View Full Version : HA! N-Power owe me money!!

2nd Nov 2005, 11:23
As you may all be aware I've had an on going battle with N-power and there totally rubbish call centre, collections department and meter reading department.

To cut a long story short after various baliff visits, incorrect meter readings, threatenings of court, etc, uncollected direct debits I switched my gas and electricity to a new supplier. So round come the meter readers and then the last bills arrive. We owe £2 on the lecky, but the gas account? They owe me £12!! HA! I told you the meter readings were wrong and would you belive me? NO! I knew I would be proved right in the end.

:ok: :D ;)

2nd Nov 2005, 12:07

Who did you change to?



Maude Charlee
2nd Nov 2005, 15:50
Wish I could change. The f***ers at N Power have managed a right royal stitch up on the estate where I live and supplied the meters at all the newly built flats and houses there. Not a problem you would assume, but they have been rather sly and given everybody 2 supplier numbers which makes it almost impossible to switch. The only way we can do it is to change to a different, more expensive tarrif (we have electric night storage heaters so this is not a cheap option) which is compatible with other suppliers billing systems and then swap. However, we are unlikely to save anything by going this route at all, even though uswitch.com estimate we are presently overpaying by some £80 a year on the current arrangement. The toothless poodles at Ofgen have been no help at all either.

Shame it wasn't £1200 they owed you. :*

2nd Nov 2005, 15:54
We switched to SWEB, I forget the exact saving, but it was substansial. The feeling of being right and winning over these bastards is great.

African Tech Rep
2nd Nov 2005, 19:09
Bet they’ll try and separate the accounts – chase you hard for the two quid and take their sweet time over paying the twelve back.

2nd Nov 2005, 19:42
We have a cottage with electric only (no gas). Every three months we get a card through the door from some frustrated meter reader who has tried to gain access to read the GAS meter! I wish I was in when he called, as I'd love to let him in, and then see what he did . . .

3rd Nov 2005, 09:06
G-CPTN. There is a legal requirement to physically check gas meters at regular intervals for safety reasons (maximum of two years, I recall, but I could be wrong). If you're on the British Gas computer as having a meter it will eventually start issuing a 'must read' notice - - and they will start calling in the evenings or weekends so you will be able to tell them then. Eventually they can apply to the courts for a forced entry warrant to get to it. (Sounds like your address could have been entered by mistake).