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What's a Girdler
25th Oct 2005, 20:36
I have just come back from a weekend with her indoors from Amsterdam. Am I the only one in the world who thinks it is a seedy shithole, that has now become a cliche of drugs and sex.

I found it all rather dull (or am I just getting on a bit?).

25th Oct 2005, 21:58
I did the weekend thing with my ex a few years ago and I know from whence you are coming!!

There was an alternative comedy club called "Boom Chicago" which was VERY good (In English) but I have to say that the one thing that shocked me about Amsterdam..... and I'm not easily shock-able..... but I was shocked to the core..... I couldn't believe it.......

The appalling low quality of buskers and street entertainers.

I saw one guy playing the clarinet (my main instrument) reading from "Tune-a-Day Book 1"!

Shocked I was. You can hear better in Cromer on a Tuesday night!



26th Oct 2005, 02:32
The comedy club is good, as is Vondelpark and dam sq on occasion.

Has been taken over by chavs from the UK now methinks.Was a better standard of debauchery 10 years ago.

Vondelpark is very nice in summer..only one way to enjot Amsterdam I found..buy one of the 'probably stolen' bikes ''fijts''???(sp) of the junkies.

Ex lived in madurastraat in ooust so was once a regular..

26th Oct 2005, 07:54
I found it all rather dull
Depends what you're looking for. If you (as seemingly planeloads of British clubbers seem to do) are looking for your usual club scene you will find it boring. No drunken brawls in the streets at 20:00 No 20 for the price of 3 in pint size glasses, etc
You might even find some people who actually come from Amsterdam. That's scary isn't it? And than they don't even (want to) speak engerlish, a scandal that is!

I think you should just not bother coming to Amsterdam. Would suit me fine and would not make me feel embarresed every time I meet another group of drunken UK idiots looking for "a good time"

I blame the Brits :rolleyes:
and thank you Mr EZY :mad:

26th Oct 2005, 08:42
I regularly travel on EZY with plane loads of enthousiastic British hooligans who are going to pollute the innercity of Amsterdam. They seem to think very different...

Maybe you should try Watford or Brighton for a change?

26th Oct 2005, 09:01
Brighton? I live here & I avoid it on weekends in the summer. If you like L plates on fat horrors dolled up with bridal veils then it's great, otherwise avoid. However, if you want a flavour of the real Brighton without the marauding pissheads, then make your way to Southover Street in the Hanover area of town - that's a proper night out & You'll never make it to the end...

26th Oct 2005, 09:11
And there you probably have it. As it happens I know Brighton quiet well. And in a way it's seafront area has the same problem as Amsterdam (Centraal) It gets invaded by out-of-town (mainly England, in the case of Amsterdam) headbangers and is awash with drunken stupidity, spoiling it for the people living there (apart from the pub and F&C bar owners).

Ther's more to Brighton/Amsterdam/London/Paris or Bangkok than the areas frequented by those :mad: intent on getting as pissed as possible as fast as possible in order to have "a good time"
In the case of Amsterdam it's 85% Capt.KAOS' friends, the EZY tourists.

Long may they stay away :mad:

26th Oct 2005, 09:51
Amsterdam is what you make of it. It can be fun, there are great things to visit, without being bothered by the drugs and sex. Great exhibitions of art and architecture. But off course, if you don't get much further then the Bulldog, you're bound to get dissapointed.

You don't have to follow the crowd, you could do you'r own thing and have a blast anyway.

Ow, but Long live Ezy and other Lowcos, its making travel so much easier and the world so much smaller. The hooligans in the bulldog and other places that can be avoided is a small price to pay IMHO

tony draper
26th Oct 2005, 10:28
Twas a fine place in the sixties, prolly because one was the only drunken Englishman at large there then.


27th Oct 2005, 00:01
A personal view only, but if you don't enjoy Amsterdam then I think you must be looking in the wrong places, instead of going where all the other Brits go, go where the Dutch go! Well, maybe not, no point in spoiling the whole place!;)

27th Oct 2005, 00:16
Yep - went over a couple of years ago - I though it a shit house too - At night, there are African men selling drugs all over the place on the street, piss heads everywere, no police to be seen anywhere - It was just like a giant Saturday night Shaftsbury Avenue - I would not go back to Amsterdam again. ( Went there in my early 20's and bought a bit of blow off one of those street vendors, you know, the ones people say never buy from - when we got back to the hotel, he had sold us a piece of windscreen rubber ! Bastard had swapped it over - learned a large lesson that day ! Rubber smokes like shit ! )

27th Oct 2005, 00:38
Re-Brighton...who was it who described it as ''a town that looks like it's 'helping police with their enquiries''!!!


27th Oct 2005, 00:57
Very sad.like drapes had some really good times.Had me trousers stolen tho.
Saw Joe Cocker there what a concert Mad dogs and Englishmen.The Paradisio very avantie gardy them days,raw herrings and chopped onions, bessen and miserable buggers sellin beers with huge heads on.
The Dutch speaking five languages round the table rolling up them funny cigarettes.

27th Oct 2005, 06:15
Had an excellent long weekend in Amsterdam with the Baroness last year. We will go back.

Also had a forgettable weekend in Dublin to balance the book! Not going back there...ever!

27th Oct 2005, 07:38
Tinpins , yeah! :ok:

Paradiso and the Melkweg were indeed a bit wilder then. :uhoh:
Did not do me any harm though (I think) :}