View Full Version : Audioslave DVD in Cuba - WTF!!!!!

2nd Nov 2005, 05:44
I thought Chris Cornell was an awesome singer in the Soundgarden days but please tell me Cuba was just a bad day. He was so off key I cant listen to any track on the disc.

Tim, Tom and Brad were kicking rocking though.

2nd Nov 2005, 06:16
The Audioslave sound is totally different from Cornell with Soundgarden.
The way the music fits together is totally wayward with respect to the 'tightness' that you got with Soundgarden.
He does have a tendancy to stray on live music shows, but you'll find that he used to do it far less with Soundgarden.
The reason IMHO is down to how his voice is produced in Soundgarden material - his vocals are tuned to compliment the guitar track.
For example, listen to 'Black Hole Sun' and you'll find that he sings the same notes as the guitar run or whatever the prominent keyboard or string instrument is. It's also notable on 'Spoonman' and 'Blow Up The Outside World'
However, the Audioslave stuff is produced differently.
I've only heard him sing live with this group a few times in the past and it wasn't all that bad - if you compare it to other releases by Audioslave - which again, I state, is a totally different set up to Soundgarden.
And also remember - a sound engineer or acoustics can seriously mess up a voice.
Also, it might be a bad quality DVD. Did you rip it off the internet or is it an original? I got a Pink Floyd DVD that someone had burned off a peer to peer server a while ago and poor David Gilmour sounded like the proverbial strangled feline!
Luckily, I had seen the original, where he sang as one would have expected him to.

2nd Nov 2005, 06:52
The DVD is original and is actually good quality. I have seen reviews making similar comments about Cornells singing.

BUT - Since posting here, I finished watching the documentry on the disc where they explain that they had problems with the monitors not working as at the start of the show. Maybe this was not resolved making it very difficult to sing in key.

2nd Nov 2005, 11:19
I'm not yet convinced that the Rage against the garden Hybrid sounds as good as the respective bands did,(I prefered Soundgarden, Pretty Noose is a classic!) but they still rock and sound miles better than a lot of the so called rock bands these days. On current form Queens of the stone age are doing a better job than most!:ok: