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Jordan D
26th Oct 2005, 18:02
A Train has derailed in Liverpool, apparently quite serious, but the story is breaking - flash news on BBC Radio.


Edit: Story on Sky News (http://www.sky.com/skynews/article/0,,30000-1200526,00.html) &BBC News (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/merseyside/4380048.stm)

26th Oct 2005, 18:10
No fatalaties according to reports.

26th Oct 2005, 18:24
Nobody hurt which is good news.

Emergency services are being hampered however, by queues of Liverpudlians laying wreaths and smiling for the cameras.

We love you Boris!

26th Oct 2005, 18:43
Thats nothing new, they were laying wreath for a chicken foetus last week, as they thought it was a child!!!

26th Oct 2005, 18:45
Apparently they're arranging a Charity gig starring Sonia (well, Sonia is):}

26th Oct 2005, 18:50
Latest news is that it apparently left the station missing a wheel.

26th Oct 2005, 18:53
Any looting going on? There's a bunch of New Orleanites ready to assist:E


26th Oct 2005, 18:54
Seriously though, it must be a very quiet news day... all the News Channels are still journo-bating like crazy about it :rolleyes: Bit of a non-story, really..

26th Oct 2005, 19:13
Louise Ellman, Liverpool Riverside MP, said: "I am very concerned, it appears there have not been serious injuries," she said.

Louise Ellman - MP or budding journalist looking for a scoop?

26th Oct 2005, 19:32
Has Gerry Marsden re-re-re-released "Ferry Cross The Mersey" yet? :rolleyes:

26th Oct 2005, 22:26
Old joke warning -

Apparently, the crash left the station with some 30,000-worth of improvements.

Onan the Clumsy
26th Oct 2005, 22:51
...and everyone laughed at me when I pointed out in a post about what a difficult job traindrivers have, how hard it must be to steer them properly and keep them on those thin rails.

I bet you're not laughing now :*

Buster Hyman
27th Oct 2005, 07:18
I think they were just laughing at you.:} :ouch:

27th Oct 2005, 12:16
:{ :{ :{ :{ :{
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27th Oct 2005, 12:20
Latest news is that it apparently left the station missing a wheel.

What only one??Were the Scousers all asleep?

27th Oct 2005, 12:22
I notice that poor old BRL doesn't even bother anymore.:rolleyes:

27th Oct 2005, 14:52
Yeah, he's busy :E

Bob Stinger
27th Oct 2005, 19:59
Rumour has it , it was Everton fans who derailed it so they could get a look at some points.

Evening Star
27th Oct 2005, 20:25
Rail chat (http://www.railchat.co.uk/viewtopic.php?t=1772) are reporting the rear bogie derails at low speed. Somewhat the railway equivalent of somebody dropping the wheels off the concrete while leaving the runway to taxi after landing, and imagine the scorn that would generate on this site if subject to hysterical media reporting.

Also comments along the lines of 'wait for the investigation'. Now where do we also hear that?!:hmm:

27th Oct 2005, 20:25
Well all the usual suspects were at the match!!! :p :p


27th Oct 2005, 21:12
Watch out clumsy, or I'll ridicule you again. I'll have you know my great-uncle was a navigator for the Santa Fe RR and never failed to keep them on track.