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2nd Nov 2005, 22:45
Sometime 1992, Post Gulf War1.

Bush senior realises that he should have finished off Saddam. something to do with the oil supplies!
Bush Senior realises he has run out of time to do anything about it, but waiting in the wings is Bush Junior.

Britains Conservative Govt begin to weaken and it is realised that possibly the Labour party could actually be in power by the time 'Junior' should be in command.

Many people were leaving the Labour party because of the '91 war, and across the water it is realised that the US really do need the UK to support them politically in any subsequent actions in Iraq.

The then Labour leader needed to regain the numbers in order to be a force for the 97 election campaign and perhaps this meant a widening in the gap between US and UK foreign policies.

A softer side of British politics is seen and in the US this is taken as not being very good for future plans.
What is needed, is a go getting, up and coming, power seeking candidate for leadership of the British Labour Party.
A person who will be attracted by the powers and wealth that could be made available to him.
Someone who would appeal to the British public enough to win a General Election yet also open to 'influence'.
Someone who believes they are able to fool most of the people most of the time and follows the leadership principle of, 'a change of descision is a sign of weakness'.
Someone attracted to popularity, perhaps with a highly ambitious partner who could later become embarrasing enough to control the departure of the Labour leader should the need arise.

Choose the right man and the US can bulldoze the Middle East until it is under control of the Union.

Only one problem. That person is not the present leader of the Labour party.
The present leader is known as a man with great integrity! (http://news.bbc.co.uk/onthisday/hi/dates/stories/may/12/newsid_2550000/2550803.stm)

Two chickens having a game of football?


2nd Nov 2005, 22:55
Sounds a Machiavellian load of balderdash to me (if you don't mind me saying so). Also impugns the integrity of someone who is no longer able to answer for himself- I don't like it at all. Smith would have made a good leader of the Labour Party, but then I quite like Blair....and I'm Conservative. And I don't like daft conspiracy theories!

2nd Nov 2005, 23:00
Also impugns the integrity of someone who is no longer able to answer for himself- I don't like it at all. Quite the opposite I thought. The fact that he had integrity meant that perhaps he couldn't be used as a tool for the US/Bush machine.

African Tech Rep
2nd Nov 2005, 23:33
I agree – it sounds more like they’d have a reason for getting him out the way.

And Bush Senior did f**k up GW1
And the oil is a big factor.

Is SS suggesting they got him out the way – or that they were lucky (unlike him) :confused:

Krystal n chips
3rd Nov 2005, 08:10
In the days before the term "conspiracy theory" was coined, I recall reading similar speculation re the late Hugh Gaitskell who seemingly died of a mystery illness. He was, apparently, on the right wing of the Party as well as being a revisionist hence the speculation as to why he was "removed" from office. Anybody else aware / recall this at all ?

3rd Nov 2005, 08:34
Drat! The cat is now out of the bag. However, the conspiracy is not quite how it has been portrayed here. What really happened is.........

Smith was going down well with the great unwashed and John Major felt extremely threatened. He then had a quick word with Edwina Currie (just good friends - honest) who agreed to go and shag Mr Smith thereby causing the said heart attack. Problem solved.

........er, so I've been told.

3rd Nov 2005, 10:06
Then we can throw in the Viktor Yushchenko case and realise that it was not just during the Cold War times that 'these sorts of things' happened! This time though, with the US being involved, anything is possible!

Given the choice of Edwina Currie or being poisoned, I just wouldn't be able to choose! :E


4th Nov 2005, 10:26
And when your poodle starts to falter and hesitate when you start to plan your next invasion, begin the rot from within!

Something in the great plan was at fault though. The British People!

The British never stand up and revolt against the Govt or an authority in a way that makes change.

Any attempts using personal lives and the spouses lifestyle are thwarted. The British complain but thats all.
Dodgy contacts, purchases, tax evasion, outright abuse of position and trust and even taking money from a childrens charity to line her own pocket, is still not enough to make the British People rise up and say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

Activate the sleeper, again!

Who would suspect a blind man could begin regime change in a western world country?

In this day and age no-one could say he is not up to the job, for fear of the PC Brigade. He can be pushed and honey-trapped into putting the Govts ministers activities on the front pages.

The leader will give whole hearted support for his close and only true friend in the cabinet.

The sleeper is activated! :ooh: