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2nd Nov 2005, 13:49
Afternoon all,

I have an idea for a holiday. A cheap holiday, on the Canaries (Tenerife that is).

Spend a week volcano watching (Teide, I believe it's called).

I don't need tour guides etc, just an active volcano, a scooter and a cheap hotel.

Or do I? Actually I've no idea. Are the peaks accesible without spacesuits? Is it all fenced off? I won't be trying to feed the volcano, just look at it!

Ideas? Recommendations?

2nd Nov 2005, 13:58
Maybe you should book more holiday time than you need. And bring yer own surf board. :confused: Clarification: If (or when) that island in the Canaries finally slips away, yers can get a free 1 way passage to Florida... :E :oh:

2nd Nov 2005, 14:01
I'm told a tour operator in Pompeii tried a similar thing once.

It was a good idea.......for a bit.


2nd Nov 2005, 14:03
Try the Auvergne, it's safer and you can go parapunting off the highest one.:ok: Food is a lot better too,:ok: :ok:

My sprog has just done a trip up Kilimajaro, yes I know that it's dormant. They had one death due to altitude. So activity isn't the main problem

2nd Nov 2005, 14:07
confabulous, be aware that the cable car access is suspended during high winds, which seems to be quite often during certain times of year. Access by foot, either from the top cable car station, or "all the way" through the National Park, can only be made in possession of an official permit. This permit is, of course, not available from the kiosk at the base of the mountain, but has to be obtained from somewhere in Santa Cruz (unless things have changed recently!)

Foot access from base can take up to 5 hours each way!!

Good luck!

2nd Nov 2005, 14:09
Thanks NW, what about by scooter? Not splitting hairs here, just wondering how easy it is to get the permit?

2nd Nov 2005, 14:14
confabulous, I "found" this (http://www.walking.demon.co.uk/magdestteide.htm), hope it helps.

The surrounding countryside is worthy of a "look", as well. Please be aware that there are more numerous volcanos on other Canary Islands but, as far as I know, none, including Teide are "active"!

In Europe, Stromboli seems best bet!

2nd Nov 2005, 14:47
Don't forget Etna!

If you really want to research one, gen up on Mt. St. Helens. Then visit Seattle. After an amazing seafod scoff, head off in a hire car to St. Helens where you can approach amazingly close and assess the damage up to 25 miles to the north. The close approach takes you to a ridge just opposite, and looking into, the crater. National Geographic did a terrific article with maps and pictures after the big one. Then another seafood blowout and a visit up to the Boeing factory at Everett to see how they make 747s- don't go to Renton- all those ratty 737s everywhere. You can go to Redmond to shout abuse at Microsoft, ski a little on another Volcano (Mt Rainier), see the underground city (weird), take a trip into the Olympic peninsula where there are allegedly Vietnam vets still running wild, all punctuated by giving the northwest seafood a miserable time. Beware the road to St. Helens is impassable when the snow comes.

2nd Nov 2005, 14:48
>what about by scooter?

Having walked-up Vesuvious (in 1979), I'd say that you'd get about 500 metres before getting a puncture. The 'rock' is very sharp and abrasive (you will ruin normal shoes).
What amazed me was having arrived at the rim, there was no barrier / fence nor even warning signs of the sheer drop hundreds (if not thousands) of metres down into the crater (and all loose scree). Once 'away' you'd never be able to stop until you entered the sulphurous pools way below.
It WAS a wonderful experience, though, especially the active fumaroles - spewing yellow clouds of pungent gas.

Try Hawaii . . .

Krystal n chips
2nd Nov 2005, 15:01
If you do get up Teide---and want an eruption---I suggest you sample the brandy and chocolate refreshment available at the summit--well, more or less ! :ok: :E

2nd Nov 2005, 15:21
Stromboli... hmmm excellent idea, don't know why I didn't think of it. Cheaper to stay too, I'd bet.

2nd Nov 2005, 15:25
Flew over the one in Hawaii.
You can follow the lava flows down to the sea and watch the steam blow off.
Spectacular. Bring someone along to keep an eye out for other spotters though.

2nd Nov 2005, 16:37
How about a week volcano watching in Yellowstone? You could even feed it and see what happens:{ :{

henry crun
2nd Nov 2005, 20:25
My local one, I might be able to get you a cheap rate at a ski club there.


2nd Nov 2005, 22:48

Costa Rica 2003, quite a scary eruption... i m not sure the ladies umbrella would have saved here from the falling lava rocks tho!!
When the eruption started we were in the line of fire and had to be moved away rather quickly by the locals...