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tony draper
31st Oct 2005, 19:19
Anybody else watch this? ,facinating stuff Jonathan Miller is undoubtedly a very erudite chap but I have always found him a slightly irritating narrator for some reason,not so in this new series, one shall watch it with interest.
The only other complaint I have and this applies to nearly all documenties nowadays is the insertion of clips of film/video showing scenes that have nothing whatsoever with what is being discussed,ie in this case scenes of traffic and people walking about New York,why do they do this?, we already knew he was in New York.

31st Oct 2005, 19:25
Nice new avatar Drapes......care to divulge why?

31st Oct 2005, 19:29
Yeah Farrell, I was wondering about this new side of Tony myself.

tony draper
31st Oct 2005, 19:33
Err, it has to do with socks and the price thereof.

31st Oct 2005, 19:54
Last time I bought socks, I bought them in England (Abingdon). Got five pairs of very nice dark navy blue ones for GBP4. I always buy dark navy blue socks. You don't have to match them up.

31st Oct 2005, 19:56
Never mind this avatar business Dr draper.

Stay with the socks. By coincidence I had referred to these, or this, in a recent posting. This is yet another area in which woman fails modern society, not to mention man. I could give many examples, but to stay with the socks there was a time when grannies and elderly aunties made socks in an unending stream, cunningly crafted of the best wool to fit the feet (And a pox on the modern lie, "One size fits all". Does it Hell!) of the intended, to last indefinitely. And they did. Good socks and true they were, trodden on fo'c's'le and sweep-deck, never failing. Men were thus free to think heavy thoughts and perform heroic tasks, unaware really of any sock-manufacturing process.

One needed the socks.

For the feet.

The socks were there.

In the drawer.

Just like underwear, as we now effeminately call it.

Frankly, I blame it all on universal education.

tony draper
31st Oct 2005, 20:05
One finds modern socks tend to tear at the heel if one inserts ones foot therein in a overly vigorous manner,one can do naught but fling out socks thusly damaged now, ladies no longer darn socks, one recals a thing like a wooden yo yo ones old mum used to use in sock refurbrishment.
Apologies to Doctor Miller if you are reading this thread.

31st Oct 2005, 20:15
Agreed. Agreed. You are speaking of lost arts, much like building pyramids or making mediaeval stained glass. If you want some stained glass these days, and do not have a mediaeval to hand, you are out of luck. I need the socks more often than the stained glass. When I was in XXX squadron we had a pilot, ex-Korea, who busied himself in the crew room with the four steel needles churning out the booties for the expected sprog. That kid must be almost fifty now. I bet his Dad is still making his socks. I am assailed here at the Schloss Davaar on one hand with prattle on late 19th century German novelists and on the other with marketing of securities, but devil a sock to be seen, and Granny Mac and Aunty B are gone to glory. They were not even my Granny and Aunty B. I was just for the production overruns. I may write to the newspapers about this. It is just not right.

P.S. timmcat. I shall take my complaints elsewhere, real as they are. Not for me to worry you about my socks.

31st Oct 2005, 20:16
This has to be the most outrageous example of thread drift one has seen in a good while.

Capn Notarious
31st Oct 2005, 20:21
One wonders if The Good Doctor, between herding orchestra, singers and all that opera stuff, does actually have time for the repairs of podiatric flexible covers?
Avataar, looks more like a misspelling of aviator. This is a good thread will it be used for darning socks?

31st Oct 2005, 20:22
This has to be the most outrageous example of thread drift one has seen in a good while.

Really? Have you read the "Mobile Phone" thread? ;)

31st Oct 2005, 20:35
I am still pretty upset about the socks, but if some perfectionists drone on about thread relevance, how about this?
insertion of clips of film/video showing scenes that have nothing whatsoever with what is being discussed,

Almost as bad are the utterly predictable clips that do have to do with the subject. "...... and as we approach the jetty [clip of hardy sons of toil mending nets or scratching behinds] .... and turn to the sad state of fishing ... [clip of a bored-looking cod][clip of three waves][clip of closed canning plant] ..., Zeke tells us of the great times past, when he was a boy and this outport was home to an entire fleet of schooners ..."

[Clip of Zeke] "AAArrrggghhh! I'll tell you of the great times past, when I wur a boy and this outport wur home to an entire fleet of schooners ..."

Got it!!! He is telling us of the great times past, when he was a boy and this outport was home to an entire fleet of schooners ..."

