View Full Version : Council Tax rise (again)

2nd Nov 2005, 13:36
Just heard on the radio.
Council taxes to rise by approx 100 to plug a 2billion shortfall...
WTF, it's only just gone up by 30 fuggin %.

Is it me, am I turning into a tight, moaning old basket before my time or are we being ripped off again 'cos we are deemed to be able to do f:mad:ckall about it...

rant over, BP rising.... :*

2nd Nov 2005, 13:46
I am poorer now in real terms than I have been ever in the last 20 years. My Council Tax is the highest in the area and with the forecast rise of 10% will be nearly 20% of my outgoings a month and for what!!! They collect the bins, the roads are terrible, we have no sports centre, gym, cinema and no police for miles around, so what am I paying for!!!

Calm again!