View Full Version : Missing schoolgirl Natalee Holloway - what's going on?

Kaptin M
3rd Nov 2005, 21:41
Has anyone heard what is happening in that case in Aruba?
It seems to have run into a dead end.

The last reports I recall were of Joran Van Der Sloot still behind bars, and one (or both) of the 2 Kalpoe brothers being taken back into custody.

Hairy Mary
3rd Nov 2005, 21:46
Last I heard was that Sloot was out of jail in Aruba and had gone to Netherlands to avoid the US press.

3rd Nov 2005, 22:36
No body, no crime. Just like his lawyer daddy messaged him the night she disappeared....

4th Nov 2005, 00:03
Not tied in with the Aruba case, but this is also a weird one.

Forever an unsolved murder?? (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/scotland/4398734.stm)

Kaptin M
4th Nov 2005, 05:12
This one appears to have certain similarities:-

Another American Girl Missing with Aruba Connection
Published on June 09, 2005
By Danny Carlton

While Aruba does damage control over fears that their tourism industry may suffer, reports have surfaced that Natalee Holloway is not the only young American girl to disappear there.

From The Hawaii Channel:

Another family said they know exactly what the parents of Natalee Holloway, the Alabama teenager who has been missing in Aruba since last week, are going through. They've been dealing with the same nightmare for seven years.

The Bradleys, of Virginia, went on a cruise in 1998 and Aruba was one of the stops. That's where their daughter disappeared.

Iva Bradley said her 23-year-old daughter, Amy, befriended three men who worked on the cruise ship and they wanted to take her to a bar in Aruba.

"They said they wanted to take her to a bar on Aruba that was called Carlos and Charlie's," said Bradley. "She made a face and said 'I wouldn't get off the ship with any of those guys anyway. That's creepy.'"

Amy Bradley was last seen in her cabin at 5:15 a.m. By 6 a.m., she was nowhere to be found....

Bradley's case remains open with the FBI. WVTM-TV in Birmingham, Ala., spoke with her case manager in Barbados but there wasn't much she could say. However, she did confirm reports of a sighting by a Naval officer one year after the woman disappeared.

The officer told the FBI he went to a brothel in Curac'l on Canal. He said an American girl leaned in and said: "My name is Amy Bradley. I need your help."

Unfortunately he didn't report the sighting for sometime and by then the brothel had burned to the ground. The FBI has released sketches of suspects in her case.

There is a $260,000 reward for information leading to Bradley's whereabouts. Her family continues to hope that someone, somewhere, has information that could finally reunite the missing daughter with her parents.