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African Tech Rep
25th Oct 2005, 17:12

You know I’m not 100% sure that the reply doesn’t break the ROE about “personal attacks” – but it’s not my call.
Can a moderator be moderated :E

On a more “debatable topic” – I spent an hour last night finding a thread I was in the middle of – eventually found it merged with Hamster Wheel, but first thought it had disappeared all together – despite reading Mods rarely do this.

Older members may have known where to look – but us newbies get confused and frustrated – could there be a “merge warning” or the title left in place linked to where the thread has gone, or maybe just a sticky suggesting likely places to find disappeared threads.

Only suggestions – tin hat on though just in case

Was going to post this under Combining of threads..... – but then found it closed :{