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south coast
27th Oct 2005, 15:23
Why is it that all great musical tracks are normally longer than the conventional 3 minute radio play time?

ie. Stairway to Heaven, Bohemian Rhapsody, Hotel California, Free Bird, Riders on the Storm, Voodoo Chile

Considering the length of their play time, one would think they were not particularly radio friendly and therefore not played as often as the standard 3 minute type song, and yet when ever all time favorite poles are carried out...Stairway to Heaven and Bohemian Rhapsody are always 1 and 2!

27th Oct 2005, 15:25
That's because they are classics, and always will be.

Not like the manufactured shite of Pop Rejects etc that is created solely with the premise that the market they are aiming for can't concentrate on the one thing for more than 3 minutes.

Oh sh*t.............I've turned into my father.

27th Oct 2005, 15:31
They was longer cos radios used valves in them days and not these tiny transistors that can only take shorter songs now.:E

Jerricho, at least you didn't turn into you know who:uhoh:


27th Oct 2005, 15:33
Who.......Send Clowns? :E

27th Oct 2005, 16:10
Not yet. Give him time.

27th Oct 2005, 17:56
Ozzy, Close, but "no cigar" :E

The real reason is that nowadays we use VHF-FM radios, which use very short wavelengths, whereas back in the days of Radio Caroline we had medium and long wave

It's these very short radio wavelengths that the longer songs won't fit into.:ok:

27th Oct 2005, 18:18
I think you blokes have it all wrong... IMHO, these songs became great for a totally different reason. My theory is as follows: We all know that most radio Disk Jockeys are simply full of sh*t. These longer songs simply allowed said DJs to rid themselves of the afformentioned substance and thus were played at a much higher rate. When the DJ returned to the air, he sounded "refreshed" and thus those of us in the listening audience unconsciously began to make the connection between these songs and "feeling better." See. It's simple.



Farmer 1
27th Oct 2005, 18:22

No, that's utter rubbish.

FM transmissions are short range - line of sight. The speed of propagation of light, and of radio waves, is 300,000,000 metres / second. So that means a song of, say, so long, would take about, so long to reach its destination - some poor soul's tranny.

That's the reasons these modern "songs" are so short - there isn't the time for a longer ones to be transmitted before the signal reaches the limit of its range. Be thankful for small mercies.

Kaptin M
27th Oct 2005, 18:37
Radios, speakers, and headsets are smaller these days than in the olden days, and can't accomodate big tracks.
Plus many of the musical notes are getting worn out from a lot of that modern "head banging tripe" (one of Dad's favourite phrases to describe my apparent lack of taste in my selection of music) being played too loudly.

south coast
27th Oct 2005, 18:43
i think studio time was cheaper back then so they just thought they could afford t make longer songs...;) ;)

Krystal n chips
27th Oct 2005, 18:57
I never had you down as a charitable bar steward Jerricho ;) --3 mins you say ????---hmmm--bit generous here aren't we ? ;) :E

Airway to Heaven
27th Oct 2005, 18:57
Who remembers the late great John Peel playing Mike Oldfields Tubular Bells in its entirety ?

All 48 glorious minutes of it, an idea previously unheard of.

27th Oct 2005, 19:16
Now then, now then, now then....I have another theory. Song length is directly proportional to the length of male singers' hair...:E


27th Oct 2005, 20:34
That's including the 90 seconds to scratch yer balls and adjust yourself. ;)

27th Oct 2005, 21:36
Nope.. Yer all wrong… Longer songs in olden days because the artists only had a few songs and used to pad them out with drum/bass solo, etc… I know, I was there!

Windy Militant
27th Oct 2005, 21:48
I'm waiting for the John Ottway world tour They're going for the worlds Longest Heavy Metal Guitar solo 24hrs and Six minutes! Guess how!;)

27th Oct 2005, 22:05

Farmer takes first place - he's got the thing puzzled out. :cool:

But an alternative theory - could it be that 3:00 was all that fit on a ten inch 78 rpm shellac disc? (I offer this only as a wild guess - I have never seen one, nor do I know anyone who has ever seen these apocryphal apparitions...)


tony draper
27th Oct 2005, 22:20
Seen em !!? one still plays the feckers,yer can't wack the Ink Spots or Spike Jones and the City Slickers.

El Grifo
27th Oct 2005, 23:40
Ah see that Johnny Cooper Clarke is still tourin tho

Grateful for small mercies and tha'

:ok: :uhoh: :ok:

28th Oct 2005, 01:13
You lot are forgetting the timeless classics that preceded south coast's timeless classics.

Skiffle, early rock'n roll, the ballads, the 'silly' songs were usually all sub 3.00 minutes.

Nothing to do with record size, McArthur Park and American Pie (full version) fitted neatly on a 7" 45RPM disc, as did 4 track EP's.

It was simply the style of the time.

But the introduction of the longer tracks were indeed a boon for the budding radio announcer or disco dj.

Air Gecko has it half right. The longer tracks were heaven sent for the announcer what found himself caught short.

But they were also useful to provide opportunity to chat up the nubile nymphs who used to visit the dj in the studio or at the nightclub turntables:E

Santa Esmerelda's 27 minute version of Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood was particularly popular at discos for a while in the late 70's.:ok:

28th Oct 2005, 01:55
Ahh Coods,

I'm betting you been to many a B&S ball there matey ;)

28th Oct 2005, 02:04
Johnny Cooper Clarke is still tourin tho

Hope he's still got all that hair - is he playing F*ck*n Chicken Town?
ISTR The Animals "House Of the Rising Sun" was the 1st single over 4 minutes long - shock, horror...:oh:

El Grifo
28th Oct 2005, 10:01
Not only that reynolds, but Kung Foo Karate Cop as well !!!

"I'm not going back to Bolton, me card is marked.

Enter the dragon, exit Johnny Clarke"

Move over Zimmerman !!!

:ok: :cool: :ok: