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26th Oct 2005, 08:55
is bird flu coming toyour country
i see it a lot in the news lately
cases have been registred in many countries including china, russia, croatia and UK
well it is sprerading fast and wide and there will be many more cases as these migratory birds carry the flu with them
what do you think

26th Oct 2005, 08:58
A parrot probably has a better spelling ability

26th Oct 2005, 08:59
Maybe it was a parrot with bird flu :E

26th Oct 2005, 09:11
Well that will put an end to kissing the "bird"

Pointer :E

26th Oct 2005, 10:25
Bird flu is coming!! so what? its killed what 60 people? how many die every day from your everyday cold? i would bet 1000,s!

all a load of media beatup bullshit, just like sars!:rolleyes:

26th Oct 2005, 10:53
Millions are killed every year by malaria, TB and cholera to name just 3, all these diseases that already exist. H5N1 bird flu can only be transmitted from birds to humans. Although flu does mutate fast, it is self limiting because of this characteristic, i.e. a virulent strain will quickly mutate into a less virulent strain, hence why the 1918-19 flu was just that, the 1918-19 flu, it mutated and lost most of its virulent properties.

The "killer bird flu" does not currently exist in the "millions will die" form, but many many other diseases already do and have been killing millions every year, but do the media focus on this?

The government is also to blame, pandering to media claims/hype so they don't appear to be doing nothing about the "potential" killer in bird flu.

26th Oct 2005, 12:01
Maybe it was a parrot with bird flu
Maybe it was a parrot with bird flu
Maybe it was a parrot with bird flu
Maybe it was a parrot with bird flu

Damn that parrot again.............

26th Oct 2005, 12:01
Thousands wake up on Sunday mornings feeling like they have died thanks to McMullan's beers, so bird flu is a storm in a DD cup (so to speak)

26th Oct 2005, 12:35
Unrelated 'fact' on BBC Five Live this morning - 'someone dies from smoking-related disease every SIX seconds' (My capitals).
Don't know whether this is UK, US or Worldwide . . .

>Well that will put an end to kissing the "bird"

Do you indulge in foreplay with chickens, Pointer?

26th Oct 2005, 12:38
Thought there were another thread yesterday about things coming.That got pulled as it sucked as well.:ok:

26th Oct 2005, 13:26
i know and i understand that itr is wreaking havoc amongst countries
the flu has spread from the birds to the human beings and has affected the european countires as well
the governemnts are trying their best to invent the vaccine and stop the deadly virus
they are buying flu shots like tamiflu in bulk from online pharmacies like http://www.drugdelivery.ca/s3353-s-TAMIFLU.aspx

26th Oct 2005, 14:50
Your parrot does not have the flu sir.

He is just pining for the Fjords.:}

26th Oct 2005, 15:04
Nahhhh, 'e's restin'. 'E's tired and sh*gged out after a long squawk.

26th Oct 2005, 15:38
My wife's worried, but at least I don't have to worry about catching it.

Until bloke flu comes along, I'm safe as houses.

26th Oct 2005, 15:43
When it hits, there should be some good aspects: it should allow more 1st time buyers a foothold on the ladder... :E :uhoh:

Burnt Fishtrousers
26th Oct 2005, 16:16
We were visiting Land End the other day and we happened upon some Starlings bathing in a puddle. My daughter turned to me and said "Daddy, if they dont dry off properly will they get bird flu?" Bless;)

26th Oct 2005, 17:40
Airship that's awful ! (But it made me laugh)

White Bear
26th Oct 2005, 18:34
As 'Ultralights' says, Bird Flu, is lot of press induced hyperbole.

More common causes of death, diseases like influenza, or the annual road toll are disregarded by the media just because they are common, but dead is dead, to the people who die and to their families. Why is it only news when one dies of an 'exotic' disease?

From the CDC website: http://www.cdc.gov/flu/keyfacts.htm
Every year in the United States, on average: 5% to 20% of the population gets the flu; more than 200,000 people are hospitalized from flu complications, and; about 36,000 people die from flu.

And from: http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2005/04/21/national/main689966.shtml

Overall, 42,800 people died on U.S. highways in 2004, up from 42,643 in 2003.

These are only U.S numbers, obviously they would be vastly larger if world wide numbers were given. Is anyone really worried about bird flu?
I have a message for the worlds media: encourage people to get a flu shot, and to buckle up, or shut up.

Takan Inchovit
26th Oct 2005, 20:12
News reports now say it will affect Turkey and the Canary Islands next.

26th Oct 2005, 20:16
Polly Nesia is already in trouble, I hear. :uhoh:

27th Oct 2005, 01:02
..and 40000 gunshot deaths in the USA..
Ban guns?

White Bear
27th Oct 2005, 17:02
A slight exaggeration.
I deliberately stayed away from that point because, given the entrenched position of the different sides, it is so hard to find reliable numbers.
The best numbers I can find describing TOTAL gunshot deaths in the U.S. is approx 30,000.
16,500 were suicides.
10,800 were homicides.
The rest, a mixture of accident, police action etc.

27th Oct 2005, 22:31
Still an awful lot tho White Bear.
And of course there are the ones that miss.

27th Oct 2005, 22:40
it'll be bloke flu next

okay...i'll get me feathers


White Bear
27th Oct 2005, 23:30
From: http://www.cdc.gov/nchs/pressroom/98facts/ineinj.htm

"The homicide rate in the United States, 9 per 100,000, is 4-9 times the rates in the comparison countries. Two-thirds of homicides in the United States are committed with firearms."

OK boys, back to the practice range, 'tinpis' says we've got to raise that percentage. :eek:

28th Oct 2005, 04:50
:hmm: yers....and another thing...we got cat flu havent we ?
How many humans have died of cat flu?
Yeh none.

28th Oct 2005, 08:12
Puts a new turn to the phrase "A flu over the cuckoo's nest"


28th Oct 2005, 09:06
I have seen a few very bad cases of pussy whipping:hmm:

simon brown
28th Oct 2005, 16:00
I can see the headlines "Turkey Roasted over Bird Flu"

hat ...coat etc

28th Oct 2005, 16:35
One flu over the cuckoo's nest?

28th Oct 2005, 16:51
There's an echo in here ..... :}

28th Oct 2005, 17:33
One of my mates is head of public health for a city in the home counties. They are putting serious effort into planning for pandemic flu. As a one time biologist, I reckon that's a good precaution. We don't know that H5N1 will cross the species barrier and become bloke flu but now is a good time to be dusting off the plans and getting the up to date. You always hope that you won't use your contingency plans, but that doesn't mean that you don't prepare them. I'm really impressed with the rather quiet, but serious way that my mate's department are going about their job.

One of the big issues, if H5N1 crosses the species barrier, is that it is likely to kill off young healthy adults first of all. The 1918 flu epidemic did the same thing and the people in the far East who have died from bird flu have tended to be fit and healthy. It's all to do with immune responses - the flu makes your immune system go into overdrive which is most dangerous for healthy people with good immune systems.

Should we be worried? Not yet, we shouldn't. If it becomes bloke flu, then we'll have reason to be concerned. But as others have said on this thread malaria and other stuff are killing millions already.

28th Oct 2005, 20:50
Is it possible to stop bird flu entering the Country?
You dozy cun*t. Birds fly don't they? What do you want us to do? Shoot down every bird entering British airspace? Jesus wept, British Public, you really are fuc*king thick, aren't you?

How do Humans catch Bird Flu?
The disease is carried in the birds' crap, which dries out, becomes a powder and is then inhaled. So Kate Moss better watch out what her charlie is cut with in future.

Can the disease be passed from Human to Human?
Oh yes. So keep your filthy paws off of each other.

Does this disease just affect the respitory system?
Good question that. Err, we don't really know that one, so far it has only mutated into a pneumonia-like disease, but don't discount your teeth falling out or your knob dropping off.

Can I still continue eating chicken?
Yes, so long as you cook it in a blast furnace at 450 degrees C and hold your nose as you swallow each bit.

Is the UK now at serious risk?
Possibly, but measures are being put into place to combat the severest of effects and minimize the effects of a major pandemic, such as millions of Romanians being culled to stop the possible spread of Avian Flu Europe wide.

Don't you mean birds in Romania?
We know what we mean. Now, how about asking us about something else we know very little about, such as SARS? We can bullshit about that one just as well.

28th Oct 2005, 21:09
Maybe the Parrot is just resting?

Coat, umbrella, door, taxi....