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tony draper
1st Nov 2005, 21:38
Bloody hell, This must have cost a few quid to make,all that concrete, that muck int cheap.
Not sure how they are trying to slant it,if they wanted to go the tongue in cheek route they should have got Clarkson himself to front it not his short arsed mate,if they wanted serious they should have got someone like Dimblbey.
One shall reserve final judgment until one had viewed the second half.

1st Nov 2005, 21:40
Bring back the Piggy Press!!

It's just not the same Drapes!!

tony draper
1st Nov 2005, 21:46
One tends to agree Mr F,one is prolly stuck with it untill a certain person returns from Mexico or some other foreign part.

1st Nov 2005, 21:46
Hamsters alright, think he's as good as Clarkson in many ways (and a biker too), and he was good on Brainiac.

tony draper
1st Nov 2005, 21:53
Being a tad pedantic, one also seriously doubts if solid concrete would truly represent what would occur with heavy masonary during a explosion,also a bit taken aback by his statement it would take three weeks to dry and set, that much concrete would take a lot longer than that, longer to reach its maximum strength anyway.
Ho hum.
And another thing! great play made of the barrel on the test shot containing the explosion 30% longer than expected, thus multiplying the blast effect,fairy nuff,but fusing technology of the time would make simultanious detonation on all 28 barrels unlikely, ergo the first to blow would destroy the structural integrity of those barrels near to it yet to cook off thus fecking up their calculations.
Hmmm one jest lerves pulling things apart.
They must think we are all fools on Proon

Capn Notarious
1st Nov 2005, 22:59
Well I just seen the end of the programme; which was thoroughly well done throughout.
As for the actual firing, seeing = believing.

tony draper
1st Nov 2005, 23:24
Yup,big bang,prognosis ,king dead parliament dead Shamus o Cacka? takes throne, George Stevenson and a few others burned at the stake for heresy, no industrial revolution, and we are all still getting about on horseback ,those of us with money that is, the rest of yer can walk to Mass.

2nd Nov 2005, 10:35
Ifn we wuz on 'orses, there would be no CO2 problem - or would it have been worse 'cos of all the extra methane:confused:

2nd Nov 2005, 10:43
I liked the bit where he tipped up to the firing range .... "So secret we're not even allowed to tell you where it is"

Then about 20 minutes later, cut to range control with Flt Sgt Bloggs transmitting "Spadeadam Control to all stations, there will be a large explosion at the Advantica Test site in the next 5 minutes"



tony draper
2nd Nov 2005, 10:50
Wonder if the RAF wanted a concrete enclosure on the cheap,and thats the reason they lerrem do it there.
When you think about it,it was a bit of a forgone conclusion,a metric ton of gunpowder ten feet below a wooden floor,was the end result for the peeps immediatly sitting above it ever in doubt?
I suspect they will recieve a few letters of complaint for showing bits of plastic dummies scattered about given recent events.
Not a bad doc,but a tad Hollywoody for me, a bit gee whiz golly gosh.

The Desert Ferret
2nd Nov 2005, 10:56
Great Yorkshireman that Guy Fawkes. Perhaps twas a tad extreme policy for constitutional reform but certainly blue sky thinking and radical.

tony draper
2nd Nov 2005, 11:01
You tryin to kick off the Gordon Riots again Mr Ferret.
:uhoh: :rolleyes:

Dak Mechanic
2nd Nov 2005, 11:18
Enjoyable entertainment, nothing more.

Particularly liked the old beardy gunpowder expert fella - Just glad he lives on a farm away from civilisation. Bit worrying how excited he got before blowing something up!

As for the body parts - the dummy's leg with a twisted bit of steel through it was quite sobering.

Big bang though - spectacular!