View Full Version : Obligations to utility companies?

28th Oct 2005, 14:59
I have this friend (not me honest) ;) who moved into a new house a year ago. Apparently he informed the utility companies of the move, and asked them to continue supply at new property.

Several months later it dawns on friend that no utility bills have arrived. Checks with previous suppliers to be told that as meterpoint reference number for new property is not listed, they cannot provide supply.

Well friend is obviously consuming gas and electricity. But whose is it? Without any bills, is he stealing it, and if so from which of the miriad utility suppliers? Does he have a legal duty to seek out the supplier, or is he within his (legal) rights to sit back and wait for a bill?

Free legal advice please :ok:

28th Oct 2005, 16:00
I have heard of several similar cases,

It must be a result of the current system of what are really non-suppliers of power but simply purveyors of invoices (wholesalers/retailers).

Wouldn't have happened in the old monopoly days.

I doubt there is anyone other than the true generators who could lay claim to ownership of what he has used.

Big Tudor
28th Oct 2005, 16:05
I find myself in a similar problem to your 'friend'Mariner. Moved into current property 2 years ago and telephoned the utility companies to arrange services. The water company stated that a bill would be sent after the first meter reading. "Ain't got a meter", said I. "You must have", said they. "You are in a new property". "No I haven't, I'm looking into an empty box that says 'Water Meter' on the outside."

After 3 phone calls along similar lines I gave up, with the water company adamant that there is a water meter fitted to my house. To date nobody seems to be able to find it! :rolleyes:

28th Oct 2005, 16:16
Not legal but practical advice - if they ever do get their act together I suspect they'd be perfectly entitled to ask for everything that's due to them. So why not guess how much it might be and put a bit away every month in a special bank account? That way you'll sleep peacefully at night as well as accruing useful interest.

Big Tudor
28th Oct 2005, 16:19
Have been doing that Stockpicker. Built up quite a nice little 'rainy day' pot, with associated interest of course. :ok:

28th Oct 2005, 16:44
Wouldn't use the interest gained to invest in utility shares though :*

28th Oct 2005, 17:09
For electric they should call they should call their local electricity distributer for the
MPAS enquiry tel no. for their area. This will give your friend the name of the current electricity supplier, the dates of supply for that meter, the address that the meter is registered to.

Likewise for gas they should call the National Grid, Tel no 0870 608 1524.

I worked for a well known utility company sorting this kind of thing out and can only advise the sooner it's dealt with the better.

I have seen many instances where people have moved into a property and have even been paying the wrong company for years and suddenly are hit by the supplier for massive bills as payments have not been recieved. Getting payments from the other company can take up to a year to transfer and you would still be chased from the original supplier!

Oh yeah forgot to add..

Even though the supplier says they have no record of the meter it prob means the person your friend spoke to can find it on the system. There IS a meter there afterall and MPAS or National Grid will have a record of it as gas/electric is being consumed. Bill\'s will follow eventually.