously hideous.

17th Dec 2005, 13:31
Like I say, if you're determined not to like them.

I think it vaguely resembles a MkII Jag in its proportions and lines...


... which was also a nicely styled in my opinion, as was the E-Type, but perhaps you don't like the look of those either. :hmm:

In fact, what do you consider a well styled car? :confused:

17th Dec 2005, 13:50
That new Merc, pictured above ... I assume that the rear-seat passengers must amuse themselves with DVD screens built into the front seat headrests; they sure cannot see much out of those tiny windows! And what do they use for headroom?

Has Queen Elizabeth II soomehow reinstated the stamp tax on window glass for the EU? We fought a Revolutionary War over that, you know ....

I think we are living in difficult times for stylists. They are expected to tease the spondulicks out of the punters' pockets with overdone motifs that are expected to lend character to what, at the end of the day, are mostly just four-wheeled boxes. True cutting-edge styling today is found in such objects as mobile phones, toasters and sex toys, hmm?

Who buys sex toys with cutting-edge styling is another question, of course. Probably the same people who buy cars with side windows too small to see out of. As P.T. Barnum said, 'There's a sucker born every minute!'

Send Clowns
17th Dec 2005, 13:57
Only very vaguaely, SC! The proportions are all wrong on the Merc, almost perfect on the Jag. Like the current (ugly) Bentley "resembles" classic Bentleys. And I was actually never very fond of the lines of the E-Type; the roadster is quite nice, but never really liked the look of the coupe. I was always more an AC fan, if you're looking at classics.

17th Dec 2005, 14:35
Each to their own I guess.

The Guv'nor bought one though and I've not yet noticed an angle from which it looks awkward or out of proportion.

As for the rear windows, they're not as slitty as they look. Bear in mind it's a big car so they appear small by proportion. They're as big as many smaller cars have in the rear doors. Aside from which, when you're sat inside, your eyes are only so many inches from them, so they only need to be as big as the field of your vision from there. Remember also that the CLK is really intended to be a coupe but with the added practicallity of four doors for those who want the best of both worlds, so some compromise is likely to be accepted by those buying one (otherwise they'd be buying an S class). More a case of the roof line being low as much as the bottom of the window line being high. Headroom's ok in the back too, and I'm a shade over 6 foot. You get down into the car, again as you expect to in a coupe.

Of course, it's best appreciated from the drivers seat where you get to play with the 500 odd lb/ft of torque yourself. Doing so with abandon tends to keep those in the rear looking at what you're up to rather than contemplating whether their view of the scenery is compromised by the shape of the side windows anyway.... especially when it's their lots of £££'s car! :E

Send Clowns
17th Dec 2005, 14:42
You can see from that photo the windows are too low for the depth of the door panels. The boot looks awkward from that angle, probably because the sides taper in. The front (apart from being a Merc, as previously discribed) also looks like it's spreading out from a pile of something, hence my comment about oozing.

17th Dec 2005, 14:47
I'm not going to try and convince you, appreciation of looks is afterall very personal.

Take time to look at one in the metal when you see one though, or search 'CLS' on google images for some different angles, and you may see that it's actually quite a tidy job.

17th Dec 2005, 14:52
Who said modern cars have small windows?:-

Flip Flop Flyer
17th Dec 2005, 15:04
I think we've established that you don't quite fance MB products ;) Fair enough, taste is very individual and very difficult to quantify.

Unless, of course, we're talking Danish Design:



17th Dec 2005, 15:30
Well SC, you drive your Rover diesel, and I will drive my C200 Kompressor Avantgarde SE, and I shall try not to envy you too much.

17th Dec 2005, 16:51
But I don't have and don't want a Rover diesel! Must I drive one? Ever? Even once? :{


Send Clowns
17th Dec 2005, 18:16
Actually, to my dismay I don't drive a diesel Rover any more. Both of those I had were fantastically practical cars, and cheap to buy and run, great drive and very comfortable on the long journeys I used regularly to make. The replacement is inferior in every way except power, space and purchase price (the deciding factor, as I am impoverished), but what do you expect from the French?

I don't envy anyone their car. Had I decided I could cope with a dull job I could have bought a really nice car, even a second-hand DB7. However I have had jobs I love, where I want to be at work, and am about to move into one I look forward to doing (in fact I would rather be at work than, as currently, just waiting). Compared to that, no, I don't envy anyone his car, even a man driving a genuine AC Cobra or a brand-new Aston. How can any car compare to a PA28, let alone the other aircraft I have flown and will fly?

17th Dec 2005, 18:30
Going back to the origins of this thread

I think I've just found the world's ugliest car
...and it's called the Ssangyong Rodius.

I actually saw one at the airport yesterday morning. That proved two things to me:
1) It really does look that bad, even in the flesh

2) Some people really do have no taste - somewhat substantiated by some of the other posts in this thread!

17th Dec 2005, 20:49
I will drive my C200 Kompressor Avantgarde SE Wow! What a fantastic name! I want one.

Who makes it?

Send Clowns
17th Dec 2005, 21:11
Hey - is that the "coupe", U_R, the one that looks like a fat Vauxhall Tigra? I assumed you meant the saloon, which as I say isn't actually ugly, but I seem to remember they called one of the "coupe"s a C200 as well.

17th Dec 2005, 22:02
No, it's a saloon and looks just like the one in the picture above.

