View Full Version : X Factors Louis Walsh !!!!

30th Oct 2005, 22:50
Is it just us at Sidley Towers, or is he really creepy?


30th Oct 2005, 22:57
He likes his meat under done SS - if you know what I mean !! had sh*t on him for a long time - filthy man - the younger the better ! Expect this thread to get the magic trick treatment ! Were you over Trafalgar Square late last night ?

30th Oct 2005, 23:07
Well, while this thread continues, is there anything that can be posted?

Wasn't me Guv, were you trying to be avoided by any chance FS? :suspect:

2nd Nov 2005, 13:43
he's an arse bandit,thinks he's a dub-he's not.

2nd Nov 2005, 14:02
Uh oh - homophobic stuff is one of the few taboo subjects around here....

Maple 01
2nd Nov 2005, 14:53
I think it was the great Graham Norton that once said

'I know what you're thinking, get away from me you shiny green Irish poof.....'

Perhaps he wasn't being self deprecating (in his St Patrick’s Day outfit) but had someone else in mind.......

Not so much a problem with him being Gay, more his 'Youth club' lifestyle - Allegedly

Did Louis ever consider the priesthood?

2nd Nov 2005, 15:33
The guy behind Boyzone and Westlife and someone insults him by calling him a poof?

Bit like accusing Saddam of not paying his TV license.

Forming those two bands alone means boiling alive is too good for him.
Never mind all those hideous talent shows.

Phasers on "kill" men.