View Full Version : Brush with a Blue Angel

30th Oct 2005, 02:42
Promised someone that I would post this again as the pic went missing off the other link.
We were flying close to Charlotte in Florida when we were told to steer clear of the airfield due to Blue Angels......only got one of them on camera though.


30th Oct 2005, 02:47
Great close up there Farrell !:rolleyes:

30th Oct 2005, 02:54
It was close enough for me TFS ;)

Onan the Clumsy
30th Oct 2005, 02:56
Is he flying in formation with you and that's the underside of his fuselage at the top?

30th Oct 2005, 03:03
That's the underneath. Not sure what part of the show it was. A couple of seconds later, a group of them came across from our 9 to 3 o'clock at about the same distance though much lower than us.
Wonderful speed!
About a minute prior to this, we had, obliviously, asked to cross the airfield and were laughed at!