View Full Version : Cliff Ripoff?

31st Oct 2005, 09:29
Spent half yesterday morning with the GF on the phone and self on the web trying to get tickets for her to see Cliff on his next tour. Having nearly booked some quite good ones before the server kicked me off we ended up with some quite crap ones.

During this it suddenly struck me that not only were we being screwed for 10.50 "fees" to get these seats (and the length of time it took I think they should pay us) but this concert is for November/December. 2006. Yes we have to pay full price for the tickets today and CR has got all this money (35/45 in Birmingham times 15 venues times thousands of seats) sitting in his bank earning interest for a whole year before he has to go and earn it. Not a bad little earner??

Windy Militant
31st Oct 2005, 09:38
Heard on the radio that Sir Cliff himself was going to appear on Watchdog to denouce a booking firm who were offering tickets for a concert of his, I think it was at Wembly, at 300 a pop. The firm concerned are offering specific seats and according to what was said in the clip I heard the tickets are not released for sale for another few weeks yet.
So be glad you've not been stiffed that much for the pleasure. ;)

31st Oct 2005, 09:47
I hate to be a spoil sport - but why pay a year in advance? The more that people are willing to accept these forward bookings and "fees" the more this is gonna happen. Many a time I wanted to see major acts, but when it came to the ticket agencies copping my dosh for upward of 9 months and at a hefty premium, i have said NO. So guess its "you pays yer money ....