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30th Oct 2005, 00:37
Now I know that I shall be possibly opening a can of "worms" but can someone explain (without the usual industrial terms/conditions blurb) the real reason why the Flight crew "need" superior hotel accomodation on their layovers, despite, on some flights, having an exclusive rest area onboard the aircraft and still have the ability/right to utilise a cabin seat?? Are they THAT tired?

Hot Wings
30th Oct 2005, 00:47
Probably because they are the senior members of the crew.

Perhaps you could tell us all why cabin crew should even get a hotel, when they rush the service in order to maximise bunk time eg. 1:30 in the bunk each on a 4:30 CAI? Couldn't they just operate straight home? They can't be that tired?


30th Oct 2005, 01:13
In many airlines the cabin crew and the tech crew are two separate cost centres, each responsible for negotiating the best contract they can. It is quite possible that a B747 operator can negotiate a better deal/hotel for cabin crew than tech crew because there are more of them! Some hotels don't mind a dozen or so tech crew firm booked, even through the high season, at a discounted rate but don't want say, two hundred and fifty of their beds similarly booked, so CC Management have to find a hotel that will accept them.

In my last company it went something like:
London, different hotels, Paris and Amsterdam the same hotel, Brussels and Zürich different. Copenhagen the same, Bombay and Delhi the same hotel. Taiwan different, Hong Kong different, Tokyo different, Fukuoka and Osaka the same, San Francisco the same, Los Angeles different and New York the same. In some airlines the CC union ask to be in a separate hotel to tech crew, probably works the other way too!

Tech crew don't need "superior" accommodation, as you put it. ALL crew must have satisfactory accommodation, sufficient to their needs. If the tech crew have superior quality it is probably as stated above, the hotel want to limit the number of rooms they contract to on a discounted basis particularly during high season and the hotel that will accept a large discounted booking is less popular and therefore more willing to do so.

There are a dozen other reasons crew get separate hotels in the same location, suffice to say none of them have anything to do with demarcation, it is usually down to economics, practicality and crew choices.

30th Oct 2005, 02:27
Perhaps because they need it. Without information about their rosters, they could have been doing anything. And lets remember, the days of the 14 day layover have gone. Let them have there well earned sleep and rest, and if they get the Penthouse.....well done!!!!

30th Oct 2005, 04:24
Now this really will open a can of worms.....I say this with a very broad brush, and unfortunately it will be regarded as a bit of an insult to those who dont deserve it.

At QF, the tech crew and cabin crew, in many cases share hotels, and in some cases they are seperate. Generally tech crew like having the CC around so that they can all get together and have a few drinks etc, on the other hand they in many instances they hate having CC in the same hotel, because generally they bugger things up.

QF cabin crew, tend to be an enterprising lot...........with generally little regard for what happens to their fellow crew.

They abuse some of the Privileges in hotels....for example is there is free breaky of food on offer, they will go to the breaky eat breaky then stock up for the next few days.

The most recent incident I heard of is a CC flying to Perth and during his slip, he goes Crayfishing. He brings the crays back to the room, dunks them in cold water in the bathroom, causing them to Crap everywhere. He then cleans the mess up with the white hotel towels. (He then puts them on the aircraft in the meal carts, on dry ice, transpoerts them to sydney, and sells them).

Or the CC, who removed all the guts from new computers in one hotel, and replaced them with his old computer stuff.

In the Canberra Hotel, they offered a substantial discount on drinks in the bottle shop. So CC, go and buy cases of good quality grog at less than RRP and then start onselling to make a profit. Result, no more discounts at the bottle shop.

The other difference goes can be seen in the Rec club equipment. Where only tech crew stay in the hotel, whilst the gear is heavily used, it still stays in good nick, where CC stay and tech crew, the equipment is trashed.

Now I wont say that tech crew dont bugger things up, they do.. Just generally they show a little more respect.

30th Oct 2005, 04:29
My company has more than once put us in hotels that offers good rates to save cost.The result of that is we ended up 'THE' whore house in town in some Asia city. Yes, It is rated four stars but it has more than that.

The health club in the hotel is where all the action is. From 9pm to 1am every night, one can see schools of 'chicken fu([email protected]' going in and out of the elevators.Some hang around the lobby waiting for their friend to 'finish' their job. Worst of all is cabin crew being in the same elevator with them.You can see these people scan the crew from head to toe,mentally stripping them and licking the corner of their watering mouth like a hungry wolf.

The cabin crew uniform has another image in a place like this.

