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27th Oct 2005, 13:34
Saw the film yesterday. Completely enthralling. Bruno Gantz's performance is staggering as is the performance of the Goebbels and quick cameo's by Himmler and Alber Speer.

It is a completely spooky film, utterly transfixing. Captures what you beleive the mood to be at the time perfectly. The chaos, Hitler slowly going mad as the Russians close in, the Tantrums with the generals and the Goebbels murder of their children is so clinically done and utterly tragic.

In a way, a frightening film that left me a little bit shook afterwards.

27th Oct 2005, 13:51
Certainly was an excellent film. I particularily liked the Albert Speer portrayal.
Makes me wonder just a little as to what might have happened to Odessa.;)

Flip Flop Flyer
27th Oct 2005, 14:11
The title of the movie is "Der Untergang". It is one of the best movies I've seen in a very long time. The performance by Bruno Gantz is both magnificent and terrifing.

south coast
27th Oct 2005, 15:25
is it a current release or did you watch it on dvd?


27th Oct 2005, 15:43
DVD, it's been out a few weeks I think. German with subtitles.

tony draper
27th Oct 2005, 15:59
The new digital channel 4 ,4more has been trailing it, so it must be going to appear on there shortly ,looking forward to seeing it there, as one is to mean watch movies at the cinema,or to buy DVDs.

27th Oct 2005, 16:20
A fantastic film....saw it in the cinema in the US and also watched it twice on a LHR-EWR...just waited for the channel to rewind after the first showing! Puts some real meat on the bones of when we studied this period in school.

I can also recommend "Conspiracy" with Stanley Tucci, Kenneth Branagh and Colin Firth (about the Wannsee Conference).

B Fraser
27th Oct 2005, 16:56
a few years back, I was working with a chap who had the surname of Speer. I mentioned reading a book about his namesake and he replied that Albert Speer was his great uncle. I asked if this had ever caused him problems and the reply was "not really in comparison to my father, he was in the Royal Navy".

28th Oct 2005, 12:47
I thought the film was extremely well cast, at least with respect to photographs of Hitler and Goebbels. I've read that the few people left who were a witness to that surreal business and who saw the film thought that it was uncannily accurate.

I saw the film earlier this year at a charity premiere (yeah, well) and witnessed something surreal myself. Once the local dignitary had finished his welcome on behalf of the charity, a young blond gentleman stood up and reminded us in a German accent that that day was Hitler's birthday! I kid you not.

Talk about hearing a pin drop.

28th Oct 2005, 15:10
Haven't seen it but all reviews from people I respect have been unstinting in their praise for the lead's performance. Looking forward to seeing it.

We also have one week left here on the excellent documentary on Auschwitz featuring interviews with former Nazi guards, Jewish and gypsy prisoners, and re=enacted footage of meetings from information provided by Nazi insiders. Mrs B is always wondering aloud how often we are going to keep watching the same thing, but the truth can never be shown too often for me. Awe-inspiring stuff.

28th Oct 2005, 15:41
I looked all over London and Gatwick for it.

Adverts everywhere - but NO stock.

Must be great - looking forward to see it soon.

Tx for the write up's :ok:

28th Oct 2005, 16:02
Apparently Gantz even has the lower-class Munich accent down to a tee.

it's based on the writings of his secretary who was with him until the end. She actually makes an appearance after the film has ended to discuss a few things. Remarkably frank and honest woman.

Survivors who were in Berlin back in 1945 were very shook up after seeing it according to reports. The film makers had the look and feel of Berlin at that time down to a tee.
Even in the Bunker, the constant shelling and gunfire makes you realise to a small degree, the incredible bombardment the city came under.
The sights of the hospitals and the dead everywhere brought back very disturbing feelings as you can imagine for these survivors who watched it.

As always it;s the civilians who really suffer. Hitler's attitude was basically screw 'em. They have proved themselves unworthy and deserve to die because the Russians had won. That's why he refused to surrender, Zero feelings or compassion. It was the law of nature according to him, the weakest simply die. His greatest triumph he says, near the end, was to break the hold international Jewry had on Europe.....

It's terrible the burden the children of these Nazi's have to bear to this day even though they had nothing to do with it. Martin Bormann's son goes around German schools lecturing on fascism and extremism. So they certainly don't shirk whatever responsibility they feel they have.

28th Oct 2005, 16:09
Binos is the docu you're watching the one made by the BBC? If it is it was a truly superb piece of TV and well worth watching if you didn't see it first time. I totally agree with you btw the truth can neverbe shown often enough.

Will look out for Downfall on more 4 or DVD.

28th Oct 2005, 16:39
A really good film, the only thing against it (on the DVD at least) is the English sub-titles are the ones for deaf people so includes such snippets of advice as "dance music plays" and "sound of screams", which becomes slightly irritating.

28th Oct 2005, 21:10
Well OW, it was in my top 5 movies of 2004. What impressed me most about Gantz' performance was his voice, that was incredible accurate and authentic.

The killing of the Goebbels children was IMO overdone, sensational, maybe just for the effect.

For the rest an adequate movie with typical German acting. Not as good as "Das Boot" though, I think...

Lon More
28th Oct 2005, 21:52
From the E4 website:
Downfall will be on More4 in December. No date has been set yet, but as soon as the schedule is confirmed, we'll be providing the details on the More4 website