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3rd Nov 2005, 18:41
Now I'm very partial to a pork and tomato sausage - there's a place in my home town that does superb ones and I seem to remember Pork Farms even used to do passable ones but they were as rare as rocking horse poo.

And I love a good Lincolnshire sausage - nice n spicy - hot, in a sarnie, with Brown sauce, on a Sunday morning.

What about you lot? What sausages do you enjoy and how do you like them?

3rd Nov 2005, 18:46
My local butchers do fab chipolatas.

I wouldn't touch a suasage that doesn't come from a butcher.

Nobody does a sausage like us Brits do either.

3rd Nov 2005, 19:41
Polish & German sausages are as excellent as any traditional British sausage - I also like Thai sausages. A friend of mine makes a great pork & chestnut snarler here in NZ......

Hairy Mary
3rd Nov 2005, 19:52
British sausages are ok, Polish not bad, but German sausage is the wurst!

3rd Nov 2005, 20:30
Well my wife loves south african sausage

3rd Nov 2005, 20:37
A few (grilled) "boudins blanc aux morilles" together with a can of Heinz baked beans, 4 rashers of Danish back-bacon and 3 fried free-range eggs do the trick for me! :D

3rd Nov 2005, 20:46
There is/was a farmer's market outside of Kitchener, Ontario in Canada where every Saturday morning, you'd get these amazing hot sausages made by the Mennonites. Extremely good, no additives and best of all, you get to enjoy them twice....:E

3rd Nov 2005, 21:04
Nelson's (of Stamford) pork sausages.

Bl00dy marvellous !

3rd Nov 2005, 21:19
Sosages is shite here in Darwhine.

3rd Nov 2005, 21:38
I agree that the British do the best sausages. :ok:

Our local farm shop/butcher does lovely ones, from animals raised on their farm and made by themselves. Lots of lovely different flavours too.

NB: the only thing they are not able to do is to slaughter their own animals (as they used to do), thanks to the EU rules, which dictate that livestock has to be slaughtered at a registered abbatoir. So the animals have to be transported some distance to be dispatched and then brought back to the place they were raised. It just seems like an unnecessary amount of stress for the animals and extra transport costs to do a job which was undoubtedly done very well by the butchers themselves in the past. Sorry to get off the subject!! :rolleyes:

Seaton Approach
3rd Nov 2005, 22:56
Just LOVE cooking up a few Lincolnshire's on the barbie in the back yard, especially when we're upwind of the local mosque at prayer time.... :}

3rd Nov 2005, 23:02
Airship....have tried the whole boudin thing, even had cassoulet with fried eggs and toast but it's just not the same.

At least I can have an egg banjo here. Some things are international.

3rd Nov 2005, 23:04
A good British snorker beats all. Many a potentially good breakfast ruined by cheap snorkers. My local butcher still makes the finest pork sausage i've ever had the pleasure of!

3rd Nov 2005, 23:19

You Irish?

Onan the Clumsy
3rd Nov 2005, 23:27
We used to get proper Cumberland saussages from this butcher in Kendal. They were so long that that you'd still be eating them as they started coming out the other end :}

3rd Nov 2005, 23:35
Perpetual motion?

3rd Nov 2005, 23:39
As a german i can't agree that german sausage is the wurst. depends on what you get, the industrial made stuff is bad, but there are a lot of butchers who sell excellent sausages. Especially the ones from Thüringen are great, and the one and only "Gref-Völsings Rindswurst" (a beef sausage from Frankfurt). I also tried thai sausage, they are great (spicy!!).

My wurst (Hairy Mary, i like that :ok: ) one was a sausage in cambodia, even the small hungry begging dog refused to eat it (me too) :yuk:

3rd Nov 2005, 23:52
My wurst was a brat!

4th Nov 2005, 07:42
Some time ago I was passing through Reading and happened to be in the town centre. There's a little cart there that does hot dogs and I have to say that the sausages were excellent - not your usual Frankfurter rubbis but proper spicy sausages about 6 or 7 inches wrong. That certainly filled a hole - with lashings of spicy relish on top. Great on a freezing cold January day. Yum yum!

4th Nov 2005, 08:01
Ho Ho. A couple of years back I started a thread on exactly the same subject!! Funny how the world turns. (PS the thread drove Herr Draper demented as he had to go to the butchers to get some bangers, his taste buds having been stimulated by sausage discussion).

I go to Simply Sausages (http://www.sausagelinks.co.uk/Producer_detail.asp?id=71) near Smithfield. I don't go for what I think of as the wierd stuff (wild boar and cucumber and that sort of odd flavour), but the Lincolnshire and the breakfast bangers are superb.

4th Nov 2005, 08:03
I buy mine from a sossij shop in Hove but I am surprised to be able to say that Waitrose do some really nice own brand ones with tomato, leek, apple or garlic. They're lurvley with onion gravy - oh lord I'm dribbling on me keyboard. http://www.security-forums.com/forum/images/smiles/new_icon_bigtongue.gif

Solid Rust Twotter
4th Nov 2005, 08:08
One enjoys merguez but boerewors is king.:ok:

4th Nov 2005, 08:17
Designed by Norman parkinson the devine "PORKINSON" sausage is a goodie.

