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1st Nov 2005, 22:31
OK, I've just poured myself a nice glass of Captain Morgan while enjoying some proper Bluess I made promise to myself........

One day I will travel down US Highway 1, all the way from Maine to the Keys. Being Dutch, I want to do this on a bicycle, you know, pedal power. Dont know how to fund it or to aorganise it. But it seems like a nice project........

What are you dreams or projects of things you want to do, say in the next five years? How do you plan to realise those projects. Or have you been able to realise one of your dreams recently???

ah well, as the bluess singer whines from the speakers "I need some money honey" :O

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1st Nov 2005, 22:39
Takeoff from a major airport in the first officer's seat as a fully paid airline employee.

Land and hopefully takeoff again at Nepal's Lukla Airport in a Twotter.

1st Nov 2005, 23:25
Make the journey up to Churchill to chase the polar teddy bears around.

I don't think I'll try and ride up there on a bike though.

tony draper
1st Nov 2005, 23:40
On ones last visit to Port Churchill, we was warned the chasing might be tother way round Mr Jerricho.

1st Nov 2005, 23:41
Thay may be true Tones, however I was going to invite the MIL along as well.

I know I can run faster than her :E

1st Nov 2005, 23:53
I would think about either going to the local parachute club or some bungee jumping event and give one of those 2 a try. Incase of the parachute only as a tandem jump of course. Might happen next summer. Possibly. I don't enjoy freezing. And I may need someone who does the pushing out of the door. ;)
One should always try to achieve the small things first and it is really something I always wanted to do.

2nd Nov 2005, 00:50
Well for all you Canucks, wouldn't mind following the footsteps of The Lost Patrol and writing a book about it.
(Mounties doing a v e r y long walk, then unfortunately dying)


2nd Nov 2005, 01:06
Learn to fly - properly. (Due to a very lapsed PPL and work/relationship committments this is unlikely - sigh)

Buy an old clapped out MGB Roaster, fully restore it with as much stainless steel as practible, V8 engine and enjoy ...
(This is actually now quite viable, have all the tools, a reasonable amount of the know-how, time will be the killer though)

Actually get all the way to Australia/NZ (previous attempts via Staff Travel have been thwarted).
(Well that is probably a dream - funds make it possible if I were travelling alone. I'd want a month off work so probably not)

Take singing and/or guitar lessons.
(Perhaps in the next couple of years - always been musical so I HAVE to do it)

Just my input !

tony draper
2nd Nov 2005, 01:24
Hmmm,dunno, one is in the happy position of being perfectly contented with things as they are, no longer consumed by ambition or lust or unfullilled desire,
Hmmm prolly like to see the Grand Canyon,and Monument Valley,but never will,even if offered it free gratis,simply could not be bothered with the nightmare of travel now,the prize is not worth the effort to me.
Simple thing now, nice Birds Eye Maple Neck for me Strat perhaps,acheivable.

Hmmm back seat ride in a Phantom would be good though,proper airyplane yer Phantom.

2nd Nov 2005, 01:29
Finish the bathroom and the kitchen (16 years)

2nd Nov 2005, 01:40
Finish my PPL, and spend more time flying than I do refueling planes so that everyone else can go flying...

Then there's....
Completing the "refinishing all wood floors in my house after ripping up the carpet" " project" I started last year ...before hell freezes over.

2nd Nov 2005, 05:09
sammie, check your PMs. :)

2nd Nov 2005, 07:46
Hmmm prolly like to see the Grand Canyon,and Monument Valley,but never will,even if offered it free gratis,simply could not be bothered with the nightmare of travel now,the prize is not worth the effort to me.

Cmon, Drapes.... you know the drill.... the main thrill is in the journey..... not the arrival.

Besides.... it isn't the look of them places that'l rock your socks..... tis the smell that really makes the experience worthwhile. The incredible perfume of those fertile deserts and steppes. You can'na have that from a DVD.

By way of encouragement, I'll offer a phrasebook to help you decipher the locals, and vice-versa.

2nd Nov 2005, 07:53
Begin construction of my Cri Cri. and finish my RX-7

2nd Nov 2005, 08:32
Have been lucky enough to travel the world and see many of the things I wanted and do the things I wanted to do. Now, I guess I just want to see my girls grow up happy and healthy. A full time job in itself!:)

2nd Nov 2005, 08:55
get out of debt:(

B Fraser
2nd Nov 2005, 09:13
Finish off my PPL

Go to Japan

Ride a bobsleigh down the Cresta Run

Fly the Irish Sea in a hot air balloon (see photos thread for failed attempt)

Drive an F1 car (trackdays just ain't enough)

Arrange a trip in a P51-D for my girlie.

I think I'll just focus on tidying up the garage for the time being

Howard Hughes
2nd Nov 2005, 09:35
Build some sort of flying contraption and fly off into the sun!!


henry crun
2nd Nov 2005, 09:53
A quiet word of advice HH.

Under no circumstances use wax to hold the wings on.

