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Mad Mitch
24th Oct 2001, 13:02
Anybody any idea who is behind this new venture in SNN. Is it the long awaited start up from the ashes of VEI.
Did DC manage to persuade the Russians to part with their cash after all or did MH eventually get his American (definetely next month) cheque.

24th Oct 2001, 16:18
It is indeed a new start-up with DC at the helm apparently. It will be interesting to see if they can leaglly start(major EU law abuse!) because from what I hear the mix of the company is less than 30% owned by EU nationals. The rest are a combination of Russian and American investors. I wonder what our overlords in Brussels will make of that? ;)

25th Oct 2001, 10:42
Does anyone know if this is associated with Skynet Asia, which is starting operations in Japan, also 2nd quarter 2002, and also with 737-400s? Seems a big co-incidence if not....

25th Oct 2001, 12:09
Seems unlikely. Skynet Asia was originally Pan Asia Airlines and was supposed to be starting up two years ago.

25th Oct 2001, 16:59
Anybody know a anything about the company in general. Normal stuff (a/c, management, routes and so forth) as info is a little thin on the ground.


26th Oct 2001, 01:55
Strangely the email address they gave in their Flight advert doesn't work!! Looks like a wasted effort as they did not give an alternative address!

26th Oct 2001, 02:25
Apparently SkyNet is planning routes between Shannon (and maybe Dublin too) and Moscow via two or three European cities. SkyNet is apparently in negotiations to operate certain routes on behalf of Aeroflot.

Aeroflot is not an equity partner in SkyNet. Apart from Richard Healy as CEO I don't think many appointments have been made.

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Wing Commander Fowler
26th Oct 2001, 02:25
737man, Minor Glitch - these things happen. If you try again now you should have more success. Good Luck! :)

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Billy the Kid
26th Oct 2001, 12:11
It sounds like fun. I wonder how many of the old crowd will be tempted back?

With the lessons learnt from the VEI days, the chances of getting it right second time round should be high. I suppose that 2002 season made more sense to the guys putting in the start-up capital. To have bought VEI would have been expensive and not much time to advertise for the 2001 summer.

Does anyone know if aeroplanes have been sourced and the anticipated fleet size?

Danny Higgins
29th Oct 2001, 21:42
Can confirm this is the Aeroflot project. Skynet has been trying to buy into several Irish AOC's over past few months, without success. Now plan to get their own AOC but major question mark over beneficial control of the airline. Currently Aeroflot and their ex UK general manager UK (just retired, but on contract to Aerflot)hold 49% of new company. 20% held by US investors. 20% of Skynet offered for 100% of Irish AOC company, but rejected as capitalization far too low to ensure sucessful launch of B737-400 operation. Plan is to feed pax from destinations in EU into Aeroflot trans atlantic services from Shannon, in competition with Aer Lingus and US carriers, utilisising traffic rights granted ex-Shannon by Irish govt. in the past. Given the fact that Aer Lingus probably wont exist in a few weeks time, perhaps their timing is good. Aeroflot will then be the new Irish transatlantic airline!!