View Full Version : The Science of Elvis

2nd Nov 2005, 13:37
Can you do an Elvis-like lip curl on both sides of your mouth or just one ?

I can do it to the left only. If I try it to the right I just gurn uncontrollably and get funny looks from the goldfish.

I reckon most people can only do it to the left.

Can you do both ? Could Elvis ?

2nd Nov 2005, 13:41
I can only do it on the right!

And I can raise one eyebrow but only the left!

Bt I can flare my nostrils!



2nd Nov 2005, 13:44
C'mon Whirls, let's have a piccy

H :)

Ronaldsway Radar
2nd Nov 2005, 13:46
LOL Just trying to picture that, Whirly!

That'd be a great picture for the passport eh!

2nd Nov 2005, 15:37
Going beyond the Elvis lip-curl, we have eyes:

His eyes frosted over.
Her eyes sparkled merrily.
His eyes glinted cruelly.
His eyes narrowed.
His eyes twinkled.
His eyes were cold.
His eyes were warm.
His eyes were hard.
Her eyes were soft.
Her eyes were tender.

How are y'all at optical frosting, sparkling, glinting, narrowing, twinkling, colding, warming, harding, softing, tendering?