African Tech Rep
2nd Nov 2005, 10:18
Finish restoring my house

Build boat

Restore car

Sammie – you could try approaching some Charities and make it a for Charity ride – that might help with funding, as you might get flights / bike donated and will ease organising as once you say “for charity” the yanks will become more helpful with permits etc.

Off to continue with point 1

2nd Nov 2005, 10:27
Here is the grand project:

Getting married :ugh: :\ :p

2nd Nov 2005, 10:28
Restore a Mosquito to flying condition.

Build a cheap to run, easy to fly fast jet and take good looking women for flips.:E

Buster Hyman
2nd Nov 2005, 11:03
Restore a nice 73 Mustang fastback.:ok: Not for leaving in the garage, but for everyday use.:E

2nd Nov 2005, 11:08
Retire tomorrow and have enough free time to get my golf handicap down to single figures.

This of course means:

1) Winning the Lottery or similar to provide the necessary funds

2) Owning properties in places with climates conducive to playing aforementioned golf all year round. Go back to 1)!

2nd Nov 2005, 13:58
Restore a Mosquito to flying condition.

Sure mate. We got loads of them up here for you to choose from ;)

2nd Nov 2005, 14:35
Walk from Minehead to Poole via the South West Coast Path- up to Barnstable so far- 80 miles down, 550 to go. If you see me on the route, give us a shout, (or buy me a beer).

I'm the one with the thin scabby dog anf nobbly knees.

2nd Nov 2005, 15:47
Gets one's finances in order to be able to:

a. Do the PPL, which just last week I decided upon and promised myself.

b. Take a year off to do Oz, EnZe and the Pacific (part thereof).

c. Finish the cottage in the land of the Singing Postman...only been 4 years now!!

2nd Nov 2005, 17:25
Pacific Island-hopping with Ham radio gear intow...mini expeditions from each island i visit and contacting folks worldwide from said islands:ok:

No Further Requirements
2nd Nov 2005, 17:41
Fix that damn gutter on my house.....

Oh, and take a big holiday with my long-suffering wife....

Paris Dakar
2nd Nov 2005, 18:28
1) To visit Easter Island, and

2) Watch my two beautiful young daughters grow up, explore the world, and be happy.

That would do it for me.

African Tech Rep
2nd Nov 2005, 18:47
and take a big holiday with my long-suffering wife....

Strange I've got a long suffered wife

4th Nov 2005, 04:42
Done the Grand Canyon 7 times... all the way to the bottom and back in a day on visit 6 and swore I'd never go back (thought it had killed me) but Mrs SP had to go... Speedpiglets will have to go soon too. Monument Valley also worth the trip Drapes

Next project........ loft conversion..... I know it's going to be easy once I relocate the water tank...... only been putting it off since 6 months before arrival of latest Speedpiglet 18 months ago......
Just need the time. Now that winter's here, have the time (can I finish it in an afternoon?) but the inspiration is a bit lacking.

4th Nov 2005, 05:09

One day, soon.

Solid Rust Twotter
4th Nov 2005, 05:21
Going to carve yer face on it, Mr SK?:ooh:

4th Nov 2005, 14:15
There's a possibility of freezing myself there as a permanent statue. Not that I'm any great work of art!;)

Tricky Woo
4th Nov 2005, 14:39
One still hankers after a small island in the sun; such as Sicily.

Would need to burn the crofts of the local peasants and clear the lands, and then one reckons one would have some excellent shooting there. Slip the local mafia a few quid, and the place would be vacant within days. Hmm, might keep a few of the locals there to help manage the estate, tend the vinyards, and cook solid sicilian dishes. Will install my own government, and represent myself at the UN.

Will get my gamekeepers to release plenty of game to keep myself and guests busy. Sod yer pheasants and partidges, salmon and trout stuff. I'm talking about real game. Lots of interesting animals like hot and sunny places. Antelopes, buffalo, ostriches, lions. Oh, and koala bears and kangeroos, 'cos they've got it coming to them. And mountain gorillas and chimpanzees, just to pee off the greenies.

Oh, and whales and dolphin fisheries. One imagines I'll have a sudden glut of old Japanese and Scandawegian pals calling me up out of the blue.

Just remembered: Sicily has Etna!

Hmm, imagine that one in the local boozer: "Ja, Woo. Ich habe a rather gemutlicht 500 room chalet in Gstaad mit meinen own ski lift und ein piste made out of only ze purest Swiss snow. Und two parking spaces for meinen helicopters." "Yeah, but I've got one of the most active volcanos in the world." "Drat! You are always beating me mit your oneupmanships!" "Am I? Well Heinz, why not come down to my island, and we'll have a nice relaxing weekend shooting bull elephants." "Drat! Zer you go again!" "Sorry..."


4th Nov 2005, 17:47
I am GOING TO drive a vehicle overland from Kabul to Cape Town.....soooon

4th Nov 2005, 18:10
A nice warm shed, heated by a pot bellied wood burning stove beckons. With an old fashioned kettle, simmering quietly to itself, awaiting the teapot. A nice little dog stretched on out the woolly rug on the floor looks up and wags his tail.