Almost as good is the Duchy of Cornwall sausage from Prince charles' farms. MMMMMMM!!!!

4th Nov 2005, 08:30
Any of you france dwellers/visitors tried the andouilette sausage?
Every english person I know who has tried it says it is an utterly vile and inedible concoction. I have yet to hear a good word said about it but they obviously sell plenty. (its a tripe sausage for those who havn't heard of it)

4th Nov 2005, 08:33
Any of you france dwellers/visitors tried the andouilette sausage?

I like it. It's a very Lyonnais dish, and you can get it at every 'bouchon'.

4th Nov 2005, 08:37
I did post some stuff about andouillettes, even some recipes, IIRC

Here it is :

4th Nov 2005, 08:41
Andouillettes, oh yes, I love 'em. Whack them on the bbq when I'm on holiday in France, they taste gorgeous. I probably don't want to know what goes in them though.

4th Nov 2005, 08:43
I probably don't want to know what goes in them though.Don't follow the links in my (edited) above post, then :E :E

DX Wombat
4th Nov 2005, 08:56
Here you are Panda two previous (http://www.pprune.org/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=108929&highlight=sausages) threads (http://www.pprune.org/forums/showthread.php?threadid=81754) for you to peruse. :ok:

4th Nov 2005, 09:34
True, true. Just making conversation, that's all. Perhaps best not to bother, don't you think?

Don't worry, though, they were done 2 years ago and a lot of people have joined since then...

So please, do carry on and if y'all want to combine the threads, then break a leg, guys and dolls!

4th Nov 2005, 10:08
Panda - wasn't having a pop, honest!

It's just interesting that sausage threads seem to be quite popular amongst Ppruners!

4th Nov 2005, 10:39
Diificult to beat locally made Bristish bangers [ the origin of Marcus Trescothic's nickname don't yer know].
Once had a short, fat spicy one in Meribel, France - went through me like a Mirage on reheat:{ [difficult not to blame the French on that occasion!]
BTW, what's the origin of the Australian term "snags" for sausages?


4th Nov 2005, 10:42
Don't worry, though, they were done 2 years ago.

There's just GOT to be a saussage joke there somewhere, along with (given the time of year) something about bangers as well.

A colleague of mine has just posed the question about whether ladies from the Golders Green area are fond of sampling four skinless sausages at a time........

:O :O :O :O

4th Nov 2005, 12:05
A friend of mine is a farmer and he makes his own Lamb sausages....they are absolute Shite.

Give me Tesco's 'lips'n'a**eholes' any day.

Onan the Clumsy
4th Nov 2005, 12:10
I post this because SOMEONE has toI have to say that the sausages were excellent - not your usual Frankfurter rubbis but proper spicy sausages about 6 or 7 inches wrong. That certainly filled a hole


Tricky Woo
4th Nov 2005, 13:16
One of the downsides of living away from the Britain, is that full English breakfasts are now few and far between. Tried a few here in Swissyland, but they always make the same mistake, time and time again: them sausages they slip in always taste way too nice to be conceivably authentic.

Now, the reality is that yer Walls banger is a tasteless lump of pig fat, and tastes of almost nothing. But for some reason it don't 'alf soak up the baked beans sauce, and even if yer out of beans (can happen) there's nowt better than dunkin' a tasteless sausage into yer fried egg, and seeing how much eggy yeller you can shove down yer gob wi' it, without some of it slipping down yer wrist. And even if it does, who cares, that's wot breakfasts're all about anyway.

Where was I?

Oh yes, yer Lincolnshire and Cumbrian sausages are all well and good, but how often do yer really eat one of them? When you're hiking or camping or whatever, right? Or those girlie herb sausages that they started selling before I upped me sticks and swam the Channel? Your girlfriend or wife buys them, and sometimes you eat 'em, but in the main they're there to perfume yer fridge until their sell-by date passes, and then for a few days more.

Face facts; for every one of them fancy ones yer've scoffed, there were a dozen or more tasteless Walls sausages, wi' "Everything but the oink, including the pig's bumhole and eyelashes" rendered down with them.

Yep, the Brits eat crappy sausages, in the main. And if they're eating anything nicer, then they're sitting in a pub, wearing a dripping wet kagool, somewhere rustic in the Lake District.

Now them Germans have a similar problem. They may have wienerwursts, bratwursts, and all manner of Kalbswursts. They have black sausages, white sausages, and green suasages with yellow stripes down the side, for all I know. They may consider poncy sausages from France, deep-fried sausages from Belgium, and even those damn wienerli sausages from Switzerland. They may acknowledge Austrian sausages with a nod of respect, (even if they'd step over the twitching body of yer actual Austrian, you understand). They may have a proud wurst tradition going back to the bloody Vandals that destroyed Rome, and even further back to the one that Adam slipped up Eve; but the facts are thus:

Yer average German lad likes nothing more than to scoff Currywurst by the dozen, and that's that. And Currywurst tastes just like... yep, yer Walls pig's bum and eyelashes sausages, swimming in a pool of curry powder sauce just like yer school dinner ladies used to make.