It was good to have the clue. Getting back to the socks ...

tony draper
31st Oct 2005, 20:49
The worst offenders are the TV news media,"
"The prime Minister"
insert clip of incumbent PM

"Left Downing Street today"
insert clip of Downing Street,

"For a meeting at the House of Commons"
insert clip of Houses of Commons.

"With the President of France",
insert clip of President of France,superimposed on map of Earth showing location of France in red with large arrow pointing at same.

For gods sake we all know what the Prime Minister looks like, we know what Downing Street looks like, we all know what the Houses of Commons look like.

And last but not least,nobody here gives **** where France is, or who's its boss.


31st Oct 2005, 21:01
Really? Have you read the "Mobile Phone" thread?

Ha ha you beat me to it!!

Drapes....I think they do that for deaf people.

And if it wasn\'t done on France 3 and M6 here in France, I wouldn\'t have a clue what they were talking about!

31st Oct 2005, 21:22
I've never seen the point in buying socks in pairs. As soon as you lose one, the other is immediately redundant. Now, if some bright spark were to sell socks in little boxes of fourteen, then one has enough pairs for a week. And should one be inevitably lost, it wouldn't matter, as you still have thirteen identical socks left, hence no "sock redundancy". Even the name, "The Box of Sox", is begging for someone to solve the problem of losing socks once and for all.

31st Oct 2005, 21:22
Really? Have you read the "Mobile Phone" thread?
Fair play, jezza, no I hadn't. This one pales into insignificance.

31st Oct 2005, 21:30
Fourteen would be for the very rich. I knew a chap who had three, two on the foot and one in the workshops in strict rotation. He said it was the absolute peak in cost effectiveness.

1st Nov 2005, 02:55
I once stripped down a twin tub washing machine for a financially challenged next door neighbour. I returned it to full function in a matter of minutes by simply cutting all the odd socks off the spin drum drive spindle. [There were some unmentionables as well, but I won't mention them.]

Then there was her 'hovering' vacuum cleaner. The centifugal fan had dog fur caked into the outer circumference, reducing the air flow to almost nothing. Once I removed the dog fur it hovered all over the room and tried to inhale the living room carpet.

I advised her to keep it away from the sock drawer...

Onan the Clumsy
1st Nov 2005, 02:57
Socks - stupid things!

until that is, they sold them in threes


1st Nov 2005, 03:29
If one buys them in threes, where does one store No. 3 while awaiting its opportunity in life in order to ensure that when No. 1 or No.2 goes AWOL (as one of them is certain to do at some time) in order to ensure that aforementioned No.3 has the opportunity to join its erstwhile remaining partner in a useful contribution to society when the opportunity arises?

I know I have several single sock stockpiles - but where is the question ?

1st Nov 2005, 03:38
The answer is to settle on a sock pattern which suits and goes with most ensembles. Then corner the market and buy lots. Then it doesn't matter if you lose one, or two, or mix the pairs up.

Works for me!

Loose rivets
1st Nov 2005, 05:56
While were on a slippage marathon, I'll just add anything that comes to mind at 00.45 AM...thoughts lubricated by a drop of The Glen XXXX

Don't get me talking on the subject of socks...but tube, Bakelite and mother come to mind when I do.

Socks...government surplus ones--with the square toe-end and no heal. Who thought up the idea of no heal? The same person that thought up tube sox I'll wager. Mmm, sounds like bloody Walmart.

Bakelite ? My mum came home with one of those mushroom thingies that was made of Bakelite. It had a brown handle and a yellow top...which illuminated!!!! One liked electrical things at a young age, and it was in bits most of the time so that I could send morse-code on it.

Mother. Ooo, sad one this. When someone said they couldn't remember what it was called, I suddenly thought...I'll ask me mum, she'll know. I often do that, which is a total waste of time cos she popped orf at the good age of 93...leaving me, among other things, her work basket--which contained said sock darning thingieľand her sowing machine. She had saved 300 quid from her pension, to leave as a surprise for me, and she hid it in the little drawer in the machine. Nowt like a mum.

I know that I know what that darn thing was called.(Groan ) it'll come to me when I'm horizontal.:zzz:

1st Nov 2005, 09:24
While one's remebery is busy lurching through it's archives on another thread, it threw out 'darning mushroom'. Any use here?

tony draper
1st Nov 2005, 09:28
In a futile atempt to bring this thread back on track
Does God exist? and if he does, does he wear socks?

1st Nov 2005, 09:33
You of little faith and a complaining bend!