But there's a big garden to organise and pond to get finished, son's old car and my "project" car to tinker with and three motorbikes STILL waiting restoration. A daughter to taxi drive for. Requests for DIY repairs two a day from the other 'arf.

The first paragraph is the dream, the rest the reality. No idea how I get time for work. ;)

However! One day the little project car will go to the Arctic Circle to see the Northern Lights again.

4th Nov 2005, 18:19
I need to clear out my underwear drawer. :}

tony draper
4th Nov 2005, 19:06
Ah! yer mean draw drawers from yer draw draw tart 1?

4th Nov 2005, 19:29
>I need to clear out my underwear drawer.

There's plenty of volunteers here to help (or even do it for you . . . )

What about Helli Gurl's ex?

4th Nov 2005, 20:12
Plenty on the list you can pay and go, the cresta run has just been added to mine:ok:
How about a carrier landing, can't buy those.
For me. A job sweeping up leaves in the Maldives for a dollar a day. (The guys I saw doing it looked pretty content).

4th Nov 2005, 21:41
That's a sound project G-CPTN, I wouldn't mind being Helli-Gurls next ex either. :E

Seriously, well, more seriously anyway, after the 'minor' project of sorting out a re-engine on a race car the next, slightly more grand one, ought to be to finish off the restoration of a 1928 Jowett Long Tourer that I started, erm, too long ago to remember actually.
It's probably only got about 300 moving parts meaning it's should only take a few months of 'one half-hearted day a weekend' to complete so there's really no excuse not to do it. I've even got the paint, cream over chocolate brown cycle wings. Very Bugsy Malone and would also make a fine wedding car.

After that, I quite fancy getting my hands on a really really dilapidated, holes in the roof, moss inside, pub nearby type barn in the Surrey or Sussex sticks, battling for planning consent then spending the next few years seeing what I can make of it and getting to know the pub menu pretty well.

Oh, and winning a championship in whatever formula the afore mentioned race car eventually settles in somewhere along the way is a must too.

I think I'll need to give up work to fit it all in. :hmm:

6th Nov 2005, 12:40
Having just carried out a long-time plan (and done with patting myself on the back) was presented with an idea which is really really 'turning me on' and it seems will have my hands full for the foreseeable future making the 'idea' into reality.

An immediate project is finding a suitable place to continue riding.
Oh, and getting to know my new city:)

Hmmm, edited to add, it's a business idea, with the 'turning me on' and 'hands full' description thought I'd better clarify. A very wholesome business too... :O

6th Nov 2005, 14:32
Build a kit-car.

Fly backseat in a 'ruddy quick aeroplane of some sort.

Surf in NZ or Oz.

Build a home-made land yacht.

6th Nov 2005, 15:45
Being a stand-up comic...I'm tired of sittin' :}

Lance Murdoch
6th Nov 2005, 16:39
Aviation and rock climbing/mountaineering are my two biggest hobbies. In aviation Id like to finish my Commercial Pilots Licence, in mountaineering Id like to climb Mont Blanc and maybe some other 4000m Alpine peaks. Id be alot closer to achieving both ambitions if Id not accidently combined the two hobbies earlier this year resulting in a spectacularly broken ankle.:{
Im well on the road to recovery now though:O

6th Nov 2005, 18:07
Being sick and tired of seeing the little neighborhood kids driving around in their battery powered Hummers and Corvettes, a year and a half ago I started construction of a 1/4 scale Sherman tank for my (then) three year old. "So you got your kid on of those, huh, well my kid can squash it like a bug!" I went to two museums and was given permission to take all the measurements I needed, and I started the design process. The frame is done (TIG welded alluminum) and I have the drive motors and deep cycle batteries at the ready, have machined the sprockets and have track blocks completed, but I haven't gotten back to machining the suspension pieces... Hopefully I'll finish that and then get to the fiberglassing of the hull and turret while the little Geko will still fit!

Otherwise, I'd like to see the Northern Lights someday...


6th Nov 2005, 18:15
Complete my ejection seat collection and start a small museum.

I'd like to go from a Mk1 to a Mk 16. And I've got a few already.

Then I'd start collecting the cockpits to put them in:\

Air-geco...w2ould love to see some pics of your 1/4 scale Sherman!!:ok:

6th Nov 2005, 18:28
I am happy just to wake up in the morning, and to go flying of course.

6th Nov 2005, 18:58
> I started construction of a 1/4 scale Sherman tank for my (then) three year old.

My Mother started knitting a sweater for me when I was an infant. She finished it in time for her third grandchild . . .

> I am happy just to wake up in the morning

Some mornings I wish that I hadn't, though usually by early afternoon I repent and decide to join society for one more time . . .

6th Nov 2005, 20:15
Completing a degree course - after taking a break for gap decade or two.

6th Nov 2005, 21:13
Get rid of all the nettles, brambles and sundry weeds in my garden.