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29th Oct 2005, 21:05
Who would have thought Wigan would be 2nd in the Premiership?

I have it on good advice that Mr Whelan can't keep taking the company 430 from Parbold to work every day, but hey when your the boss, I just say sack the accountants!

Wigan to Parbold is quiet a pull!


29th Oct 2005, 21:59
My dad is Paul Jewell's golf partner.

My dad is also a shameless ligger when it comes to freebies in the directors boxes etc.

30th Oct 2005, 18:57
Who would have thought Wigan would ever make it into JB, as a thread topic?

Lived in Wigan for almost a year, in the early 1980s. Memories...

Fletchers Left Boot
30th Oct 2005, 19:17
To think only 4 years ago we beat that lot 2-0 on a damp Tuesday night in Dorchester (while Dean Court was being re-built)..

Best chant of the night: "One Pier... you've only got one pier...."

31st Oct 2005, 08:03
Does that mean the football team has overtaken Uncle Joe's Mint Balls as Wigan's main claim to fame?

31st Oct 2005, 08:25
Coming from somewhere like Wigan - that really is a wrist slashing excuse in life's lottery - you really got 7 high there, I can tell you !

At a wedding.....strangers talking...

" So where are you from then ? "

" Well, originally, I'm from Wigan "

" er....excuse me.....Vicar !! Vicar !!!...sorry, just forgot to ask the Vicar about funerals.....er...nice to meet you....Vicar !!! "

Windy Militant
31st Oct 2005, 08:30
I thought that the Casino Club was Wigan's Greatest Claim to fame. ;)

31st Oct 2005, 08:31
Then there was Wigan's Chosen Few - one of those Northern Soul combos

31st Oct 2005, 08:39
Fortunately, I only work there, they are, without doubt, the biggest bunch of inbreeds I have ever met.

They’re even worse that people from Tarleton/Hesketh Bank, now that is saying something!!!!

Remind me of the old classic visual joke at the aerobics lesson.:-

Instructor “Hands on thighs”

Students, well you can guess what they all did.

It went down a storm when my dad told it in a Wedding speech, when my Sister married a Cow Head from Westhoughton!!


31st Oct 2005, 09:09
Been to Wigan twice. Both times were enjoyable.

I've got fond memories of the place. There's a bloody good chipper near the (old) football ground.

The second occasion I visited I got the train from Manchester. The derelict mines/factories en route were a dpressing sight.

And no, I can't believe Wigan are second in the Premiership. Good luck to them.

Curious Pax
31st Oct 2005, 11:34
Just wish they'd put the guy who has rented my house in the UK in the team. I'm a bit worried that he'll get hacked off and leave in the January transfer window, leaving me to find another tenant!

31st Oct 2005, 18:49
Wigan - sounds a bit like a mild expletive....

31st Oct 2005, 19:30
Went out with a girl from Wigan once, met her in Henry Africa's (African theme pub in the 90's).
Great place, DIIIRRRTY Women:E

31st Oct 2005, 20:52
Great place, DIIIRRRTY Women

Yeah, that´s ONE thing you can say about Wigan...!

31st Oct 2005, 23:08
Henry Africa's. What a place, it's now a respecable run of the mill pub with a travel lodge attaced to it. Those were the day's.