I'll have you know that in my sewing box there is a small wooden mushroom, more or less like this one
It's to insert in socks so one can darn them.
It gets used regularly! :*

yes we also wear woollen socks in the winter here, and no, sock-knitting is not a forgotten art!

1st Nov 2005, 09:42
Aaaaagh the not so forgotten art then. Told a boiled egg works as well.

1st Nov 2005, 10:24
and if he does, does he wear socks?
Not according to Mr M. Angelo. Nor gloves, neither. If he wore gloves he would never be able to hold that milk bottle!

Farmer 1
1st Nov 2005, 11:09
I joined the Army at a very tender age and a very small height. What, with all the square bashing, chasing over the moors, and pretty decent food, I soon started adding on the inches (upwards, that is). So much so, that I wrote a letter to my Mum, telling her I'd grown another foot.

So she sent me another sock.

Onan the Clumsy
1st Nov 2005, 12:15
Here you go - courtesy of ebay






oh no...six more pages :ugh:

tony draper
1st Nov 2005, 12:29
One also recals the little china funnel thingy me mum would place in the center of the pie dish to support the crust, one does not see them about the place now.
Hmmm, mums rabbit pie,one would lay waste to entire continents just to taste me mums rabbit pie once more.

1st Nov 2005, 12:33
One also recalls the china thingy in the middle of the pie.

Big Grandad used to cook a superb gooseberry pie and the china thingy he used was a blackbird with its mouth open.

'Four n' tweny blackbirds,
baked in a pie....'

1st Nov 2005, 12:39
How very phallic........

Freud would have loved you Onan :E

1st Nov 2005, 12:45
I recalll my mum using upside down egg cups in the middle of pies; diiferent sizes depending on depth of dish.

Wish I'd known about all these darning tools during my early days in the Grey Funnel Line. The problem was the chinese laundry :suspect: and its button crushing machine. It not only provided opportunities for sewing practice with ones shirts but also darning practice having fired the broken bits of buttons through the toes of ones socks :}


tony draper
1st Nov 2005, 12:48
Facinating origin to yer four and twenty black birds angels.
see here, tiz a bit long to copy and paste.


1st Nov 2005, 13:52
Good Golly Miss Molly! Right again! Dr draper! We too had noticed the absence of those funnel devices, Schloss Davaar being innocent of even one. We inquired. Huh? What are you talking about?

We explored the terra, to us at any rate, incognita of hardware and utensil stores. Dashed interesting they were.

There were corollary discoveries, not always .... (Oh go on, Davaar! You know you want to! You know you do! Dare to be a Daniel, dare to stand alone! Say it! Oh very well then, I will) serendipitous. I mean that your modern woman has not a clue about making pastry.

This came out when I was explaining why I wanted the funnel, because I had to explain about the making of pastry. After all that was their business, selling the pie forms and such wonders.

I can tell you how the modern woman makes pastry. She trots along to Loblaw's at Billings Bridge, turns to the left, and down to the end there where it is cold. It is cold because all the cabinets are refrigerated, and in them are packages, and in the packages are pastry. It is not great pastry, but it is all you are likely to find.

Your modern woman does not know that pastry is made from flour and other raw materials. She buys the pastry in the package, packs purchased apple pulp in the pastry, puts the purchased pulp packed pastry in a pie-dish, plants the whole into the oven and thinks she is a baker! Puff pastry, to venture further, is a panic! Never heard of it.

In my pastry perplexity in the cold area I accosted one old biddy for advice. Would, I asked, the same purchased pastry work as well for a steak pie as for an apple pie, one being salt or savoury and the other sweet? Seemed a good question to me. Probably Not, but who knows? Not she, for sure. The scales fell from my eyes.

This was one of your modern old biddies, not a genuine Old Biddy. In my youth, Old Biddies were the real thing. This was the debased ersatz model. Obviously as a girl she was a Worry to Her Parents. Probably smoked. Went jitterbugging with soldiers. You know the type.

This is no idle inquiry. I have taken my search as far as the weekly Farmers' Mart at Carp, in darkest rural Ontario (not quite darkest, that is true; up "the Valley" it is even darker, and a week ago I was lost in the Addington Highlands. Never heard of them, you say. Nor had I. "Deliverance" country.

Anyway, at Carp we find genuine jolly farmers' wives, as from Olde England or the Gemuetlich Heimat, but pastry-wise total frauds, peddling and pushing preposterously pitiful pies. Their steak pies are just awful. The steak is awful, but the pastry is worse. Puff pastry is unknown to them. I am not kidding here. I would not deceive you. This is too serious. The ensemble is for giving to the cat, which is what we did. The neighbour's cat, at that.

