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28th Oct 2005, 17:10
JCB (http://www.jcbsong.co.uk/jcbvideo.asp)

28th Oct 2005, 17:20
That has to be one of the best videos I have seen in a very long time.
Very funny and endearing.

(And have now just bought the album.....didn't know this band existed......and they remind me of another group that I can't put my finger on)

28th Oct 2005, 17:22

28th Oct 2005, 17:33
Its genuinely excellent. The songs a bloody good one (if a bit odd) and the video is quite literally a work of art.

28th Oct 2005, 17:57
Superb. Farrell, let us know what the rest of the album is like please?



...and TFS - I liked your contribution too. That's a good site!

DC Meatloaf
28th Oct 2005, 19:01
The same artist(s?) did an amazing video for Radiohead's Creep (not sure if it was authorized by the group or not, but it's fantastic): Low Morale: Radiohead - creep (acoustic) (http://www.lowmorale.co.uk/creep/flash/creep_FLASH.htm) Bookmarked it a long time ago...very distinctive style.

28th Oct 2005, 20:33
That's brill DC 'loaf:ok:

28th Oct 2005, 20:38
Just finished listening to the album now. Bought it at iTunes.
The rest is along the same lines but with more instruments. Each song moves into the other well and in fact, I can see this album going into my 'Running' playlist for iPod.

I still can't figure out which band they remind me of!!

Lon More
28th Oct 2005, 20:38
Bob the Builder on acid. Bought the album too

I still can\'t figure out which band they remind me of!! Some of the lyrics came from Christy Moore

28th Oct 2005, 20:50
Wow the Radiohead one's great too.....have to go and google now to see if this guy's got any more on the web.

That didn't take too long...........here we go!:

28th Oct 2005, 21:06
Some of the lyrics came from Christy Moore
Strictly, the song "Don't Forget Your Shovel If You Want To Go To Work" was written by Christy Hennessy although recorded and made famous by Christy Moore.

Not wishing to take anything away from the great Christy Moore, many of his famous songs were written by others.



28th Oct 2005, 21:25
I used loathe Christy Moore because of his one-time dodgy politics.

Then I saw him live in Adelaide (of all places).


Marvellous video.

Lon More
28th Oct 2005, 21:57
Pedantic, awkward :mad: mode on: I didn't say he wrote them, I said they came from him; pedantic awkward :mad: mode off.

I agree about his politics but why should the devil have all the best tunes?

28th Oct 2005, 22:00

I love it. Reminds me of my younger days when I sat in the back of a Hymac digger with my father. Happy memories.

Ohh..sitting on the toolbox...:D

29th Oct 2005, 19:12
Cheers for the Radiohead link. I haven't seen that one before :ok:

29th Oct 2005, 19:41
Outstanding video (I like the song, too!)!

Showed it to Mrs. Maxbert, who works in the weird & wonderful field of animation- Was told to forward the link post-haste to the studio where she works! ;)

18th Dec 2005, 16:22

you just never know do you
JCB song makes Westlife challenge (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/4525112.stm)

18th Dec 2005, 17:14
:ok: What a fun and enlightening video! :ok:

18th Dec 2005, 17:55
Ah.. Excellent...

Time to dig out :} the old Planxty albums..

18th Dec 2005, 18:07
JCB Song on top of charts! (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/4540514.stm)

:ok: :ok: :ok: Class wee tune

18th Dec 2005, 18:26
For TFS! (http://artpad.art.com/?irpkk3pxg0g) :p

18th Dec 2005, 18:46
This song is more crap than a stinking, shitty sewer!

I hate it:mad: :mad:


19th Dec 2005, 06:16
I think I'll simply accept that my ability to enjoy pop music (or whatever fancy "I'm in the know" name it has this week) has all but left me.

Either that, or it's all [email protected] these days and my ability not to be influenced by popular opinion, fashion etc. remains as intact as it ever has.

I just don't geddit. :(

19th Dec 2005, 12:40
And we're holdin' up the by-pass......woahhhhhhhhhh!

19th Dec 2005, 12:43
Me and my dad havin' a top laugh, woaahhh!

What a great song:ok:

19th Dec 2005, 13:07
As (some) others have said is a great little feel good ditty. Have been listening to the album for the last couple of weeks actually pretty good all round!

18th Jan 2006, 20:05

Anyone know what happened to that great animation of the JCB song? I was gonna send the link to my dad now hes on Broadband, but it seems to have disappeared......A case of now its known about they want you to pay to see the vid/hear the track etc?

I did a google seach and get loads of articles about it, but any links for the vid fail...


Regards, SD..

18th Jan 2006, 22:30
Handspring's original link on page 1 still seems to work! Best of luck - shame you can't download it :(

Or if anyone knows how to download the video, I'd be grateful!



18th Jan 2006, 23:40
you're all bleadin' barmey and mutton the blinkin' lot of yers !

19th Jan 2006, 06:34
Hey, Whirly..... You fixed it!! :ok:

I just tried the link again and now it works!! Definitely didnt work last night though.....:suspect:

And to unhappy:ouch: .... SD jr. is 4, and last summer spent every available minute of our short visit to the UK on a tractor with his Grandad - which this song/vid reminds me of - and I thought my old man might like the thought....:ok:

Regards, SD..

19th Jan 2006, 11:08
And while we are in the mood here is another one!


20th Jan 2006, 21:36

Thankyou for the link.....

Me - typically hard faced and cynical. Started watching the vid and was enjoying it and then spent the next few minutes crying my eyes out. Called the missus in and she loved it. My youngest childs name is Luke, he's not quite 5 yet but I hope he sees me as a hero like Luke in the vid saw his Dad.

My Luke will love this, can't wait to show it to him in the morning.