View Full Version : Fireworks - yes or no?

28th Oct 2005, 21:31
It's that time of year again. For me personally it means November the 5th and all that goes with it but these days seems it is extended by Ramadam, Diwali etc... so from here on in tis a constant barrage in London from now til the end of November.

Whatever your persuasion, whatever your reason do you like them? I love them, am a pyromaniac at heart, spent over 300 squid last year for a fantastic display which was enjoyed by me and Mrs Candoo and half of North London, one of the highlights of my year. Am just about to order this years assortment and getting excited - still a child at heart!

Any plans?

28th Oct 2005, 21:35
Yep....massive fireworks display planned over here.
I have seen some amazing ones in the past.
Independence Day display in the US this year was great.
Last year, there was a stunning show put on by the Chinese Consular General in Lyon.
The best ever was a display I saw when I lived in Tokyo - went on for an hour!

You know that you can tie them to kittens as well!
(waiting now for the troops to arrive!:E )

Lon More
28th Oct 2005, 21:36
Waste of money. buy some dynamite and finish off what old Guido started

28th Oct 2005, 21:37
The dickheads that pass for neighbours here in "Lootin" insist on letting the bloody things off during the day. I would like to personally stuff them up their arse.

Fireworks on the appropriate night, fine. Any other time. No. Noisy and scares animals needlessly.

tony draper
28th Oct 2005, 21:45
I don't understand how a government that try ban anything that can cause the slightest harm can have deregulated fireworks to the extent they have although one has ones suspicians,any dizzy **** seems to be able lay their hands of them at any time of the year now,we have them day and night round here at the mo,liked them when I was a kid, hate the feckin things now,organised displays yes, street chavs getting them No!!
If they are traditional for our ethnic minorities, tough shit, ban the bastard things except for Nov 5th and organised displays.

28th Oct 2005, 21:46
Farrell - it's the sheer balls of lighting the big ones that gets me going, guess it's the nearest you can get in the UK to legally blowing things up - without harming anyone - except animals ears and comfort I guess.

Redsnail - personally it is once a year, November 5th. Round here though goes on all the time until the early hours under any number of guises - I know what you are saying.

28th Oct 2005, 22:30
Totally illegal here, but Hallow'een fireworks run from about July to mid-November.

Some kids comedy here had a joke firework safety film, "Why Jimmy has no fingers":}

28th Oct 2005, 22:46
Ahhh Taildragger.........Henry Street & Moore Street!
"D'ya wan bangurs or rockits yunfella?"

Lon More
28th Oct 2005, 22:53
Reddo When I lived there the IRA used the area N. of Wardown Park as a training area - lots of whizbangs, gunfire etc.. The boys in blue did nothing to stop them. Mybe they hoped that the whole lot would be blown up.
"Come friendly bombs and drop on Luton" should have been the poem

dawn raider
28th Oct 2005, 23:44
used to rent an apartment in Compton (rather bad part of LA) when I lived over there. went to sleep every night to the sound of real gun fire.

ruined any nostalgia I had for the 5th Nov. damned trigger happy drug dealers.........

29th Oct 2005, 10:23
Fireworks? Yes....on Nov. 5th!

We have low-life thickos around here for whom an exciting firework display is 100 air bombs. @rseholes.

DX Wombat
29th Oct 2005, 11:00
As someone who has had to deal with the nasty side of fireworks I think they should be confined to authorised displays. Perhaps we should adopt the Australian idea that all persons organising firework displays must have a special licence and training.

29th Oct 2005, 11:20
Love fireworks, but would definately like them only allowed at licensed displays to limit the number of nights we are subjected to the noise.

29th Oct 2005, 11:26
Some nice soul lit a multi-shot jobber in our village phone booth. No damage, luckily, but an awful lot of brown paper!

29th Oct 2005, 11:29
I hate em. I live in the vicinity of hull(a wart on the arsehole of the earth) hence chavs let them off from august until they run out.Nobody goes to school in these parts so they do not own calendars to let them know when nov 5th is. We have had trick or treaters round for the past two weeks,I had to resist the urge to give them a slap,if you give them sweets they look at you like you have gone mad,they all expect money,however if I could afford to give them all money I wouldn't be living around here!:mad:

29th Oct 2005, 12:00
Only in the UK!

We keep getting told that we are in the middle of a war against terrorists, yet anyone could go into a shop and buy enough fireworks to make a fair size bomb. Okay, the explosive inside might not be as effective as pure gunpowder, but I'm sure enough of it correctly packaged would still have the same effect.

Their sale should be limited to licenced people only.

Marko Ramius
29th Oct 2005, 12:15
They do say that Guy Fawkes was the only person who ever eneterd the House Of Commons with an honourable intention!!