View Full Version : What did you do with your 'extra' hour...?

30th Oct 2005, 13:49
Me, prised my lad away from his PC, dusted off our bikes and spent an hour in typical english autumn weather, on bridleways, old farm tracks, through becks, and then freewheeling back down the valley.

This really is a grand part of the world.

30th Oct 2005, 14:10

However Mrs FMGC was working a night shift and so had to work an extra hour. Do you think that she should have been paid extra for it?

Onan the Clumsy
30th Oct 2005, 14:12
I had sex and then slept... :)

...for fifty eight and a half minutes :(

30th Oct 2005, 14:13
Woke up normal time, stretched, yawned, farted and went back to sleep. Marvelous.

30th Oct 2005, 14:14
Yes, she should have been. We always were.We didn't get docked an hour when the clocks went ahead tho'.

30th Oct 2005, 14:17
Got up went for a walk and wondered why the cafe was still closed.:rolleyes:

30th Oct 2005, 14:19
Split it with my colleague - he worked on an extra 30 minutes, I turned in for work 30 minutes early. Normal routine in this line of business, and generally we do something similar when the clocks go forward.

30th Oct 2005, 14:24
NOT what I would have liked to do! :E

30th Oct 2005, 14:29
I think I had a Kelly Bundy moment last night....set the clock AHEAD another hour instead of back an hour....."duh":confused:

30th Oct 2005, 14:32
Woke up just in time for the 1 o'clock TV news (or so I thought). Sat on the bog waiting for the familiar signature tune...thought French TV was on strike (again)... :O

30th Oct 2005, 14:49
I'm saving my extra hour for Monday. My schedule change is forcing me to go into work 2 hours earlier than last week...
Now I'll only feel the impact by 1 hour... :8

30th Oct 2005, 15:48
Spent the hour going round the house changing all the timepieces with all their different ways of doing so.

Jordan D
30th Oct 2005, 15:51
Spent the hour awake, listening to Tim Smith on Radio 2, whilst writing my essay on criticisms of Rational Choice Theory.

Fun Fun Fun.


30th Oct 2005, 15:56
Being stricken with the lurgy, I stayed in bed while Mrs Loki went off to get the Sunday papers in. Just after she departed on this mission, I remembered that the clocks had gone back an hour, and went round the house changing all the clocks before returning to bed. Mrs Loki was puzzled for a bit when she got back!

30th Oct 2005, 16:00
We don't get daylight saving time here:{

Something to do with the all the extra sunlight rotting the curtains or the cows not milking or something (I'm being serious!)

Ladies and Gentlemen as we approach for landing in Perth, Western Australia please adjust your watches back by 20 years

30th Oct 2005, 16:25
I wish they'd leave the clocks alone; this extra hour of daylight is burning the paint off my front door.

30th Oct 2005, 17:15
I spent the extra hour in bed, all nice and warm and comfy. Pouring with rain it was, so bed was best place to be.

30th Oct 2005, 17:32
>I spent the extra hour in bed, all nice and warm and comfy.

Pedant mode on:-
MOST (except night-workers and clubbers) would be in bed (and maybe asleep) between the hours of 2am and 1am . . .

30th Oct 2005, 18:11
Stood outside the pub along with a few other berks, a few years ago,wondering why the pub hadn't opened. Eventually,after discussing all sorts of terrible scenarios, someone banged on the door and the landlady opened the upstairs window and told us to pi$$ off home and change our clocks and then come back at the right time!!

30th Oct 2005, 18:21
>the landlady opened the upstairs window and told us to pi$$ off home and change our clocks and then come back at the right time!!

THAT'S the problem with the current UK licensing laws! Pubs should be open when the customers want to drink, not when the licensee deems to get up. What IS the world coming to?

30th Oct 2005, 18:40
Changed all the clocks, etc., before I went to bed (boring old fart) but the cat and my body clock didn't recognise the change:eek:

However, round of golf was TOTALLY excellent this morning. There is a God (and she's blonde and German!):ok:

What a gorgeous, excellent Indian summer we're having here in the Green Heart Of Europe:ok:

Oh, and for the cat lovers amongst you, if your're wondering; I have the biggest, fattest, coolest, tabby cat called Sally that you've ever seen.

She rules the entire Matatu universe, as far as I care:ok:

Fletchers Left Boot
30th Oct 2005, 19:11
My cat was striding around demanding to be fed one hour ahead of time. If she thinks she's so clever then why didnt she take into account the fact that the clocks have gone back :-)

El Grifo
30th Oct 2005, 21:06
Headed down to Playa Quemada with a three friends, ate a fresh fish lunch, washed down with four bottles of vino, then watched the sun set.

Just grand !!

30th Oct 2005, 22:05
Meant the bar stayed open an extra hour... another 60 minutes propping it up :(

30th Oct 2005, 22:07
Got a call from the CFI at the school where I work at 08:40 this morning wondering nobody had turned up for work today. I guess he spent his hour waiting for the rest of us to catch up.


31st Oct 2005, 01:05
Spent the extra hour at work thinking as I'm on overtime I can claim 13hrs iso of the usual 12 :ok: Don't think Hales and Pace will see it that way though!!


31st Oct 2005, 01:20
did a spot of stripping - window frames that is!
my and my cats tummies however were still on "old" time -
and got all depressed at how early it got dark:(


31st Oct 2005, 02:01
I sat on long layover in a hotel in Anchorage, waiting for my Zulu show time, which remained unchanged.

Very annoying when the clock change which is supposed to give me an extra hour to sleep in has no effect.:ouch: :sad:

flying bizzie
31st Oct 2005, 02:51
I had to work the extra hour. There's nothing like being on a night shift when the clocks go back:}

Oh, but how we laughed when one of the crew who was on mornings showed up an hour early!

3 Holer
31st Oct 2005, 06:44
Sat and watched the curtains fade !

31st Oct 2005, 07:33
Put it away and saved it fur when they take one off me in about 6 months.......

31st Oct 2005, 11:51
Woke up felt bad that had failed to attended the service I had intended to then discovered aftewards I could have after all, used the extra hour usefully to be ready for Sunday lunch ahead of time/on time instead of being late, which I would have been.

31st Oct 2005, 15:38
Spent a good 50 minutes confused because I'd changed my watch but nothing else and was completely hungover. Had to check Ceefax and whatnot and didn't believe them. ah well.

31st Oct 2005, 15:45
...and that's when I found out that my terrible headaches were an alergic reaction to sleeping with shoes on!:ouch:

31st Oct 2005, 18:14
Had a shag:E