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Agaricus bisporus
24th Oct 2001, 03:27
I have read with interest some of the threads here regarding plastic non-detectable knives and other sneaky-beaky nasties - but I was not prepared for the reality when I typed the shameful name of "Shomer-tec", a commercial supplier apparently dedicated to terrorists, nuts and psychopaths into my search engine.

Lists of equipment fot "Military, Law Enforcement, Police and Revenge" seem to characterise these sites. Revenge equipment!!! How topical. How sick.

If Captain Blair-Bush really plans to make war on terrorists he'd better start here and with others like it, right in his own back yard. And pretty bloody soon.


Check out this appalling site, and wonder at the dozens of others there must be like it. The brazen euphemisms are particularly chilling - a razor sharp "combat" knife designed with "one thing in mind". Oh. right, murder, disembowellment, butchery. Oh no! Not a bit of it! The "one objective in mind " is "Durability"....Really, not slashing throats?? Durability, Ha! Not much use to me then, is it?

"The 'Deflator' Ice Pick was designed for the serious operator (!) who has a need for 'draining' soft skinned containers od gases or liquids...." gas tanks and tyres are suggested as "targets". Hmm...

Undectable plastic knives available here. Damn useful if you're defusing a bomb or need to slit someone's throat in a magnetically sensitive environment - one wonders why people in this trade were not fully equipped by Uncle Sam, surely civilian suppliers in this field are anathema as much as labs offering anthrax wia the web would be?

Mr Bush, please, for the love of Christ see that the durability of companies and websites such as this are defined in minutes, and their principals recieve timespans defined in decades, if not in a two-foot drop.


Read the screed, and be sickened.

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24th Oct 2001, 04:31
Well done for helping every other sicko out there! Now they don't even need a search engine if mindless jerks like you help them out! :mad: :mad:

24th Oct 2001, 06:19
Albert, with all due respect for your outrage at AB's posting of something anyone can easily find via Google, might you not be jumping the gun a bit?

We have all suddenly been projected into the surveillance society. Have you not sussed out yet what medium is the most susceptible of all to surveillance?