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south coast
27th Oct 2005, 12:00
Did any of you see the programme last night on Channel 4?

What did you make of the special effects guy's story...

Car crashed, female passenger was cut in half, at the 66.6 km point to the town of Ommen.


Send Clowns
27th Oct 2005, 12:07
Only saw the first bit. The bit about air crash was ignorant claptrap - the bird scaring not being "on" at the time, that had the crew been on board they would have died (they weren't and didn't, and had they been on the timing would have been different and the birds not been ingested; they would in fact have unknowingly prevented an accident. Not normal for a curse!). The behaviour of the dogs, baboons and tiger were typical of likely behaviour of those creature, not suggestive of "demon-possessed" dogs as it suggested.

Switched over after I saw that.

27th Oct 2005, 12:11
Have to agree, looked trashily speculative and sensationalist, in short claptrap.

27th Oct 2005, 15:28
Betchya they tried to tell you the pilots name was Damien.