17th Dec 2005, 22:16
Thread drift perhaps, but one of our customers rolled up in one of these the other day....


Must start charging him more.....

18th Dec 2005, 10:07
Nice publicity photo there ... you can see what Daimler Chrysler are striving for with that background. Some sort of 'Lord of the Rings' flying monstrosity that will frighten lesser vehicles off the 'Autobahn' just like that!

Why don't they just make that three-pointed star about one metre in diameter and have done with it? And how about a special edition with Burberry plaid upholstery. Oh, sorry, M-B did traditionally use plaid in their competition cars, didn't they. Sort of proto-chavs, they were.

18th Dec 2005, 17:24
Speaking to a GM Truck Salesman 30 years ago, his nemesis when trying to sell into Africa and other overseas territories was "that damn three-pointed star coming towards you!"

Gingerbread Man
18th Dec 2005, 23:14
The new civics aren't that new, there should be plenty of pics. I was looking forward to driving one, but sadly the member of my family who works for Honda is changing to the dark side (Mercedes :yuk: ). Seems I may be sampling the delights of driving around in something that was built with the badge in mind rather than the driver. Farewell trusty H - i'll miss you :{ .

Ginger :rolleyes:

18th Dec 2005, 23:28
Did anyone else read Clarksons bit on the Civic in today's Sunday Times? Summed it up perfectly I thought. ;)

18th Dec 2005, 23:50
I think I may have a winner - the Alfa Romeo Arna.

This was a collaboration by Alfa and Nissan. Great, you think. Italian design with Japanese build quality..............................but no. They got Japanese design, with Italian build quality and electrics.

Oh dear.


Edit: Didn't catch Clarkson's article on the new Civic (I imagine he slated the design), but it seems to have been getting praise from most circles. Should reduce the average age of the Civic driver from the 58 years that it is currently at.

19th Dec 2005, 07:48
Compared to some of the stuff I have seen that Nissan/Alfa is merely homely.

It looks like a Nissan 'Sunny' with an Alfa grille segment stuck on the front.

I rented a Sunny once for a tour of Iceland. When I left it was red and homely and when I brought it back it was red, homely and lumpy. Icelandic roads seemed to feature lots of rocks, up to the size of cantaloupes, many of which I clouted. I never heard back from the car rental guy, so that I guess he never bothered to take a close look at the underside. Not the sort of car you could love, really.

Yer man Clarkson seems to be less and less connected to stuff that the everyday care enthusiast cares about. He can be depended upon for a wazz around the test track, mostly sideways and then a brief rant about this or that car for normal people before going ga-ga about something built to appeal to the super-rich. It all can seem a bit boring. That said, I would pay for a video of JC trying to fit his fat butt into that Ford GT in a normal parking space. That could make for an interesting 15 minutes of comedy. And I loved the one where he pranged the rally car after about 500 metres. Welcome to the real world!

Good design seems to flow, somehow. Bad design, eesh! You take a detail from this, another one from that, mix it all together and you get something that looks sort of okay in a sales brochure but in the round, Yeucch! Sort of like Clarkson, in fact! Shoes, okay, dungarees, okay, jacket okay, hairstyle, umm, well ... but mix it all together and at least it can make the cars he stands next to look good by comparison.

Has anyone unleashed him upon the odious Rodius, by the way? I think they would fit well together. Either they don't sell Rodiuses (Rodii?) in Germany or else no German has been brave enough to buy one yet; I have only seen it featured in the press so far. At least it has pushed the Ssang Yong Musso into second place in the 'Ugly Car' sweepstakes.

There was an Italian thingie that featured a custom body on a Range Rover chassis. It looked like some sort of large crustacean, all canted forwards and painted in a violent shade of pale pearl metallic, with really huge alloy wheels. The head of one of the so-called airlines in Nigeria had one and it made quite an impression on everyone who saw it. I am sure one of you Google-meisters can call up a shot of it from out of the aether.

Another one would be that Lamborghini for the desert. Arguably uglier than the Hummer 2 and a total waste of a perfectly good V-12 engine to boot.

19th Dec 2005, 09:51

"How can any car compare to a PA28?"

How about the Ford Cortina? :p

19th Dec 2005, 09:53

It ain't THAT bad - there's no such thing as an ugly Alfa! A dirty one maybe but that's another story!



19th Dec 2005, 16:09
Whirlygig. You can not be serious, although the Alfasud 1.3 was easy to forget.


Send Clowns
19th Dec 2005, 22:14
It might be expensive, Timmcat, but do you see what I mean? It really is a f'ugly car!


You get the Cortina off the ground, I'll fly it and enjoy it. I even prefer a C-172, the worst aeroplane I've ever flown, to the best car I've driven. It's always better to be airborne, whatever you're in! :)

Lon More
26th Dec 2005, 14:40
Now I know what the Mercedes star is for ....


27th Dec 2005, 23:53
Wot about the Australian wunderkar - the LIGHTBURN ZETA?
http://us1.webpublications.com.au/static/images/articles/i1040/104054_4mg.jpg They usually built washing machines...:yuk:

27th Dec 2005, 23:59
...and I bet it sounds like one as well!

My mother used to drive a Daf 55 Coupé and that always sounded like a spin-drier full of teaspoons!



Lon More
28th Dec 2005, 00:30
usually built washing machines... That looks like they washed a Wartburg at 90 degrees