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26th Oct 2005, 18:29
For more than 30 years, Captain Darby Kennedy, a former Aer Lingus pilot called for a public enquiry into a 1968 crash of an Aer Lingus Viscount.

Not sure if that enquiry has ever gotten underway yet.

Story here: http://kildare.ie/knn/kennedytuskar.htm

Interview here: http://kildare.ie/knn/kennedytuskar.ram

26th Oct 2005, 19:22
One can turn to many examples. Read a report, see the conclusion, and apply your RAF "wings" ground school training. You are captain of an aircraft, just breaking fog or snow for a landing, you emerge about 50' up, off runway centre-line, your angle of attack is +4 degrees, and the stall shaker is shaking.

What do you do?

Well it is obvious, isn't it. In sequence, you:
(a) select the "command bar" (a new toy since my day) to enter a climb;
(b) increase the angle of attack to + 10 degrees;
(c) whip up the flaps; and
(d) increase power.

Good gracious me! Here I am skating across the cold hard snow into the trees, where we all fetch up with the engines now at full power, but the aircraft firmly stuck. The passengers clamber out the holes that have suddenly developed in the fuselage and trudge through the snow in an effort to find the terminal. How did this happen? What bizarre unexpected circumstance brought this about?

How often I did "round agains" in the Vampire T.11 and FB5. The Goblin was very slow to "spool up" so the need to develop power was hammered into the student head. Get the power before climbing away, before raising flaps, before increasing the angle of attack. That way you might live.

Does the Investigation Report dwell on this? Even mention it? Not a chance. I touched on this at a safety conference and was ostracised by the pilot reps. I learned later that one table had been on the point of a walk-out.

What should we expect on raising the angle of attack through 6 degrees from + 4 to +10, and the flaps, at low power, on an aircaft at low altitude, already on the point of the stall? Someone tell me.

26th Oct 2005, 20:13
That interview is dated back in 2000. Darby has long since sold Weston and moved to Spain with his millions.

A full report on the accident was published in 2002.

Check it out
Vickers Viscount EI-AOM (http://www.aaiu.ie/AAIUviewitem.asp?id=5036&lang=ENG&loc=1280)

26th Oct 2005, 21:33
Cheers corsair.....was looking for that report!:ok: