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3rd Nov 2005, 17:42
Hmmmm - does this remind anyone of a certain town in Germany in 1945...

An American senator says he plans to introduce legislation on Thursday to build a reinforced fence with lights and sensors along the Mexican-United States border.

Republican Duncan Hunter, chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, wants to see a fence stretch from the Gulf of Mexico to the Pacific Ocean, with a border zone to the north of about 100 metres.

Right now there is a 22-kilometre stretch of border in the extreme west that is reinforced with parallel fences, and there are fences at various other points. Still, patches of barbed wire only intermittently protect most of the border.

"Illegal aliens continue to funnel directly into many of our local communities and adversely impact our way of life by overwhelming our schools, inundating our health care system and, most concerning, threatening our safety," said Hunter, who plans to introduce the bill with Republican Virgil Goode.

Hunter's bill also contains other immigration issues including hiring 10,000 new border patrol officers, empowering local police to enforce immigration laws and increasing penalties for Americans who hire illegal immigrants.

Hunter has already had some success in his opposition to illegal immigration. Earlier this year he pushed the Bush administration to commit to fortifying the westernmost 5.5 kilometres of the border. This came despite objections from environmentalists, the California Coastal Commission and the local Democratic congressman.

tony draper
3rd Nov 2005, 17:46
The Berlin Wall was intended to keep people in, not keep em out, countries are allowed to protect their borders.

3rd Nov 2005, 17:48
The 'Iron Curtain' was constructed to keep people IN - not out.
However, if it works . . .

Went there in 1989. Amazing!
Crosses in 'no-man's-land' marking where potential escapees had been shot. The area between the fences was a fantastic nature reserve (like the motorway central barriers, but MUCH wider). Totally bereft of human occupation (still) when we were there.


3rd Nov 2005, 17:49
Well CW one could possibly draw a parallel here, however, you are forgetting one small fact.

The proposed fence on the US-Mexico border is to keep illegal immigrants out, not to keep its own citizens in.

It will never happen anyway, cost too much.

Edited to say. Boy you guys are fast, I just saw this thread.:p

The Otter's Pocket
3rd Nov 2005, 17:52
I would think that the Mexicans would be happy with the fence.

It would keep the thickies out.

(Dons helmet and retires to shelter).:}

3rd Nov 2005, 18:07
All very good points, my fellow prooners, but what the esteemed Senator fails to remember is that without the Mexicans, there'd be nobody to do the jobs that the septics don't want to do, such as clean Ozzy's pool in Beverly Hills, work in MacDonalds and brew Bud for Clowns.

Edited to say maybe I should have chosen Hadrian's Wall as an example.

3rd Nov 2005, 18:12
Or perform the Mexican Hat Dance . . .

>Edited to say maybe I should have chosen Hadrian's Wall as an example.

That was a job-creation scheme to keep the soldiers' minds off the pretty black-fyeased sheep.

(That's black FACED, not black [email protected])

3rd Nov 2005, 18:12
and brew Bud for Clowns.


3rd Nov 2005, 18:16
Well you got a point there CW, if it wasn’t for these folks from south of the border a head of lettuce would probably cost $15.00.

But if you allow them to legally come up and work for less than minimum wages there will be a huge outcry from the left of center, not to mention from the Unions.

However in these days of terrorism we need to do something about our porous borders. What, above my pay grade.

3rd Nov 2005, 18:16
My pool aint dirty !!:cool:


Onan the Clumsy
3rd Nov 2005, 18:17
Immigration is a big big problem over here - especially in the southern states like Texas, so much so, that the country will eventually split into two along ethnic (ie language) lines like Canada almost did.

Markay numero dos por el splitto.

However as an ardent believer, I have to say that the immigration 'problem' like drugs is predicated by market forces. They come here to work in industries that by and large nobody else wants to work in. And from what I have seen will generally do at least five times the work of their lighter skinned bwanas.

Rather than keep them out, it seems more realistic to allow them in, but to make them Americans instead of isolated underclass bogeymen. (or bogeypeople if you prefer)

At least Mexicans will be stealing the country for themselves, unlike Americans who had the Europeans do the dirty work for them. :cool:

3rd Nov 2005, 18:53
Forget about fencing out Mexico. When are they going to do something about that tunnel the commies built all the way over from Red China or Russia? Did they ever find it? Was it big enough for an invading army? :confused:

3rd Nov 2005, 19:05
What we need is a great big melting pot - big enough to take the world and all it's got. Keep it stirring for a hundred years or more, turning out coffee-coloured people by the score . . .

Anyway, what rights have the WASPs to restrict free-migration?

The Otter's Pocket
3rd Nov 2005, 19:38
So you build a fence. Then who is going to look after it.

Fences don't work unless they are watched. Towers, minefields, twin pintle mounted 50 cals, great!

"I am a doughnut" JFK

Onan the Clumsy
3rd Nov 2005, 19:39
airship there are plenty of tunels across the US Mexico border as well.

Personally, I think it's Canada they the US shoud really worry about :ok:

So you build a fence. Then who is going to look after it. well I suppose you could just award the no-bid maintenance contract to Haliburton aka Brown and Root.

3rd Nov 2005, 21:22
No problemo (http://www.geocities.com/esgrimavta/) señor Hunter. :E

3rd Nov 2005, 22:19
Who is going to rebuild New Orleans without the illegal immigrants?
Almost impossible to enter the US legally anymore, through Mexico seems like the only way.
Met a man a couple of years ago in Texas whose job was to send illegals back. He was Mexican and his student visa had expired, but he could still get a government job.

B Sousa
4th Nov 2005, 02:11
NZLear has a point. The majority of Lazy :mad: s that we are now housing certainly wont go back to New Orleans until da gubament builds them all houses.

4th Nov 2005, 03:48
>they should to learn how speak English instead of making us learn spanish to communicate with them.

Wow! That's controversial - I'd heard there were more hispanic-speakers than english-speakers in the US . . .

Maybe that was 'America' - I can't substantiate the above claim.

Darth Nigel
4th Nov 2005, 04:11
As a serious question --- we here in the North East of the US have an image that there are a lot of illegal immigrants of Mexican/Hispanic origin in the Southern US, specifically Texas and California. We also hear that these illegal immigrants do the jobs that no-one else wants to do (stoop labour, gardening, some crappy construction jobs, ditch digging et al).

Is it pure media exaggeration that the local economies of the Southern states (especially the Southern parts of the Southern states) would take a hit if we managed to make all the illegals disappear... net result being that some legal American resident would have to take the job, possibly for more money.

Serious request for data here, although a creative insult or two is also welcomed.

4th Nov 2005, 04:23
Darth, I refer you to the What on earth is going on in Paris? thread. The detail is different, but the circumstances are similar, in that immigrants who are tolerated or even welcomed when the national economy is buoyant, become the target and bear the brunt when unemployment rises.

4th Nov 2005, 05:19
Living in Florida, Mexicans have a big impact on the local economy. I'm not sure I want to comment either way on the rights/wrongs, but I really enjoyed watching this (http://www.adaywithoutamexican.com/index1.htm) on DVD.

West Coast
4th Nov 2005, 06:34
"Is it pure media exaggeration that the local economies of the Southern states (especially the Southern parts of the Southern states) would take a hit if we managed to make all the illegals disappear"

Really? I live in the southern part of a southern state and find as a generalization that it is true. I say this as a member of the business community.

Loose rivets
4th Nov 2005, 07:56
Mmmmm....one is confused.

It would take a lot of fence to cover the 1840 miles...twice.

It would take a lot of people to chase a million people...put them back then chase them again.

It would take 200,000 people to replace 100,000 Hispanic ‘illegals' cos they work so hard.

It would take a lot of turning around by a certain president--to get out of having said something about getting medicine and other welfare for illegles. "Only right when they put so much into the economy."

It would take a lot of aid to help the starving in Mexico if the $1.1 Billion that is sent home were to dry up. It exceeds the Mexican's revenue from oil in the Gulf.

This would be a dull place indeed if half the folk left...and I'm just getting the hang of Tex-Mex.

B Sousa
4th Nov 2005, 13:30
This would be a dull place indeed if half the folk left
LR, No problem with me. But will you pay my taxes for me to help with their Medical, Housing on and on.. Then I can enjoy Tex Mex.. Aslo pick up my extra Medical and Car insurance that goes for Non Insured, No Drivers Licensed illegals.
We can both be happy

Darth Nigel
4th Nov 2005, 15:26
Sorry West Coast, I wasn't clear. I was asking a question ("Is it an exaggeration...") rather than making a statement, but my
- tendency to write run-on sentences
- forgetting the ?? at the end
may have led to confusion.

Thanks for the on-the-ground observation.