Funny how Europe is becoming culturally aligned.


4th Nov 2005, 13:19
TW - Curry sauce was certainly not on the menu at my school!

That said a Currywurst with a beer at a Schnellimbiss near Berlin Zoo station remains a favourable memory in my life.

Sad eh!

4th Nov 2005, 13:28
I used to work for a butcher in the Midlands in the 1970s. His Tomato sausages were the best tasting ever. Thirty years on they still are; his sons have taken on the secret recipe now he's retired. And his black pud... he used to win European medals with both.

Ah yes, I remember using the old so-called "Acme Silent Sausage Machine" that could be heard chopping the meat three streets away!

Damn, I'm going to have to "do a Draper" and get meself down there and buy some!

Solid Rust Twotter
4th Nov 2005, 13:47
The sausage lust has overcome one.:(

Currently sitting here up to my tonsils in pap en wors met tamatie bredie.:ok:

4th Nov 2005, 13:51
>A friend of mine is a farmer and he makes his own Lamb sausages....they are absolute Shite.

Tell him to take the fleece off first.

How many skin divers does it take to circumcise a whale?

Biggles Flies Undone
4th Nov 2005, 13:57
The butcher in Arundel sells some great snorkers :ok:

Also spent a hugely enjoyable couple of hours between trains at Munich station last year, sampling the various Wurst on offer and washing them down with Weissbier. Think we should have the next Bash there :p

4th Nov 2005, 14:57
How many skin divers does it take to circumcise a whale?
My guess is four :E

4th Nov 2005, 20:21
Going to predominantly Islamic states and eating turkey sausages - and turkey ham, come to that - is a bit of a weird experience. In France I would never normally go within 100 miles of a white sausage as I know what the contents are and I'm none too keen on tripe - especially when it is tightly pasked into a thin layer of tripe (well, sausage skin) so that the resulting explosion and sight of guts sliding across your plate... no sorry must stop or I'm going to bring back my evening meal.

Suffice it to say that I was reluctant due to previous experience but they actually turned out to be totally unoffensive.

Here's a question to one of our resident veggies - what are Quorn sausages like, what with having no skin and all?

4th Nov 2005, 21:32
About 5 miles west(ish) from Scotch corner on the A66 left hand side of road a super "farm" cafe. Run extremely efficiently by some smashing "mature" yorkshire lasses. Not only can you eat there they also sell superb meat from the farm but also wonderful sausages and PROPER thick rashers of bacon. Always break there for a snackette and restock on my way back north to God's own country. :-))
Ancient Mariner

5th Nov 2005, 23:33
Go to "State Street Brats" in Madison, Wisconsin.
Order a red one, a white one and a pitcher of Leinenkugel.....heaven!

7th Nov 2005, 19:42
That said a Currywurst with a beer at a Schnellimbiss near Berlin Zoo station remains a favourable memory in my life.

..... I think I've been there too......always fascinated that they actually had a machine to cut the wurst into bite sized chunks...

7th Nov 2005, 21:49
Duchy Originals by the Duchy of Cornwall - spot on! Well done Sir! :ok:

7th Nov 2005, 21:53
One will be picking up supplies for the regulars of my 'Hotel of Choice' tomorrow from Lidgates of Holland Park - amazing sausages and pies to die for (as recommended by Nigella, Anthony WT and Michael W amongst others)

8th Nov 2005, 02:14
I shall report this thread for cruelty.

Oh how I would kill for a proper Lincolnshire sausage. The Aussie sausages just don't come anywhere near the mark. There is a company in Perth "The British Sausage Company" who purport to make 'proper' cumberland and pork sausages but they must have got their recipes from a knackers yard somewhere.

Other than expensive trips to the UK I think that the only answer is to make ones own - but get a butcher to part with the recipe?? Not a hope in hell.

Anyone got a real Lincolnshire sausage recipe perchance???

8th Nov 2005, 04:00
Sausages? Most folk wouldn't eat them if they knew what's really in them! :E

...yet many of the same people would refuse to eat a perfectly prepared sheep's eyeball. Its a funny old world isn't it? :}

8th Nov 2005, 04:51

There are indubitably benefits to living in the new world but there are disadvantages too, and missing Lidgates is one of them.

They were a rather less sophisticated place in those days, (Well it is 38 years)

One trip back I dropped into Nu Line to get a spare part for a tubebender I brought with me. "Hello Mr G, ' he said, haven't seen you for a few weeks, been away?"

"Yes, about ten years!"

Solid Rust Twotter
8th Nov 2005, 04:54

Scratch around the Saffer community in Perth. They must have a purveyor of boerewors there somewhere and the stuff has been described as being similar to Cumberland sausage (Though waaaay better, of course...;) ).

8th Nov 2005, 05:19
SRT Yes, been there, done that, got the T shirt. Very nice they are too but still not genuine Lincolnshire sausages!! Sometimes only the original will suffice.