View Full Version : Don't forget to chnage your watches & clocks

29th Oct 2005, 19:59
Don't forget to chnage your watches & clocks.

Sultan Ismail
29th Oct 2005, 20:05
Why, mine has been going very well for years, no need to change it, is this another seasonal commercialisation in the making?

29th Oct 2005, 20:09
Well I'll say thanks FM :ok:

I'm the early guy tomorrow, and if I turned up at 5:15, I'd be more than a little annoyed (the night guy wouldn't).

29th Oct 2005, 20:23
Thanks fmgc

We've just put ours forward by 2 hours. Now we can relax knowing that we will be in sinc. with the rest of the world during the northern hemisphere winter.

It can be rough in the Wild Wood


Rattie and Moley

29th Oct 2005, 20:29
...if I change my clock now I will go to bed later and lose my extra hour. I will do it in the morning....or....

29th Oct 2005, 20:50
Wow, it's that time of the year already? Thanks for the reminder, I would have forgotten!:)

(........ continued in the thread "what did you do with your extra hour")

flying bizzie
29th Oct 2005, 20:57
Just my luck to be working a night shift.............buggah:mad:

None of the above
29th Oct 2005, 20:58
The Times carried an article (28/10) on the pros and cons of changing the clocks back and forth and it can be seen here:


Reader responses are carried here:


N o t a

African Tech Rep
29th Oct 2005, 21:09
Tried that during my first year here – confused the f**k out of everyone why one day my time was in synch with them and the next day an hour different.
Ever tried explaining to someone exactly why this is done – especially when they’ve never seen a UK winter.

Loose rivets
29th Oct 2005, 22:02
It must be me. It has to be me that is out of step with the rest of the world......BUT

People who alter their timepieces--so that the sun comes up or goes down at a different time--are all totally barking mad.

A clock is a machine that tells the time. THE time, not some arbitrary or notional stab at making time fit in with one's personal needs.

Doesn't it occur to the safety bods, that it's the change of time–rather than the darkness etc that is killing folk. Half of the victims probably haven't slept cos of worrying wether they altered the clock the correct way.

The answers in the link told of some folk wanting extra light in the morning and some wanting extra light at night. **** em all I say. I want my clock to tell the TIME.

If I want more light "to get me to work in the morning on un-gritted roads" I'll get some huge headlights, :cool: or go to work at a different time...or even stay in bed. What I won't do is ask the rest of the nation to fiddle with their clocks. Most of the silly bu$$ers don't know how to do it anyway.

‘If snow is due, slow will do'......or ‘set the clocks back, if you want to avoid flack.'
Or ‘if winter is coming, hold the clock up to the mirror and turn the little knobby thing until the time looks like it did in the spring....' Mad I tell you.

Now, cos we have all become so cosmopolitan, we are considering adding two hours. The next idea is to leave it set at that datum for ever. Errr...why not just get used to going to school / work at a different time? That way the clocks will relate accurately to the lines scribed on the planet. It took me ages to be able to navigate by a wristwatch, and now I'm likely to be out by 15 or even 30 degrees if I forget to alter my time.

However, there is no use in ranting if one is not forthcoming with solutions...so, here's an idea or two.

Why don't we just add so many hours, that it's time to come home before we went...think of the hours of commuting saved. Or...we all set our clocks to suit ourselves. Then we publish a book on the style of Bradshaw's that lists everyone's personal time. All we have to do then, is to go where we want–whenever we want, and our friends and colleagues simply have to look up our details to see when we are likely to be somewhere. Simple.

Please support me in my "Hands up for noon. " campaign.

Thank you and good night...errr, in and hour.

29th Oct 2005, 23:00
DON'T LISTEN TO HIM !!! He's a Brietling salesman
chnage..change...rip off

29th Oct 2005, 23:11
For years we used to change all the clocks in the Niknak household on Dec 31st.
Strangely, the clocks went forward by 3 hours a few minutes before 9pm, at 9pm real time, our kids and all those at the New Years Eve party thought it was midnight.

They all happily celebrated seeing the New Year in and promptly went to bed, leaving the big kids to drink and be very merry.

Sadly all good things come to an end....

30th Oct 2005, 10:09
It's a shame that the BBC don't practise what they preach wrt clock changing - I notice that both Ceefax 1 & 2 are still showing British Summer Time this Sunday morning. Consequently those VHS Players etc that periodically check themselves against the Ceefax time signal, have not (yet) 'auto-changed' to GMT.

30th Oct 2005, 10:26
Well done, Loose Rivets. I don't see how changing clocks can be to blame, nor why folks argue in favour of it. Daylight is daylight, and changing clocks doesn't affect it.

How about this though? Tesco Express is normally open from 6am until Midnight. However, last night they closed at 11pm 'because the clocks were being put back one hour'. This means they have TWO hours extra between shifts (and we couldn't fill our empty fuel tank). Logic?

30th Oct 2005, 10:32
There isnt much use for daylight saving here in the tropics. The variance in Day/night hours is not as great as the more temperate climes.

30th Oct 2005, 15:00
I did forget...I was working so much, contact with the outside world has been limited.

Found myself in a Twilight Zone moment when I woke up. Half my clocks changed automatically(PC, TV)...the other half? Well, if the battery is dead, why is the time an hour ahead. :O

30th Oct 2005, 16:31
What an absurd idea!


30th Oct 2005, 16:36
>What an absurd idea!

I recall my first visit to Hong Kong. Wanting to see the sunset from the Victoria Peak I asked what time sunset occurred, to be told 'between 7.20 and 7.30'. They weren't wrong . . . it happened SO suddenly! Very strange to us temperate-zone dwellers.

30th Oct 2005, 17:20

Maybe not relevant today, but in the early 1900's it was forwarded as a means of saving money on fuel. Sadly although William Willett campaigned for daylight saving in Britain he never saw it come to pass as it was introduced in 1916 a year after his death.
Just felt the need to stick up for the idea as it is my familys one claim to fame :ok:

30th Oct 2005, 20:26
Being too old and boring for nightclubs, what happens when the clocks go back an hour, do you get an extra hour's drinking in the establishment?

Jordan D
31st Oct 2005, 00:02
Not in Edinburgh's Student Union ... Potterrow closes at 0300BST (or more correctly 0200GMT) on the Sunday am of the change.