Ignition Override
30th Oct 2005, 05:24
On a related subject, speaking of the SEXES:eek: , now known as 'genders' for the (academically brain-washed and confused) faint of heart :\ :

This might be different nowadays, but at Delta airlines, many years ago, the Delta Wives' Group required the flight attendants to stay in a different hotel.

Apparently, the pilots' wives were rather jealous of the good-looking flight attendants, or their motives in choosing their profession,possibly feeling little trust in their spouses. Crew cameraderie there must have been quite positive, and is something which very many staff in my company never had, and never will have. If the basic facts about Delta are not true, then please enlighten me.

30th Oct 2005, 05:25
What is the name of that hotel please? ;)

30th Oct 2005, 05:53

it's funny but as a QF CC member the broad sweeping generalisations you say of us are much the same as we say of your lot.

We were only talking the other day about how frustrating it is to have so many of our rec. club computers "down" after being "fixed" by our technically "gifted" pilot collegues.

I laughed out loud at your comments suggesting that QF CC are "tight". Talk about "pot kettle and black".

Why is it like pulling teeth for so many of our duty free sellers trying to get one dollar for a beer?

Oh BTW, your posts really do paint you as quite a legendary CC hater.


30th Oct 2005, 07:29
mostie - it would be very presumptious of me to say likewise now wouldnt it.

If you have the ability to read, the first few lines indicate it is a broad generalisation, and some will feel unfairly picked on. I agree, I knew what I was writing, and I agree many do not deserve it.

As for hating CC, that is far from the case. I wont try to prove it, because it is futile. I do admit, I enjoy stirring. Thankfully you took the bait. As for congralulations - well - I can only suggest your immaturity would make you add something like this, either that or you enjoy stirring too. Maybe congratulations are in order for you as I replied. :D

As for similar comments about techies - you obviously still were having trouble reading my post - read the last lines - I do not think they are free from guilt.

Lastly, comparing techies trying to fix computers (which were probably already broken anyway) is hardly the same, as comparing it to CC, who remove the insides and replace with their own outdated parts.

Quite different really - but then again maybe this is acceptable to you?

30th Oct 2005, 07:39
Poor sad old blueloo.

The tone and content of your posts continues to perpetuate the stereotype, SO well.

Again, congratulations :E

30th Oct 2005, 07:50
I foresee a rapid move to Jet Blast for this,

Apparently, the pilots' wives were rather jealous of the good-looking flight attendants,

We use the same hotel as them in one location, not one under 45 and most older than that. While lovely people to talk to in the lift, I seriously doubt the pilots wives have much to worry about on international service :{

30th Oct 2005, 07:57
mostie, if thats the best reply you can come up with ...well, it speaks for itself really doesnt it.

Anyway you can continue with your drivel, or prove me wrong, put a counter argument up, or enter rational debate or say something constructive. Unfortunately congratulations doesnt really do much for me. The ball is in your court.

30th Oct 2005, 08:33
THERE you are blueloo!!!!

Not having trouble with your CC collegues AGAIN are you??

Help us will you to see the error of our ways by explaining the following statement you made on the CC forum recently pleeeeease.

Quote- [The CC]... hadnt been corrupted by the long term Sydney attitudes.

Wasn't it you extolling the virtues of our [BRAND NEW] LHR base months ago saying that it was the first time you had been out in SIN as a WHOLE crew................Pointing out [inadvertedly?] that the rest [who have been around] obviously would'nt be seen dead with you?

Is it beyond you to look within?

30th Oct 2005, 08:51
hi birdseedhouse, no i told ya, i love stirring! anyway I am glad you posted something from another topic in this forum, because it has a lot to do with separating cc in hotels..............

as for LHR crew, i havent seen to many on a domestic sector - can you tell me which domestic patterns i should bid for to see them?

unless of course you meant perth crew......

30th Oct 2005, 09:00

Because I'm worth it.

Lou Scannon
30th Oct 2005, 12:31
For the same reason that in other occupations, the company employees earning around £100,000 a year qualify for flash company cars and the ones earning a lot less...get to take the 'bus to work.

There is nothing to prevent cabin crew training as pilots (many have)... if they want an upgrade in pay and conditions.

30th Oct 2005, 13:18
Wouldn't it make more financial sense for the airlines to lease whole apartments in some places? No max. number of occupants per room. Crew would bring their own sleeping bags. Junior CC responsible for cleaning up for the next lot etc. :E

1st Nov 2005, 02:28
Are they THAT tired?This one is...