The local "home" butcher as he affects to call himself has a jolly butcher's wife (now that I look at her more critically she is not all that damned jolly, really) who also makes what she calls pies. But not steak pies! Not steak pies at the Home Butcher!!! Can you believe it? Of course you can.

Now here we get to my late Mum. One of civilisation's great pie makers. Her steak pies are like her just a memory, not to be found at Loblaws, or at the Carp Farmers' Mart, or at the Home Butcher, nor even at the expatriate "Scottish Shop". Nor do these offer any analogue or reasonable facsimile.

Are there any here who can give me a recipe for puff pastry, steak pies, for use with? This is a cri de coeur.

Also, where to get one of Dr draper's funnels?

A final thought to the chicks here. Some day you too will be an Old Biddy. You like all the others will take an hour to make a fifteen cent purchase. Oh Yes you will. It is genetic. Or will you just be a lower-case old biddy? It is not too early to think about this.

If timmcat finds this off-thread, he can go fly a kite. This is too important for such fiddle-faddle.

tony draper
1st Nov 2005, 15:07
Fire irons? what became of them?, splendid examples of the blacksmiths art , looking like they had been struck by Wheland himself(sp?) brass handled,pokers of various lengths and thicknesses ,half moon long handled rakes,of mysterious purpose, tongs,vicious looking implements, things that looked like the items the Fawkes person would have become painfully familier with shortly after Nov 5th.
One noted they reduced in number over the years ,we finished up with just a brass handled poker and tongs sitting in a brass 75 mm shell casing.
Progress?Gas/electric ,central heating?phooee!there were nowt like a good coal fire yer needed tools to work a coal fire.


1st Nov 2005, 15:17
Hmm, so thats what that thingy in the kitchen drawer is. A mushroom to prop pastry up.

1st Nov 2005, 15:30
Socks is a new thing. Before that men had "hose" or "leggings". Russians, of course had just foot wrappings, knitting being beyond em.....

Whatever became of codpieces?.......... :confused:

1st Nov 2005, 16:02
The little china thingy Mr D is called a pattypan and does indeed support the pastry.

Codpieces still around ORAC in the form of PC Boxes in various sports. PC because they are inobtrusive and non boastfull. Henery VIII's armoured codpiece on his suit of armour in the Tower was a cracker. Could surmise that he may have enjoyed a spot of pillage with the thought of the rape to come.

1st Nov 2005, 16:32
Whatever became of codpieces?
Can't get 'em anymore because of overfishing. You have to eat unidentifiable white-ish fish pieces these days.

I blame the Japanese.

1st Nov 2005, 19:12
If you want the full story on lost socks...
here (http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/rajm/sockfull.htm) it is

Solid Rust Twotter
1st Nov 2005, 19:16

Buy all my socks from military surplus stores. Good quality woollen socks in a bag of 25 pairs at a good price.

Sack o' Socks, perhaps?:ok:

1st Nov 2005, 22:04
HALLELUJAH! My sock-searching days are over. Now, all I have to do is find the nearest army surplus store to Tubthumper Towers....:ok:

tony draper
1st Nov 2005, 22:20
One assumes said ex military socks are not second user?
The Neaderthals had the best of it,they were geneticaly programed to grow their own socks.

Windy Militant
1st Nov 2005, 22:42
I buy Indestructable socks from a certain workware emporium on the Cricklade road here in the land of the magic roundabout.
Strictly speaking I should sue them for false advertising as the first few pairs I bought only lasted eleven years before the heels went through.

Mind you now I'm driving a desk and not stomping about in steelies they'll probably get the key to the door before they wear out. :rolleyes:

2nd Nov 2005, 00:40
Wandering around the backstreets of St Albans we chanced upon an antique shop, crammed with assorted oddments from the past. Among the relics was a strange porcelain object. I recognized it at once - the very same chimney that Gran used for baking rabbit pie! Or at least, one uncannily similar to the original lost heirloom. Rather amazingly, my Malaysian wife knows how to make pastry - savoury or sweet! (She studied the art in the Girl Guides while earning her 'exotic foreign cookery' badge.) Unfortunately, my suggestion that we could buy the object, take it home and rustle up a delicious rabbit pie just like Gran used to bake was greeted with horror.

"We can't possibly eat a rabbit" the girls cried "that's just too cruel!" Cruelty to rabbits is abhorrent. Cruelty to fathers evidently isn't.

By the way mr. draper, I think I know where you'll find your long lost fire irons...