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30th Oct 2005, 10:55
I'm after a bit of advice.

I've a fairly large garden with a lot of trees, and being that time of year, my garden is now covered in leaves.

I'm considering buying a garden vac, but I don't know if they are any good. There's no point asking the shop assistants, as most of them would say anything to get extra commission.

Has anyone here got one of these, and do they work very well?.
I don't want to get one, and then find out it's a total load of crap, and it end up in my garden shed for the next 10 years.

30th Oct 2005, 11:11
It works very well if the leaves are dry, fat chance of that with all the rain we have had. If wet, I blow them up from the soggy ground, then vacuum them up. Better to pick your day and do dry. Yes very handy, saves a lot of raking. Not sure if they all have suck and blow. Handy to have both.

30th Oct 2005, 12:01
Get a petrol one.

Massey Man
30th Oct 2005, 12:11
hi, something that i tend to do is just run around with the mower up high and with the collector on. sucks it all straight up.

works well for me, but i suppose it might make a mess if you have a wet garden.

got a ride on?

30th Oct 2005, 13:21
My neighbour has one of those vac things - takes him ages to eventually miss a lot of the leaves.

Mower set high takes 10-15 minutes to get 99% of them....

30th Oct 2005, 13:44
Got a garden vac/blower but use the mower mostly. Blower is handy for clearing leaves from flower beds, under shrubs, etc.

Onan the Clumsy
30th Oct 2005, 14:11
Save your money and get a real vacuum cleaner. After all, you can't use a garden vac on your nob :}

30th Oct 2005, 14:32
I run over my leaves with the mower, makes good mulch for the lawn....and pine needles are piled on my bulbs, good protection for the winter in flower beds....ok, I'm too lazy to rake leaves:}

30th Oct 2005, 14:40
Not having a garden, I've been wondering...

From an ecological point of view, wouldn't it be better for the garden (and why not the lawn?), to leave the leaves (hehe) in-situ over the winter. The leaves would then have all winter to in order to protect and transform themselves into nutritive mulch... :confused: Admit it prolly wouldn't look very nice though...

Onan the Clumsy
30th Oct 2005, 14:44
I was just leafing through here. I agree leave the leaves.

30th Oct 2005, 17:44
Raking is good exercise ,and the leaves will help the compost pile.What better way of working up a thirst:ok:

30th Oct 2005, 17:53
Got a petrol blower which is brilliant for shifting leaves out of borders and hedge bottoms, but no good as a vac.. it's about ten years old now so modern ones may be better at sucking..I blow onto grass and then pick up with the mower.
Fortunately prevailing wind is Southwesterly and a good SW wind sends most of mine to the neighbour!!

30th Oct 2005, 17:56
Mower set high works for me. The resultant chopped leaves are stacked separately and very soon decay into leaf-mould - ideal for special treats for your favourite plants - whilst the larger vegetable waste takes much longer to mature on a three-yearly cycle of fill, stand and use compost heaps.

>Raking is good exercise
So is sawing-up fallen branches - it obviates the need to BURN them as fuel as you're already warmed-up sufficiently . . .

30th Oct 2005, 18:03
Garden vac?

Get yourself a rake and a bit of old fashioned muscle power.

Then you won't get obese, and you will be doing your bit to contain global warming. What ever that is! :ok:

30th Oct 2005, 18:17
>Get yourself a rake and a bit of old fashioned muscle power.

Like the painting of the Forth Bridge, that would be a lifetime's job. You'll be suggesting cutting the grass with shears next . . .

B Sousa
30th Oct 2005, 18:33
Your all wrong. Get yourself a good bottle of Bombay Saphire, a Lime and Tonic. Mix according to your taste and watch the Gardener work.

30th Oct 2005, 18:37
>Your all wrong. Get yourself a good bottle of Bombay Saphire, a Lime and Tonic. Mix according to your taste and watch the Gardener work.

Tried that, but she told me to get off my fat horse and clear-up those leaves.

30th Oct 2005, 18:40
Shouldn't that have started 'You're all wro............

Sorry, it seems to be spreading.

Get a mate with a Robbo to blow the leaves into next-door's garden. Problem solved.

B Sousa
30th Oct 2005, 18:47
:mad: Its the grammer police again. Sorry I'm in a hotel using a computer which some Moron has spilt? Spilled? coffee(with much sugar) on the keys. So much easier to show my ignorance when I'm home on my own computer.
Or why can't folks drink Black Coffee.

30th Oct 2005, 20:25
i woul leave the leaves until they are clumped togetther and then use a rake to collect them. if they are wet you cannot vacuum them but they are easy to collect together and put in a waste bag. if you have a lawn covered with leaves better remove them quickly before they kill the turf. once the trees have shed their leaves it would be good time to trim the tree branches back making the following year easier to manage with less leaves to collect.

also think about covering your garden with either decking or paving as opposed to large areas of grass. leaves are easier to brush and collect together from a hard surface then grass.

30th Oct 2005, 20:34
Oh dear, more fodder for the Capitalisation Police, I fear.

Go the whole hog, lop the offending trees down. If neighbouring trees offend, do consider concreting over the lawn.

30th Oct 2005, 20:39
>if you have a lawn covered with leaves better remove them quickly

Otherwise the worms cast all over the grass under the leaves. Don't know whether it's eating toomany leaves that causes them to sh1t all over the lawn, but they don't arf make a mess.

30th Oct 2005, 22:40
Raking the leaves with a broad leaf rake with one hand and cool beer in 'the other at dusk is a peaceful way to get the job done. Gives one time to reflect.

The best use for a leaf blower (as demonstrated by our local NBL team mascot) is to mount a paint roller on the end, slide a roll of toilet paper on to the roller, aim blower at the seated visiting team supporters and let rip. The whole roll is released over everyone in about three seconds. :}

30th Oct 2005, 23:06
Just chuck them over the fence like I do then laugh and giggle at the following mornings "leaves on the line" story.