View Full Version : Ian Wright and litter

arthur harbrow
26th Oct 2005, 17:28
Nice to see honesty is still alive and kicking.
Ex footballer Ian Wright no longer faces charges of being a litterbug.
Wright and his wife had allegedly threw a paper cup from a Bentley, but luckily a mystery person owned up to being the culprit.Makes ones old and hard heart positively tingle.

Onan the Clumsy
26th Oct 2005, 17:47
The case had no legal standing anyway. All it would take is skilled counsel to ask why on earth the Crown thought there would be paper cups anywhere near a Bentley.

"It stands to reason m'lud. Would you ever allow paper cups in your Bentley?".

"Quite right Counsel. Case dismissed.".

Bacarat Crystal would have been a different matter entirely.