View Full Version : What to Wear.....?????

1st Nov 2005, 00:52
Well, what do you wear to fly?

Should it be a smart outfit, reminiscent of the days when air travel was a grand adventure and something akin to the Orient Express? And is that better for an upgrade?

Or do you opt for casual but comfortable?

Or perhaps the shell suit with matching tatoos and obesity?

Do you dress differently if, instead of your usual cattle class seat, you're flying with the company and they've stumped up for business class?

Maybe it's the smart uniform as you turn left for the front seats; or it could be dressing down in the "We're really like one of you in this matey airline" style of V*rg*n Blue.

What does ring your bells?

1st Nov 2005, 01:03
casual but comfortable
-everytime- personal or business-turning left or right

I've never really understood exactly what a shell suit is.....obviously I don't have one, but am I missing out??

Onan the Clumsy
1st Nov 2005, 02:47

Slip on shoes because your feet swell, long sleeves because it's so cold lots of wool for flame retardency and no artificial fibres because they melt into your flesh.

and a thong...just because :}

1st Nov 2005, 05:23
Only fly on our own flights (or ID50) and company regs say shirt, jacket and slacks for men. Ladies must be 'smartly attired' - no jeans or T shirts. Young 18 yrs old Miss B was denied boarding once for being scruffy - collarless T shirt (designer though - but WTH is a designer T shirt?) I loaned her a shirt from my bag and they let her on. Even though she looked a bit daft in a baggy man's shirt.

1st Nov 2005, 08:01
Short sleeved shirt with a pocket big enough to hold my passport. Smart slacks with a zipped pocket to hold my wallet.

Ropey Pilot
1st Nov 2005, 08:53
Airline was going to deny my wife boarding in business (standby - staff travel) because she was wearing open-toe shoes. Thing is every female in business was and a fair few of the men were wearing sandals:yuk: (It was v. hot)

Since there were no shops at this part of the airport they were happy with the premise that she wore my socks with designer shoes! (She didn't and was let on since we didn't bump into the supervisor again - but Jimmy Choos and socks:confused: )

1st Nov 2005, 09:25

Ah, shell suits! Floppy, lightweight tracksuit-like things originally intended (I believe) for sport, then adopted by the chavs of the early-90s to conceal beer guts. Usually found in black with bright green flashes or white with purple bits and worn with over-sized white trainers with yards of laces. Often seen on middle-aged husband & wife matched combos as they patrolled the town centres on Saturdays smoking heavily and looking for bargains on the market stalls.

I've got 6 of the beauties, all in white.

tall and tasty
1st Nov 2005, 11:20
Should it be a smart outfit, reminiscent of the days when air travel was a grand adventure and something akin to the Orient Express? And is that better for an upgrade?

always always smart and then when they want to move anyone for an upgrade you are there ready and waiting.

When I worked the gates and despatch we always looked for the impecable dressed to move into first and business at the airlines request.

I never have had the opportunity of being upgraded but it is always good to look your best just incase

TnT ;) :p

1st Nov 2005, 11:39
but Jimmy Choos and socks )
Much too horrible to even contemplate:uhoh:

Have several exclusive 'flying-only' outfits, all über-comfortable yet smart as one must be ready to drop the bags at the hotel and immediately proceed to a meeting.:(
Actually, 'had' to be ready, oh, how pleasant:O

1st Nov 2005, 11:56
Always , always smart due to ID travel. Even got me an upgrade on Big Airways once:ok:

B Fraser
1st Nov 2005, 12:54
I turned up at Cairns at early o'clock for the Sydney flight which was inbound from Japan. I had spent a week under canvas up in the Daintree forest and was slightly untidy to say the very least. The cheeky grin at check-in got me and my partner seats upstairs which was rather unexpected.

Always be nice to the ground staff :ok: