View Full Version : Power Cuts and Car Alarms

25th Oct 2005, 11:54
JB often seems the place for an off-the-wall question ....

Just had a communication from the Junior Miss Teeters who (despite her 24 summers) endearingly still thinks that Dad knows all the answers. Well, he didn't know this one!

She had a power cut in her street last night, and noticed that when all the lights (and street lights) went out, quite a few car alarms on cars parked in the same street went off at the same time:confused: :confused: :confused:

Any serious (or, as it is JB, not-so-serious) suggestions as to why this might have been???

['Twas in a northern town, but not Liverpool, so probably not Scallies taking advantage of the darkness to nick some wheels ....!!]

25th Oct 2005, 12:05
Not to worry too much - it happens every time them little green folk (the ones with the thingy with the knob on the end) land in the suburbs..

The internal combustion magnetron sucks up all the external power sources, therefore tripping the local sub-station, whilst the gamma-ray generator sends waves of incredible oscillation and lengths through the immediate ether and trips the car alarms..

Just keep all noise to a minimum, and hide under the kitchen table.. don't bother with the aluminum foil - it doesn't work.. :E